Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1093

8 minute later, Ning Qingxue under Huang Qian’s lead came to Lu Wuhu’s forgery shop again but there was no one here anymore.
Ning Qingxue looked dazily at this tattered shop in disappointment. Pill City was not some other place. if it was, she could just ask her master to scan over with her spirit sense but one couldn’t do that in the Pill City.
“martial sister Qingxue, don’t worry. Since that Ye Mo came to the Pill City, it means he’s going to see the pill king tournament. You can find him there a few days later. Plus, even if you can’t find him he will come find you. Didn’t he ask martial sister Huang Qian before?” another female cultivator comforted seeing that Ning Qingxue was filled with disappointment.
Ning Qingxue’s eyes lit up. She didn’t think about this since she had been so worried. Since Ye Mo was here it meant he came for the pill king tournament for sure. Plus, he knew she was at the Ethereal Immortal Pond so he would come for sure.
Huang Ping saw Ning Qingxue’s joyful expression and was more confused. People in Ethereal Immortal Pond rarely saw Ning Qingxue have such joyful look. She asked in surprise “sister Qingxue, is that Ye Mo really your husband?”
Ning Qingxue nodded “yes, he’s my husband. After the pill king tournament, I will be leaving with my husband. Martial sister Qianqian, martial sister Yan and martial sister Yu, take care.”
It was as though Ning Qingxue already foresaw Ye Mo taking her away from Ethereal Immortal Pond. She couldn’t control the excitement in her tone.
Martial sister Yan looked worriedly at Ning Qingxue and said “martial sister Qingxue, I don’t think you can leave. Martial uncle Yin won’t let you go, the elders in the sect won’t let a core disciple leave the sect for no reason. Plus”
The other people knew that she meant to say the Lightning Cloud sect came to propose. Ning Qingxue was going to marry to the Lightning Cloud sect for sure. Forming a marriage alliance with a powerful 9 star sect was very beneficial to the Ethereal Immortal Pond.
Ning Qingxue heard this and her heart sunk. She was too optimistic. She hasn’t even found Ye Mo yet and even if she did, could she leave with Ye Mo? Different to the Ethereal Immortal Pond, the Black Ice sect was 9 star sect too. Susu’s master was cauldron filling state elder and protected Susu a lot. Her master was nice to her but her master’s status wasn’t high and she would put the sect before her.
Perhaps after she found Ye Mo, not only would she not be able to leave but she would bring trouble to Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue began to realise why Ye Mo didn’t come find her after all these years. Perhaps he had this concern as well.
Ning Qingxue gradually calmed down her mind but her heart burned with fire. Even if she had to die, she didn’t want to leave Ye Mo. So she had to see him in the Pill City.

Although Ye Mo didn’t get to find out if Ning Qingxue came to the Pill City or not, since Ethereal Immortal Pond was here, he could do it later. He would go when he showed his capabilities in the pill king tournament. It was pointless to try and find her now.
In these few days, Ye Mo had been using the purple flower fire to concoct pills. He had always been using the mist lotus heart fire before.
The purple flower fire is lower level but it’s a rather high calibre rare flame in the cultivation realm. It was ranked 12 in the 36 types of rare flames in the cultivation realm, this meant that it ranked 2ndin the earth flames.
The only pity was that its level was a little low. It was only a yellow flame now and mist lotus heart fire was a red color flame. Ye Mo believed that with his pill concoction capabilities, he would be fine getting into top 3 using the mist lotus heart fire.
Ye Mo suddenly thought of Gu Wenqian, he really wanted to know what fire he was using. He immediately called Gu Wenqian over.
Gu Wenqian under Ye Mo’s tutelage had drastically improved in these few days. He wasn’t able to completely master the spirit sense pill concoction method but Ye Mo brought him into a new world. things that he didn’t dare to imagine before seemed normal in Ye Mo’s mouth.
Gu Wenqian had a subconscious feeling that the pill concoction system Ye Mo taught him might be the most powerful one in the cultivation realm. It was due to this that he was very respectful to Ye Mo. He also taught his little martial sister Xin Zhidawell because he felt that Ye Mo loved this little martial sister a lot. If Xin Zhidacould compliment him, perhaps Ye Mo might take him in as a disciple earlier.
He immediately came to Ye Mo’s place when Ye Mo called him.
“master, you called for me?” Gu Wenqian said respectfully.
Ye Mo nodded “what rare flame do you use?”
Gu Wenqian took out an orange flame without hesitation “this is something I got by chance. It’s ranked 22 in the cultivation realm, Wood Heart Fire.”
Gu Wenqian was wood and fire spirit root, the spirit root most suitable for pill concoction and the fire he used was Wood Heart Fire, it was the perfect combination.
“it’s a very good flame, how much confidence do you have for this pill king tournament?” Ye Mo asked.
Gu Wenqian shook his head “I wanted to join the tournament to find a good sect to be a paid guest and focus on pill concoction but now that I have met master, I don’t intend to go to the tournament anymore.”
Ye Mo smiled. “I’ve taught you a lot of new pill concoction means today. So you still need to go to the tournament. If you can get a good rank, it will attract more high level cultivators when we get back to Mo Yue City. ”
“yes master.” Gu Wenqian replied.
Then, he asked. “master I’ve never seen you concoct pills what flame do you use?”
Ye Mo reached out his hand and the purple flower fire appeared in his palm.
Gu Wenqian exclaimed “ranked 12thin the rare flame ranking, purple flower fire? Such a good flame.”
Then, he thought of something and said in shock “the purple flower that appeared in the herb valley a few years ago was obtained by you master?”
Ye Mo dazed thinking this news spread so far. In that case, should he still sue the purple flower fire for the tournament? After all, there were a lot of big sect members who fought over it.
Ye Mo quickly cast the thought aside. Snow essence flame was lower caliber and wasn’t suitable for him. Even if he didn’t use the purple flower fire, he was using his original look. If he went to the tournament, people would recognize him immediately.
Ye Mo nodded “that’s right, I got this flame from the herb valley. But unfortunately, it’s too low level. It’s still only a yellow flame, if only it can upgrade a level.”
Gu Wenqian heard this and immediately said joyfully “master I have a way for it to upgrade, I have a deep sea, purple flame crystal.”
Then, Gu Wenqian took out a jade box carefully opening it and giving it to Ye Mo “I got this with wood heart fire. It’s useless to my wood heart fire but I didn’t want to let it go so I’ve kept it till today, I didn’t expect master to be able to use it.”
Ye Mo also took the purple flame crystal in surprise and joy. he sighed, it was good to have lived long. You have a few good things in your collection.
This was something Ye Mo needed desperately but he felt a little embarrassed taking something this precious from Gu Wenqian.
Gu Wenqian realized Ye Mo’s concerns and he knelt down on the floor “please take me in as a disciple formally master, this purple flame crystal can be my school fees.”
Ye Mo let Gu Wenqian stand up “okay, you will be my disciple from now on, we don’t need that many customs. Just know it in your heart.”
He looked at Gu Wenqian and said. “I will go upgrade the purple flower fire now. go cultivate first, after the pill king tournament, I will teach you the whirlpool pill concoction technique.”
Gu Wenqian couldn’t control his excitement. He knew that other than the spirit sense pill concoction method, the most important technique was the whirlpool pill concoction technique for concocting the spirit weaving pill.

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