Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1092

“what’s your name?” Ning Qingxue walked up to Mo Youshen and asked calmly. Mo Youshen looked like Ye Mo from afar but their eyes and faced had some minor differences. She could just tell by the eyes that Mo Youshen wasn’t Ye Mo.
This was the first time she had seen someone look like Ye Mo this much so she came to test her luck.
“Pill City Mo Youshen greet martial sister Qingxue, my master is the elder of Pill City Chang Shun pill king.” Mo Youshen said excitedly and quickly brought out his master.
Many cultivators realized no wonder Ning Qingxue was going up to this golden core state cultivator.
Ning Qingxue frowned and suddenly asked “where are you from?”
Mo Youshen dazed and thought Ning Qingxue asked about his family, he replied happily“I came from the small world Magical Continent. I was a member of the Taiyi sect and I came to the Pill City due to the teleportation formation on Xin Jia mountain. I was taken in as personal disciple by my master Chang Shun ppk.”
Ning Qingxue heard this answer and felt like she ate a fly. she wanted to ask if Mo Youshen knew Ye Mo but hearing that he came from Taiyi sect, she wanted to kill this guy.
But she had heard of the Chang Shun pill king. If she killed him, even the Ethereal Immortal Pond won’t be able to protect her.
At this moment, Fang ZHongshi seemed to have reacted and walked up to Ning Qingxue and said “martial sister Qingxue, tell me where that Ye Mo is? I can’t be satisfied losing to a person I’ve never seen before. I must see this genius, if I see him and I’m indeed not as good as him, I’m willing to go into solitary cultivation for 100 years.”
Fang ZHongshi regained his confidence and pride. He didn’t believe that there were more powerful prodigies than him in the South Peace State. even if there was a difference, it wouldn’t be great.
“Ye Mo?” Mo Youshen heard this name and called out in shocked.
Ning Qingxue immediately looked at Mo Youshen and said “you know Ye Mo?”
Mo Youshen took a breath in a thought, not only do I know him but our enmity is deep like the seas. If Ye Mo was here I will turn him into dust.
But seeing her face of concern, he immediately knew that they must be really close. Thinking about how she said she had a husband, was her husband Ye Mo?
Seeing her look at him with worry, Mo Youshen said with melancholy. “I know Ye Mo, but he died in the small world”
“you’re lying.” Ning Qingxue said coldly.
Mo Youshen immediately said “I’m not lying, I’m close to Ye Mo. I was there when he died, because 7 great heaven masters set up a 7 seed kill formation and fought a day and night before killing Ye Mo.”
Ning Qingxue sneered, Ye Mo could be close to anyone but this Mo Youshen. Mo Youshen came from the Taiyi sect and because a Daoist from Taiyi almost killed her, Ye Mo hated the Taiyi sect the most. Everyone knows about how Ye Mo annihilated the Taiyi sect. how could Ye Mo be close to this Mo Youshen. With Ye Mo’s fame in the small world, if he died, there was no reason she didn’t know.
Mo Youshen said this about Ye Mo, the only possibility was that he had great feud with Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue didn’t even need to guess. If Mo Youshen’s background wasn’t so powerful, perhaps Ning Qingxue would’ve already fought with him. Mo Youshen just didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to know about the small world and the Taiyi sect.
“he’s lying.” Another cold voice appeared in the pill rest tower. Another woman who didn’t look any less prettier than Ning Qingxue came in.
Ning Qingxue turned around and saw this woman. Both her and sister Susu didn’t really like this woman, she was Wen Caiyi.
She knew Mo Youshen was lying but how could Wen Caiyi know too?
Wen Caiyi looked at Ning Qingxue and said “I didn’t think Ye Mo had such fortune to be liked by goddess Ning of Ethereal Immortal Pond. What a pity, Ye Mo is dead indeed but not in some small world but in the Truth Fall Palace.”
She looked at the pale faced Ning Qingxue and said “but I don’t know if the Ye Mo I’m talking about is the your Ye Mo. If so, I suppose goddess Ning will be a widow.”
Ning Qingxue’s face went pale, she wasn’t too sure either but she knew that Wen Caiyi’s words were much more likely than what Mo Youshen said. There was almost zero possibility that Ye Mo was killed in the small world. but in the Truth Fall Palace, it was really hard to say.
It was because the Truth Fall Palace was so dangerous that she had discussed with sister Susu to not go in. they must see Ye Mo first before they went in there.
Wen Caiyi felt glade seeing Ning Qingxue’s pale face and said with a calm expression “I heard he used an alias in the Truth Fall Palace, Ning Xiaoma. I wonder if it has anything special meaning. Now that I think about it, it’s the same last name as you.”
Ning Qingxue heard this and spat blood immediately falling over.
Huang Qian was suspecting if the person she saw today was Mo Youshen. She saw Ning Qingxue spit blood and fall down and quickly went to hold her. She took out a pill and put it in Ning Qingxue’s mouth. Then she turned over saying coldly to Wen Caiyi “martial sister Wen what’s the meaning of this?”
“it’s nothing, I just heard that goddess Ning has been thinking about Ye Mo so I told her about him.” Wen Caiyi said innocently.
“martial sister Qianqian, don’t say much with her, let’s go back.” Another female cultivator walked over and held Ning Qingxue too.
Ning Qingxue had woken up now and her eyes were blank.
After a long while, she took out a picture and felt it again and again “have you forgotten about me and sister Susu? Why didn’t you come find us, why”
The two female cultivator from Ethereal Immortal Pond saw this and signaled each other to take Ning Qingxue away.
After leaving, Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of something and asked the female cultivator next to her “martial sister Yan, where is the Truth Fall Palace, I want to go.”
“huh..” the female cultivator was shocked and said after a while “martial sister Qingxue, even if you want to go, you can’t. you need to wait. It opens every 30 years.”
“huh.” Huang Qian suddenly exclaimed and pointed at the picture in Ning Qingxue’s hands “martial sister Qingxue, I saw this person today.”
Ning Qingxue suddenly grabbed Huang Qian’s hands and asked shakily “martial sister Qianqian, you did you really see this person? You’re not lying to me or trying to comfort me?”
The female cultivators all stared at Huang Qian.
Huang Qian nodded with certainty “it’s real, martial sister Qingxue, I’ve really seen this person. I thought it was that Mo Youshen before but their outlook is too different. I’m sure that the image you showed me today was the cultivator I saw today.”
She then looked at Ning Qingxue and said “that’s right, martial sister Qingxue, I told you about him today. We I went with martial uncle Tongbing to find Lu qian bei, we saw him there. He stopped us to ask about you. I, I”
Ning Qingxue grabbed Huang Qian joyfully “did you really see him? He came to the Pill City? He was asking where I was?”

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