Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1087

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold, a mere hollow spirit state primary stage dared to yell at him but before he spoke, Jing Yingli took out her jade flute and released her power before sneering at that hollow spirit state cultivator. “who do you think you are, what does what Xiaomo say have to do with you? Why be a rat?”
Ye Mo saw this and knew that Jing Yingli was on the border of breaking through. Thinking that she came back to help him before she broke through to hollow spirit state, Ye Mo was very grateful.
“who are you?” that pill master wanted to suck up to Ji Youting and Qi Yang pill king and reproached Ye Mo as Ye Mo was announced to be a solo cultivator.
Jing Yingli sneered “you don’t deserve to ask who I am, sycophantic trash.”
The pill master’s face went red and was about to attack but JI Youting smiled and said “if I’m not wrong, you must be Jing Yingli of Abstruse Sound sect.”
That hollow spirit state cultivator heard the words Abstruse Sect and immediately shivered. His anger disappeared.
“yes, Jing Yingli greet Sheng Ting pill king.” Jing Yingli quickly saluted. Although Ji Youting was from 8 star sect, his status was superior. She dind’t dare to be rude to him.
A level four pill king was enough for all sects to suck up to, Abstruse Sound sect was of no exception.
Ji Youting smiled and nodded to Jing Yingli before weaving a few hand signs. The spirit weaving pill recipe soon appeared in the air.
He then saluted with his fists and said. “although I believe this pill isn’t able to be made since Hu Wen pill king is so certain, I will show everyone this pill recipe. The pill king who can concoct this recipe I’m willing to serve as my master. Heaven Herb Lake’s herb garden will be free of access to him.
Ji Youting said this and the atmosphere in here heated up. Almost all cultivators believed spirit weaving pill was impossible but if one could really let Ji Youting serve him as master, then it would be a bright future ahead.
Jing Yingli looked at Ye Mo with curious eyes but Ye Mo sneered in contempt. Ji Youting can dream about being his disciple. As for the herb garden, although he wanted some but he didn’t care much. He earned a lot from the Truth Fall Palace.
To be honest, Ji Youting’s last actions left a bad impression to Ye Mo. He didn’t even ask for Gen Wenqian’s permission and just publicized the pill recipe. Nicely put it was for everyone to study but in uglier terms it was not considering Gu Wenqian at all. He was obviously someone who only cared about himself.
Despite everyone knew that it coudlnt’ be made, pill master still started trying.
Ye Mo had lost interest in this pill discussion. Just when he wanted to go, Gu Wenqian walked up to him and saluted with his fists “pill master Luo when everyone thought I was bullshitting why do you think that I’m telling the truth.”
Ye Mo smiled “if I say that I admire brother Gu and I believe you’re telling the truth would you believe me?”
Gu Wenqian laughed in self mockery “although I’m a level two pill king, I’m no different from an solo cultivator. Nor am I famous, I wouldn’t believe that pill master Luo would be admiring me.”
Ye Mo showed his hands “then that’s right, I believe it can be put into a pill as well just like you brother Gu.”
“but it would be extremely hard even for a pill king to form spirit chi whirlpool inside a cauldron much less inside a pill and use the spirit chi chi whirlpool to keep the spirit attraction herb’s medical properties? If pill master Ye knows the answer, please enlighten me.” Gu Wenqian knew the spirit weaving pill was made but just didn’t know how.
Ye Mo could tell Gu Wenqian’s tone was genuine and immediately realized that he really wanted an answer from him. He didn’t look down on him because he was a spirit pill master.
Ye Mo smiled and didn’t reply to Gu Wenqian, he turned and said to Jing Yingli “martial sister Jing, let’s go.”
Although Gu Wenqian’s tone was genuine, there was no way he was going to teach him how to concoct the spirit weaving pill so easily.
If he was in a stable situation, the spirit waeving pill would be a money making machine. It didn’t mean the higher level the pill the easier to sell. The general public money was the most profitable. He was planning to use spirit weaving pill to develop Mo Yue City. How could he tell Gu Wenqian just because he seemed nice.
Jing Yingli followed without hesitation. Feng Ling was studying the spirit weaving pill recipe and didn’t mind the two leaving. Ji Youting frowned and looked at Ye Mo. The reason he took out the pill recipe and even said the master thing was to make Ye Mo concoct the pill. because the certainty with which Ye Mo replied to Jing Yingli made him doubt why a level 7 spirit pill master had such faith in the spirit weaving pill.
But Ye Mo turned away and left without hesitation. He thought about and it realized that Ye Mo was only a level seven spirit pill master, Ye Mo agreed to just show how unique he was. It didn’t really mean that Ye Mo believed the pill could be made. He never even saw the pill recipe before.
Yi Pandie could only bid farewell to Jing Yingli.
The pill masters in pill rest tower kept studying the pill recipe.
Gu Wenqian frowned and looked as Ye Mo left. He was thinking about soething and after a while, his face changed drastically and immediately chased out.

“Ye Mo, did you really concoct the spirit weaving pill?” after going very far, Jing Yingli asked Ye Mo quietly.
Ye Mo knew he couldn’t hide this from her. He didn’t realise the huge commercial potential of the spirit weaving pill when he made it but now he did.
The only pity was that he didn’t have his land nor the power to sell the spirit weaving pill. now that Jing Yingli asked, he didn’t need to hide it from her. She knew a lot of secrets about him, if she wanted to betray him, she would’ve done so already.
So he nodded “yes, I made it and when I have enough power I plan to push it at Mo Yue City.”
This wasn’t the first time Jing Yingli was defeated by Ye Mo. The problem that all those pill kings and ancient pill kings couldn’t solve was solved easily by Ye Mo.
Suddenly, Ye Mo turned around and saw a cultivator chasing over. Jing Yingli also noticed this afterwards. She was more and more impressed with Ye Mo, she was higher power level than him but he found that someone was chasing them first.
The cultivator was level two pill king Gu Wenqian. He immediately walked up to Ye Mo and knelt down.
Ye Mo was shook, he couldn’t take this in the Pill City. He quickly pulled Gu Wenqian up and looked around but someone already noticed.
“Hu Wen pill king, what are you doing?” Jing Yingli looked at Gu Wenqian in shock. He was hollow spirit state peak stage. How could he kneel down to a level seven spirit pill master and nascent soul state cultivator?
Before Gu Wenqian could speak Ye Mo stopped him “no need to speak now, if you want to speak then come with me or never talk to me again.”
He knew that Gu Wenqian realized he was Ye Mo so he had to take Gu Wenqian away first.
Gu Wenqian heard this and calmed down gradually, he nodded and said quietly “yes qian bei.”
When the three arrived at the yard and Gu Wenqian saw the level five defense formation, the fervor in his eyes grew.
Xin Zhidawas still practicing pill concoction so Ye Mo didn’t call her. He shut the defense formation and walked in the yard asking “Hu Wen pill king who told you?”

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