Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1086

As the number one pill rest tower, this place was very spacious like a small square. When Ye Mo and them went in, there were already 100 pill masters.
Ye Mo found that these pill masters group together in small groups discussing or arguing. There were even some pill master concocting pills on the spot. The aroma of pills flowed out.
Two child pill servants stood at the door. When they saw Feng Ling and them come, they quickly bowed. Ye Mo thought Feng Ling would be showing them his invitation but Feng Ling just showed his pill king badge.
Ye Mo saw this and showed his new badge to the child, the child glanced at Ye Mo in confusion but still gave the badge back respectfully.
Then, the child yelled “Heaven Star sect level one pill Feng ling and solo cultivator level seven spirit pill master Luo Xiaomo arrives”
A lot of the pill masters inside turned back and looked. Yi Pandie was speechless and shook her head. Jing Yingli whispered to Ye Mo’s ear “you don’t need to take out your badge, we could’ve come in just with Feng ling’s pill king badge. Without it, you won’t be able to come in with the level seven spirit pill master badge.”
Ye Mo put away his badge awkwardly.
“dao friend Feng”
“brother Feng”
People greeted immediately, clearly, Feng Ling had quite some fame. A lot of people even came up to greet Yi Pandie. But no one came up to Ye Mo and Jing Yingli. Jing Yingli was too ugly and Ye Mo was a mere level seven spirit pill master. No one would care.
Feng Ling greeted those pill masters who greeted him and introduced Ye Mo and them. On Feng Ling’s account, a few pill masters greeted Ye Mo and Jing Yingli.
Soon, it formed a small circle here and they started discussion pill dao.
Ye Mo just heard that they were talking about what pills they made, what quality it was or who can get into top ten at the tournament. Ye Mo felt it was very boring after a short while.
Just when Ye Mo wanted to leave, he heard some ruckus.
The atmosphere here was very peaceful. People had different views but it wasn’t to the degree of a heavy argument. Everyone looked over immediately.
A bald pill master suddenly got up and saluted with his fists to all the pill masters in here and said “pill dao friends, the reason I’m arguing. With Hu Wen pill king is because he said that the spirit attraction grass can be put into a pill. he even said someone made the spirit weaving pill. I asked him to tell me which cultivator did this, he said he didn’t know and said it was a North Far State cultivator.”
The bald cultivator said even louder “everyone knows that the spirit attraction grass’s properties can’t be bound. Countless qian beis in pill dao has proved it. Hu Wen. pill king tried to show off his knowledge by saying such absurd things. We pill concocters need to staying creative but we need to base our things off facts. Otherwise, it would harming yourself and others. I’m not looking down on the North Far State, but our South Peace State cultivation and pill concoction level has always been number one in Luo Yue. Even if the spirit attraction grass can be put into pill, would the North Far State succeed before us?”
“that’s right, I support Qi Yang pill king. How can spirit attraction herb be put into pill? there have been countless prodigy pill kings in Luo Yue history and they weren’t able to put it in. the idea that someone from North Far State could put spirit attraction herb into a pill is too funny.” Someone said.
More and more people started conforming.
“yea, even if it can be added to pill and even if the North Far State cultivator invented it, the pill recipe should’ve been passed to the Pill City already. I believe everyone knows how important this spirit weaving pill would be, how come we still don’t know about it?”
Ye Mo felt this was too funny.
Ye Mo noticed the Hu Wen pill king arguing for him. His skin was a little dark and seemed like he was in his 50’s. he had a searing heat on him, it was obvious that he had a rare flame.
Seeing more and more people rebuke him, Hu Wen pill king stood up furiously. “I Gu Wenqian never bluff. The reason the pill hasn’t come to the South Peace State is because the cultivator who created it disappeared. But that recipe came out and I have it.”
“haha, brother Huwen I know you don’t lie but I don’t know where you got your news. No one would look for such genius? Since you have the recipe, then please concoct some for us to see.” Another cultivator said in contempt.
“I can’t make it.” GU Wenqian’s face went red.
Before more scorns could be made, another young cultivator stood out.
People stopped talking immediately.
Ye Mo looked at this cultivator, he was already body condensation state and his chi seemed powerful. He clearly at a pill in the likes of face preserving pill.
Jing Yingli said to Ye Mo. “this is 8 star sect Heaven Herb Lake prodigy Ji Youting. Level four Sheng Ting pill king. He’s said to be the most capable of taking first place in the tournament.
Ye Mo was shocked, level four pill king and body condensation state middle stage. This was too absurd.
“let’s see what Sheng Ting pill king has to say.” A cultivator said.
Ji Youting nodded and looked at Gu Wenqian “Hu Wen pill king I trust your character but what you’re saying is too shocking. We all know that when the spirit attraction herb turns into liquid, the herbal qualities would dissipate and can’t be gathered. Even level nine pill king wouldn’t be able to gather the dissipating herbal qualities. Where did you hear about this? what is the pill recipe like?”
Gu Wenqian calmed down and saluted with his fists “Sheng Ting pill king, this is real indeed. I can’t tell you where I got this news but I can tell you that this person is called Ye Mo. He used the spirit attraction grass to concoct the spirit weaving pill at the North Far State pill concoction hall of fame tournament. He used this to get number one.”
There was another wave of laughter but Ji Youting didn’t scorn Gu Wenting. He asked carefully. “oh, is this person level three pill king or above?”
Gu Wenqian shook his head “no, I heard he’s only a spirit pill master and when he made the spirit weaving pill he was only foundation establishment state power. I know what you mean but even if we know the pill recipe, we can’t concoct it. it’s not about pill king and pill master because the spirit weaving pill requires a special pill concoction method.”
“may I have a look at the recipe?” JI Youting asked again.
Gu Wenqian didn’t hesitate and took out the recipe giving it to Ji Youting.
Jing Yingli however looked at Ye Mo in shock and sound transmissioned Ye Mo “the spirit weaving pill can. Really be made?”
Now she realisd that Ye Mo came from North Far State and was the number one pill concoction hall of fame. It seemed Ye Mo was really famous in the North Far State.
Ye Mo smiled bitterly at her and said out loud “I believe so, otherwise Hu Wen pill king wouldn’t say this.”
Jing Yingli was smart and was just startled. She knew that the sound transmission did nothing to be discrete.
Ji Youting immediately looked at Ye Mo “how do you know the spirit weaving pill can be made? According to this pill recipe, it’s very creative and imaginative but it’s impossible to make it.”
Clearly, he heard Jing Yingli’s sound transmission.
“insolent brat, he doesn’t know the reaches of heaven.” People said in contempt.

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