Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1082

Ye Mo thought that those golden core state cultivators whom he had kicked away would come back looking for trouble, as they’d been living in Pill City for a long time. However he waited nearly a week and none of them came back.

Ye Mo soon upgraded the formation in the yard to level five but didn’t dare to set up a spirit gathering formation. There were already two spirit attraction trees here. If he set up another spirit gathering formation, it would make a bad impression on the cultivators around.

In the following days, Ye Mo kept cultivating while teaching Xin Zhida pill concoction. He even changed her cultivation method.

Before Jing Yingli came, Ye Mo didn’t go out to wander the streets. His power was too weak. If he met that Mo Youshen, he might not even be able to leave Pill City.

Two months passed quickly. Xin Zhida could already concoct simple mortal level pills by herself. With Ye Mo’s modified cultivation method and large amounts of spirit stones and pills, she also reached foundation establishment state level eight.

With those two months passing, Ye Mo who was stuck at nascent soul state level four also broke through to nascent soul state level five.

There was still a month left before the pill king tournament, when Ye Mo received Jing Yingli’s message. She was in Pill City.

Jing Yingli came to Xin Zhida’s place, and Ye Mo introduced Xin Zhida to her, telling Jing Yingli that Xin Zhida was his new disciple.

Xin Zhida looked at Jing Yingli in surprise. She thought that Jing Yingli would be no ordinary female cultivator for her master to take her seriously, but she really couldn’t find anything to compliment about Jing Yingli’s looks. They were far worse than hers.

Xin Zhida knew that she was at most not bad-looking, but she didn’t expect Jing Yingli to not even be as good-looking as her.

Jing Yingli was also shocked. Xin Zhida ‘s talent was ordinary, yet Ye Mo was interested in her. She really didn’t understand. She knew that if someone like Ye Mo were to announce that he was taking in disciples, all the prodigies in Luo Yue Continent would want to come under him.

And cultivators usually cared a lot about their cultivation heritage. They would pick and pick meticulously, but Ye Mo took in Xin Zhida who was ordinary in both looks and talent. If Ye Mo said he would take her in as a disciple, even she would be willing.

Jing Yingli could only sigh about Xin Zhida’s luck. Cultivators needed luck indeed. Sometimes, a prodigy who didn’t have a good master would become ordinary too.

Ye Mo didn’t think that much about taking in disciples. He felt Xin Zhida was suitable to be his disciple, and he missed Yimo, so he took her in.

Jing Yingli was very smart, so Ye Mo told her about Mo Youshen.

“What, you also offended Pill King Chang Shun’s disciple, Mo Youshen?” Jing Yingli was speechless.

This guy really knew how to cause trouble.

But luckily his opponents didn’t know it was him. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make it through no matter what.

“If there’s no way to join the pill king tournament, I will take Xin Zhida back to Mo Yue City,” Ye Mo said.

Jing Yingli thought for a while before saying, “I know that Mo Youshen. He’s Pill King Chang Shun’s personal disciple. He’s only been here for about four to five years, and I heard his talent isn’t bad, but it’s nothing special. No matter how good he is, he couldn’t be much better than me. Even I wouldn’t be able to reach golden core state level nine in four to five years.”

Ye Mo nodded. Mo Youshen clearly had some very precious spirit item.

“And” Jing Yingli paused for a moment. “There’s all too many people in the South Peace State with better talent than Mo Youshen, but even they don’t cultivate as fast as Mo Youshen.”

“Why is he so fast, Sister Yingli?” Xin Zhida asked.

Jing Yingli said, “It’s probably because he didn’t care about his foundation at all. Or he has another way to solve it. Mo Youshen started cultivation at a later age, and he must’ve used some powerful spirit herb to forcefully establish his foundation and form his golden core. That’s fast, but there’s no foundation to it at all. He has no higher future.”

Ye Mo immediately understood what Jing Yingli meant. If one pursued solely speed in cultivation, it would result in a weak foundation and your mental state not keeping up.

But with the bitter bamboo it was different. No matter how fast he cultivated, his mental state would be able to keep up.

Ye Mo didn’t believe that Mo Youshen had the bitter bamboo, so him having another way to solve the problem of a weak foundation was unlikely. Although he was at golden core state level nine now, if he wanted to reach a higher level, he would have to wait at least 100 years. Otherwise, even if he forced forming a nascent soul, his future would be troublesome.

Ye Mo was confused too now. Pill King Chang Shun surely knew this too. So if that was the case, why did he take Mo Yousheng so seriously and let him rush to golden core state level nine in the first place?

He really didn’t believe Mo Youshen could have the bitter bamboo like him. This was only a legend in the cultivation realm! Ye Mo wasn’t sure if there was an immortal realm, but this probably didn’t even exist there. Moreover, it was said that there was only one of each of the ten great spirit items. Since he had the bitter bamboo, there wouldn’t be a second one.

Xin Zhida was confused, so Jing Yingli explained. “The pills and herbs that forcefully bring up your power are very precious. Even 9 star sects have very little. If they used it on a core disciple, anyone of them could reach the nascent soul state in a short time, but no sect does this fearing it will result in an unstable foundation.”

Jing Yingli then said to Ye Mo, “Brother Ye, that Mo Youshen is just an outsider, but since Pill King Chang Shun him in as a personal disciple, why is he still doing this? There’s only two explanations: one is that Mo Youshen is very close to him and the pill king has a way to stabilize his foundation. The second”

She didn’t say it out loud, but Ye Mo knew that she meant the pill king might have other plans for Mo Youshen.

Jing Yingli said, “If that’s the case, Mo Youshen is only famous in Pill City due to Pill King Chang Shun’s name. Other pill kings and city lord managers won’t take him very seriously. Pill King Chang Shun is at most a judge in the pill king tournament. There’s nearly ten pill kings in Pill City who are more powerful than him.”

Ye Mo nodded. Jing Yingli was saying that even if Mo Youshen recognized him, he wouldn’t be able to intervene. Even Pill King Chang Shun might not be able to stop him, much less Mo Youshen.

But there was something Jing Yingli didn’t say and that was that Ye Mo had to achieve a good result in the tournament. Otherwise he could harm him, but Ye Mo understood this too.

“Okay, thank you, Martial Sister Jingli for enlightening me.” It was easier for Jing Yingli to see this since she could look at it from a third-person perspective.

Jing Yingli smiled. “I heard he’s not in Pill City right now. I heard people say that Pill King Chang Shun went with him to the Golden Sword Sect to propose to Xiao Shiyin.”

Ye Mo fell silent. From this, he could see how protective Pill King Chang Shun was of Mo Youshen.

But he soon got up and said to Jing Yingli, “Martial Sister Yingli, please take me to the signing up location.”

Jing Yingli nodded and got up. “It won’t be easy to sign up for the pill king tournament. You probably don’t have the title of pill king, so I’ll take you to see someone now. It’s a qianbei of mine.”

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