Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: I Dont Deserve Him

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“Who is that Qin Muxin? Do you know her?” Jing Yingli felt happy about Ye Mo taking in Gu Wenqian. She was also curious about that Qin Muxin, as she had to know Ye Mo really well to say something like that.

“Just an ordinary friend, someone I know,” Ye Mo said casually and then he looked at Jing Yingli and said, “Martial Sister Jing, thank you for your help. Now that I got the spot in the tournament, if you have things to do, you can leave first, but if you’re free, you can form your essence spirit and break through to the hollow spirit state.”

Jing Yingli nodded. “I have nothing in particular to do. I was scared of messing up your sign-up before so I didn’t break through, but now I can break through.”

That day, Ye Mo, Gu Wenqian, and Jing Yingli left Pill City. They went tens of thousands of km away from the city as Jing Yingli began to break through. Ye Mo helped her set up a spirit gathering formation and protected Jing Yingli with Gu Wenqian.

Jing Yingli was from a nine star sect and had an extreme grade spirit artefact armor. Her flute was a low grade cultivation artefact. She also had another half cultivation artefact shield.

The hollow spirit state divine damnation was a nine-nine divine damnation, but it didn’t threaten Jing Yingli at all.

Ye Mo saw that she wasn’t struggling to survive like him, so he didn’t help. He saw Jing Yingli’s divine damnation had the same amount of lightning bolts as his but his had been even more powerful than hers. Now he realized that his divine damnation was a level higher than other people’s.

Jing Yingli’s divine damnation attracted many cultivators but most of them were nascent soul state and golden core state cultivators wanting to observe a hollow spirit state divine damnation. With Ye Mo and the hollow spirit state peak stage Gu Wenqian guarding, no one dared to do anything. Only when her divine damnation was over did some higher level cultivators come. One day later, Jing Yingli successfully stabilized her power and became a hollow spirit state level one cultivator.

“Sister, you’re already at the hollow spirit state?” another voice sounded. Ye Mo didn’t need to look to know who it was. It was Jing Yingmeng.

Ye Mo felt there was something strange between the sisters, but he never asked.

Jing Yingmeng wore a green dress and flew over like a butterfly. There was a body condensation state old man behind her.

That old man saw Jing Yingli and bowed. “I greet Miss Yingli. Sect Leader heard that you were undergoing your divine damnation outside the city. He told you to go to the sect’s quarters in the city afterwards.”

Jing Yingli frowned. “Is my father there?”

“Yes, sister, many sects are coming to the pill king tournament and our sect wants to hire a few pill king guest elders too. So father brought many elders over,” Jing Yingmeng answered.

Then she said, “Sister, how can you have your divine damnation outside? It’s too dangerous. But I’m really happy that you reached the hollow spirit state.”

Jing Yingli looked at Jing Yingmeng and said plainly, “Thank you, but I had my friends to protect me, it’s fine.”

Then Jing Yingli glaned and nodded at Ye Mo.

Jing Yingmeng saw this and walked over, bowing to the two. “Thanks for helping my sister, I’m very grateful.”

Ye Mo smiled and didn’t speak, but Gu Wenqian quickly said, “It is my honor to be able to protect Miss Yingli.”

Jing Yingmeng frowned. Ye Mo was only at nascent soul state level five, yet this Gu Wenqian was a hollow spirit state cultivator without a doubt. Yet Ye Mo didn’t care about her gratitude. Was he like her, the young master of a nine star sect?

Jing Yingli didn’t introduce the two to each other. She walked up to Ye Mo and said, “Xiaomo, Pill King Hu Wen, I’ll be going back to my sect. We will meet again. I hope you guys do well in the tournament.”

Ye Mo said, “Martial Sister Jing, thanks a lot, if it wasn’t for you, I would still be cluelessly running around here.”

Jing Yingli smiled. “Just call me martial sister Yingli. I’m going first. I will cheer you on on the day of the tournament.”

Then she left with the body condensation state man and her sister.

“Sister, did you call that cultivator Pill King Hu Wen? Blue Lake Pill King Hu Wen?” Jing Yingmeng finally reacted and asked in shock.

Jing Yingli nodded casually. “Yes, he’s Pill King Hu Wen.”

“Then who was the young man called Xiaomo? Is he Pill King Hu Wen’s disciple? Why was he rude? Pill King Hu Wen spoiled him.”

Then she asked in shock, “Did Pill King Hu Wen help you concoct your hollow meridian pill?”

Jing Yingli said calmly, “I traded for the pill with my herbs. As for Pill King Hu Wen, he’s only a level two pill king and can’t concoct the hollow meridian pill yet.”

Jing Yingmeng sighed and looked strangely at Jing Yingli, saying, “Sister, I feel like you changed a lot ever since coming out of the Truth Fall Palace. Is that young cultivator the person you like? He’s only at nascent soul state level five, but his master is quite good. You’re really lucky to know Pill King Hu Wen pill king. If he could”

Jing Yingmeng stopped, knowing that her sister would understand what she meant even if she didn’t continue.

Jing Yingli did know what she meant. She wanted Hu Wen to become a hired guest elder at their Abstruse Sound Sect. Before today, Jing Yingli wouldn’t know what Pill King Hu Wen would think about it, but now she knew he wasn’t going to leave Ye Mo for anything. If Ye Mo agreed to take Hu Wen in as a disciple, even Pill City wouldn’t be able to keep him.

Seeing that Jing Yingli didn’t comment, Jing Yingmeng asked quietly, “Sister, do you really like that cultivator called Xiaomo?”

Jing Yingli was dazed. She had never thought about it. She knew that she was ugly, but if it was an ordinary cultivator, she wouldn’t think she didn’t deserve that person because of her looks.

But facing Ye Mo, she felt she didn’t deserve him no matter how she looked. This had nothing to do with looks.

She didn’t think her sister who was ranked fourth on the South Peace State ten beauty list deserved Ye Mo either. This had nothing to do with looks.

“I don’t deserve him,” Jing Yingli said calmly.

“What?” Jing Yingmeng looked at Jing Yingli in a stupor. She would’ve never believed these words would come out of her sister’s mouth. She thought Jing Yingli was talking about her looks.

Ever since she could remember, her sister Jing Yingli had never admitted defeat. She wouldn’t feel insecure about her looks in front of anyone. Even she knew she couldn’t beat her sister in anything other than looks.

Yet her sister had said today she didn’t deserve someone.

Six years ago, eight star sect Golden Sword Sect’s core disciple Xiao Fei came to propose to their sect. Everyone thought he was there to propose to Jing Yingmeng, but he was in love with Jing Yingli.

Yet to this golden core state hall of fame number two cultivator, Jing Yingli just said, “You don’t deserve me.”

Xiao Fei fled in shame.

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