Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1091

Pill City was the busiest place in South Peace State now, even the dao discussion a few years ago at South Peace City wasn’t as busy as this pill king tournament.
Pill king tournament was once every 50 years and with this many pill king and pill masters gathered here, it was equivalent to having more than 90% of the pill master in South Peace State here.
With this many pill kings gathered here, of course they’re not just going to discuss pill dao before the tournament. Many pill king and pill master went to the market and opened their road side stall. This place became the best palce for all cultivators to look for the pills they want.
Cultivators who had many years of spirit stones stores came here to test their luck. Some cultivators with rare spirit herbs would ask pill masters to concoct for them now or exchange it for the pills they need.
Those big sects won’t miss this opportunity as during this time, a lot of unknown pill kings would emerge and they were what the big sects pursued. In order to invite them to be their paid guest, the big sects did all they could.
Even if some small sects couldn’t get pill kings, they would still target high level pill masters. Thus, this pill king tournament involved almost all the cultivators of the South Peace State.
The Pill City wasn’t small but with so many cultivators suddenly emerging, it soon became too full. Many cultivators had to wait outside the city.
Ye Mo felt at this moment how lucky he was to have a place to stay.

Many sects stayed at the Pill City and thus resulted in the prodigy sect members to visit each other.
Ethereal Immortal Pond was 8 star sect but because they were all female disciples and all of them were very pretty, many core disciples of big sects went to visit their place. if they could find a dual cultivation partner there, it was not only honor but luck.
Ning Qingxue didn’t want to come but her master said there would be a lot of elite sect members coming and it would be beneficial to know a few pill masters and genius sect members.
Although Ning Qingxue didn’t care about this but she knew her master was doing this for her well being. And, almost all the core disciples of the sect came, if she didn’t it would be too antisocial.
So she came with her sect to the Pill City. After she came here, she went and asked about Luo Ying and knew that she was in solitary cultivation for forming nascent soul. Beiwei had to stay with her so she didn’t come as well. Because of this, she didn’t want to go out anymore so she stayed at her sect place. thus, although there were a lot of cultivators visiting Ethereal Immortal Pond, not many could get to see South Peace State ranked third beauty Ning Qingxue.
“sister Qingxue, there are a lot of pill kings and pill master discussing dao at the pill rest tower. Master told us to go see as well to connect with some pill masters.” Huang Qian came and said.
Ning Qingxue was only golden core state level six right now because she came into the sect for a short time.
“I don’t want to go, you guys can go.” Ning Qingxue rejected.
“but master told us to go together.” Huang Ping said troublesomely. Suddenly she thought of something funny and said “sister Qingxue, you don’t know, today when I went with martial uncle Tongbing to find Lu qian bei, we encountered a man asking about you. It was so funny, I called him an ugly toad at the time.”
Ning Qingxue shook her head “no need to say that, let’s go in case master tells me off again.”
There were all too many people asking about her, how could she care about all of them. Huang Ping said this to cheer her up.

Pill Rest tower became even busier than before. Some pill master wanted to use the power of sects to let them reach greater heights. So they weren’t just here for pill discussion but also to meet the elite sect members of big sects. The elite members of the big sects had similar thoughts. They wanted to connect with some pill master or pill king to build the path for their future cultivation.
Although sects would provide pills, it was better to know a pill king. After all he only needed to supply the spirit herb and the pill king could help him concoct pills. It was more worth than handing up spirit herb for sect points.
Ning Qingxue and a few Ethereal Immortal Pond disciples immediately caught the attention of everyone when they came to the pill rest tower.
There was about 200 pill king and pill masters here today and more big sect cultivators.
Luckily this place was very spacious and didn’t seem crowded.
“martial sister Qingxue, long time no see, you were only golden core state level three last time but now you’re golden core state level six. I feel like you’re the real prodigy cultivator.” A blue robed young male cultivator walked over and greeted.
This man was Fang ZHongshi, the core disciple of the Lightning Cloud sect. last time, Susu told him off for calling her martial sister Qingxue. Susu sister wasn’t here today but he still called her martial sister Qingxue.
Ning Qingxue frowned “Qingxue isn’t something you can call, please be respectful.”
“Qingxue, young master Fang’s master went to our place yesterday and proposed to your master and martial uncle Yin.” A female cultivator from Ethereal Immortal Pond whispered to Ning Qingxue. She wanted to remind Ning Qingxue not to make things too awkward.
But as soon as she said this, Ning Qingxue sneered at Fang Zhongshi “Fang Zhongshi I already have a husband. Stop trying to chase me or do something as pointless as proposing. I suggest you save your time and don’t be hard on yourself.”
Although cultivators didn’t fuss with customs too much but female cultivator would usually be embarrassed talking about her marriage. But Ning Qingxue loudly declared that she had a husband.
Last time, Luo Susu said she had a husband at the Trial Tablet square and people discussed it a lot before it calmed down. Many people believed Luo Susu was lying as no one knew her husband.
Fang Zhongshi dazed and his face burst red “martial sister Qingxue, I think you know my heart for you. Although I may not be the number one genius in South Peace State but I don’t think I’m worse off than anyone.”
Ning Qingxue sneered contemptuously “that’s what you think, other epopel don’t think like that, don’t stop my way.”
Fang Zhongshi always had good manners and he acted fine when Luo Susu said this to him last time. But now that he was ignored by the woman he liked in front of so many people, Fang Zhongshi felt like he couldn’t look up anymore.
It was said before Yuan Guannan died that he had surpassed Yuan Guannan and now that Yuan Guannan’s dead, he was one of the most genius cultivators of South Peace State.
But he still didn’t lose his composure, his eyes went a little red and asked “then tell me, who is the person you like, I want to see how far off I am from him.”
Ning Qingxue stared coldly at Fang Zhongshi and said “my husband is Ye Mo, I won’t compare my husband with other people, you don’t deserve it as well”
Ning Qingxue was an extremist. Ever since she was Ye Mo’s wife, even though she knew there were all too many people more powerful than Ye Mo in the cultivation realm, no one could compare with Ye Mo in her eyes.
Ning Qingxue’s eyes suddenly focused and became excited but soon, her eyes dimmed down. She didn’t even look at Fang Zhongshi and walked towards a young golden core state cultivator.
This caught everyone’s attention. Why was Ning Qingxue walking towards a golden core state cultivator?
The first moment Mo Youshen saw Ning Qingxue, he was shocked. When he saw Xiao Shiyin at Golden Sword sect he was already shocked. But now, he found Ning Qingxue to be prettier than even Xiao Shiyun. He stared as the woman walked over to him and this made his heart skip.
Ever since he came to the cultivation realm and his condition was cured, he didn’t stay indifferent to women like before. That’s why he pestered his master to help propose to Xiao Shiyun.

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