Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1083

Jing Yingli continued saying, “You must have the title of at least a level seven or above spirit pill master, yet you don’t even have a level seven spirit pill master title, much less a pill king title. How can you sign up?”

“My master is a pill king, though,” Xin Zhidaimmediately said.

Xin Zhida was most proud of the fact that her master was a pill king.

But then Xin Zhida immediately realized that just her knowing that her master was a pill king wasn’t enough. Pill City had to recognize it. Only those recognized by Pill City were real pill kings, and only those who were could participate in the pill king tournament.

Jing Yingli didn’t keep explaining, seeing that Xin Zhida had understood.

“Okay.” Ye Mo knew that that was required.

Jing Yingli could tell that Ye Mo didn’t really care about the pill king tournament. He was participating simply to get a powerful identity.

She was worried that if Ye Mo didn’t take it seriously, he wouldn’t use all of his skills. She thought for a moment before saying to Ye Mo, “If you can get into the top three, then even if you end up in a fight with Mo Youshen, you won’t need to worry. Usually, the top three of every tournament would either be invited to become an elder or paid guest somewhere. For example, Mo Youshen’s master came in third in the tournament 50 years ago.”

Ye Mo thought for a moment and said, “If it’s just top three then I should be fine.”

Ye Mo wasn’t bluffing. His pill concoction method came from the Three Birth Chant. It was in accordance with the laws of the universe and the derivation of the five elements. Plus, he was a level four pill king at the moment already, about the same level as that Pill King Chang Shun. He believed he wouldn’t ose to anyone. Other people might need a few hundred to 1000 years to reach level five from level four, but he could potentially just need one night. This was the power of the Three Birth Chant.

Jing Yingli also believed in Ye Mo, which was precisely why she was persuading Ye Mo that if he couldn’t get a top three spot, it would harm him to join this tournament.

She smiled. “If you get top three, then even if you expose the heaven flame, no one would dare to do anything to you in Pill City. Furthermore, if you were to become famous in Pill City and became a higher up of the city, it would be very easy for you to walk around South Peace State. Everyone would have to greet you as pill king. If you were to need a herb, just saying one word would have people bring it to you. This status is better than that of a 7 star sect’s sect leader.”

Ye Mo gasped. He didn’t think there would be this many benefits to being a pill king of Pill City. But he knew that no matter how good he was at pill concoction, he was only at the nascent soul state, so he didn’t dare to expose the heaven flame. Ye Mo didn’t intend to expose the heaven flame before reaching the body condensation state.

Jing Yingli said, “Even if you don’t get any rank in the tournament, as long as you get the pill king title from Pill City, there will be countless people sucking up to you. The only concern is that if you don’t get a rank, it will be very easy for Pill King Chang Shun to cause you trouble.”

“I understand, please take me to that qianbei.” Ye Mo nodded.

Ye Mo thought that the person who would be able to help him sign up would have some status and be living at the centre of the city, but Jing Yingli took him around and stopped when they were almost at the corner of the city.

They arrived at a very tattered forgery shop where an old man was making a middle grade magic artefact. He seemed very focused.

Ye Mo really couldn’t understand how a shop like this could earn money.

“Grandpa Lu, wanbei Jing Yingli greets you.” Jing Yingli was very respectful to the old man and bowed.

Ye Mo dazed. Was this the person Jing Yingli was asking for help? He quickly used his spirit sense to check the old man’s power, but he found he couldn’t see anything at all. He was immediately shocked.

Ye Mo was at nascent soul state level four and had even been able to vaguely discern the power level of those two truth realization state cultivators but facing this old man, he couldn’t see his power at all. Didn’t that mean this old man was at least at the truth realization state of power?

“Little girl, why did you come to me again?” the old man didn’t seem very interested in Jing Yingli but then scanned Ye Mo once, clearly knowing that Ye Mo had scanned him with his spirit sense.

“Wanbei Ye Mo greets qianbei.” Ye Mo quickly bowed.

The old man nodded at Ye Mo and then said to Jing Yingli, “Tell me, what are you going to trouble me with again?”

Jing Yingli took a long gasp of relief hearing this and said, “Grandpa Lu, this is my friend Ye Mo. He wants to join the pill king tournament, but his pill concoction skills haven’t been recognized by Pill City yet. According to normal procedures, he would have to wait until after the tournament, so”

“So you want me to get him a pill king title and help him sign up?” the old man said in contempt.

Jing Yingli was very calm. “Yes, Grandpa Lu, wanbei brought Aunty Yan’s letter.”

Ye Mo thought that this old man might not help him based on his tone but hearing Jing Yingli’s words, he was curious who this Aunty Yan was.

The old man suddenly waved his hand. “I’m not your Grandpa Lu, and you don’t need to mention that, but”

The old man suddenly looked at Ye Mo and said, “You have quite a future ahead of you, so I’ll you give some face. You’re Ye Mo right? Take this jade card and give it to the Pill Assocation people. Just say what you need.”

Then, he gave a blue jade card to Ye Mo. “You can keep this as a souvenir. Ye Mo, remember, you owe me one. I’m not helping because of this girl, Jing Yingli. I’m helping because you asked me. Okay, go now, don’t waste my forgery time.”

Jing Yingli and Ye Mo looked at each other, unsure of the situation. But Jing Yingli quickly pulled Ye Mo and bowed to the old man before leaving.

Jing Yingli still felt awkward after a while. She had brought a letter to help Ye Mo, but Ye Mo didn’t even need her help.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this old man, soI don’t know why he’s helping me,” Ye Mo said before Jing Yingli could ask.

He didn’t feel very happy about this Lu-Qianbei’s ‘goodwill’. In Ye Mo’s view, those who offered to help for no reason always had some motive.

“Lu-Qianbei’s doesn’t do things normally, don’t think too much about it. Let’s go solve the problem at the Pill Association first,” Jing Yingli persuaded.

“Who is he?” Ye Mo asked.

Jing Yingli said with respect, “Lu-Qianbei’s status in Pill City wouldn’t be lower than the number one pill master’s. He has another titleForgery God Lu. He’s a level nine forgery grand master. The number one person in South Peace State when it comes to forgery. Other than some higher ups of Pill City, rarely anyone knows he lives there.”

“He’s a level nine forgery grand master?” Ye Mo was shocked. When he went, the old man was forging a middle grade magic artefact.

Jing Yingli smiled. “Did you think he was an ordinary forgery master because you saw him forging that magic artefact? If you knew what materials he was using, you wouldn’t think like that.”

“What materials?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

“Lu-Qianbei is using materials he picked up from the side of the road. These materials have no levels or use to cultivators. A block of earth, a rock, some grass, he can use all of it.

Ye Mo took a breath in. He could concoct magic artefacts with anything? This was absurd! Even though he was a level four pill king, he couldn’t concoct mortal grade pills with weed.

“You were planning to take me to Lu-Qianbei for forgery?” Ye Mo remembered what Jing Yingli said before.

Jing Yingli shook her head. “Don’t think about it. I’m taking you to another person now.”

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