Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1085

An hour later Ye Mo and Jing Yingli walked out of the Pill Association sighing. Having connections really made things a lot easier.

Ye Mo took out the jade card and smiled. “I will keep using this help. Next time I need something, I will just use this jade card again.”

Jing Yingli looked at the card in confusion. “It’s really strange with Lu-Qianbei’s character for him to let you keep it.”

Just when Ye Mo wanted to reply, he saw the jade card crack and disappear into a pile of dust.

Ye Mo cursed. This old guy was really stingy. He said one time and it was indeed one time.

Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo hold the cracked jade card in a daze and suddenly laughed.

Everyone on the streets looked over but when they saw the ugly Jing Yingli, they soon turned away.

Jing Yingli didn’t feel awkward at all and looked at the unsatisfied Ye Mo and felt she had never been so happy before. This was the first time she had laughed so happily. Ever since she could remember, she had never laughed so happily.

“Martial Sister Yingli?” a crisp voice sounded.

She immediately felt awkward now that someone she knew had seen her laugh.

“So it’s Martial Sister Pandie,” Jing Yingli replied awkwardly.

Ye Mo saw this person and was dazedit was Heaven Star Sect’s Yi Pandie!

“This is?” Yi Pandie looked at Jing Yingli in confusion.

Jing Yingli introduced and felt very strange. Yi Pandie usually would never ask about a male cultivator. Even if other male cultivators came to talk to her, she wouldn’t give them any face. Although Ye Mo looked not bad now, but there were countless people more handsome than Ye Mo in the cultivation realm. Even the male cultivator next to Yi Pandie seemed more handsome than Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hadn’t told Jing Yingli about what had happened between him and Yi Pandie, but Jing Yingli didn’t say his real name. She was extremely smart and from one simple sentence knew that the two must’ve met before. She said simply, “This is my friend, Luo Xiaomo. He’s a solo cultivator.”

“Luo Xiaomo?” Yi Pandie repeated as she looked at Ye Mo. She asked about Ye Mo because she felt Ye Mo seemed familiar. It was a woman’s instinct.

After Yi Pandie repeated the name, she immediately realized she was being too abrupt. She smiled awkwardly at Jing Yingli and said, “I just felt like he was familiar. I thought I had seen him before.”

Ye Mo was shaken. He was sure his chi and face were completely different to what he had looked like at the Truth Fall Palace, yet Yi Pandie still felt something. A woman’s instinct was too terrifying!

But he simply smiled and said, “Really? I often have this feeling too. Even though I might have never seen someone before, when we suddenly meet, it seems like I have always known them. Martial Sister Jing, you still haven’t introduced this beautiful girl to me.”

Yi Pandie heard this and her expression didn’t seem too well. Ye Mo seemed too flirty, and she didn’t like it.

Before Yi Pandie answered Ye Mo, she said to Jing Yingli, “Martial Sister Yingli, this is my Martial Brother Feng Ling. He’s here for the pill king tournament. I came here with him, but I didn’t expect to see you here. What a coincidence.”

Ye Mo scanned this Martial Brother Feng Ling with his spirit sense. His power was higher than his. He was at nascent soul state level seven even though he didn’t seem very old. And he was a level one pill king! His sect had probably not let him enter the Truth Fall Palace out of fear of losing a pill king. In a big sect, a pill king was much more valuable than a few core disciples. No wonder even Yi Pandie was by his side.

Ye Mo approved of this Feng Ling’s talent, being able to become a pill king at such a young age. From this one could see the difference in power between South Peace State and North Far State.

Ye Mo was at his level because he cultivated in the Three Birth Chant.

Jing Yingli didn’t have any expression and said calmly, “Martial Brother Feng isn’t someone I can compare with. To be able to become a pill king at such a young age!”

Yi Pandie saw the atmosphere didn’t seem well and she quickly said, “Martial Sister Yingli, the pill king tournament is next month. Many pill kings are discussing pill concoction in the number one pill rest tower. Martial Brother Feng was invited, and I’m going with him. Do you want to come too?”

A pill rest tower was the same as a spirit rest tower, but it was just called ‘pill rest tower’ here.

If it were something else, Jing Yingli would’ve rejected, but she felt she couldn’t decide about this. She subconsciously glanced at Ye Mo and said, “Xiaomo, what do you think?”

Ye Mo hadn’t seen the pill kings and pill masters of South Peace State, so since he was going to the tournament, he wanted to go. He immediately nodded. “Since there will be pill kings discussing pill concoction, we’ll be able to learn a lot if we go. Let’s go have a look.”

“Okay, then let’s go together,” Jing Yingli said to Yi Pandie.

Yi Pandie was dazed. Although Jing Yingli was ugly, she was still a prodigy and was very prideful. Even her sister, Jing Yingmeng, wasn’t able to beat her records, and she was a far cry from Jing Yingli, yet someone as prideful as Jing Yingli would ask for the opinion of a solo cultivator like Ye Mo? She really couldn’t understand. And she had called Ye Mo intimately by his first name!

She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and realized that his power was higher than hers. He was at nascent soul state level five. Only now did she realize that this Luo Xiaomo’s talent was better than hers.

Ye Mo wasn’t as careful of Yi Pandie as of Ling Xiaoshuang. Ling Xiaoshuang knew his cultivation essence wave, but Yi Pandie didn’t.

The four went to the number one pill rest tower together. Yi Pandie was observing Ye Mo while she spoke to Jing Yingli. Even though Ye Mo’s talent was better than hers, that wasn’t enough reason for Jing Yingli to treat him so nicely. Who was Jing Yingli? If it wasn’t for her keeping such a low profile, her fame would be greater than that of the South Peace State ten beauties! Her talent was just too absurdon par with Yuan Guannan.

“Brother Luo seems very interested in pill concoction?” Feng Ling asked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yeah, I really like pill concoction. Although I don’t want to focus on it, I feel it’s really convenient to know pill concoction.”

If Ye Mo didn’t know pill concoction, he would have to go around buying pills and sucking up to pill kings.

“Oh,” Feng Ling realized something. “In that case, it seems Brother Luo came to Pill City to see the pill king tournament? The participants are all the masters of pill concoction in South Peace State. Interested pill masters who go watch the tournament can indeed benefit a lot from it. If Brother Luo has anything you don’t understand, I might be able to help a little.”

Ye Mo smiled but didn’t say anything.

Jing Yingli, however, turned around and said, “Xiaomo is here for the tournament too.”

Hearing this, both Yi Pandie and Feng Ling were stunned.

Feng Ling asked, “Brother Luo, did you get a pill king verification from Pill City?”

Ye Mo shook his head. “No, I just got a level seven spirit pill master verification. Luckily, that’s enough to join the tournament.”

“So that’s it.” Feng Ling breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to show his superiority in front of Ye Mo.

There was a huge difference between a level seven and a level eight pill master, much less between a level seven spirit pill master and a pill king.

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