Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1094

Although there had been all sorts of auctions and trade socials at the Pill City, Ye Mo never went out. He had been upgrading and getting used to the purple flower fire.
5 days passed quickly and this was the first day of the tournament. The entire square was filled with people. Countless cultivators all rushed over. Luckily this square was huge and it didn’t seem too squished with a few hundred thousand people cluttered here. The big sects even have their private areas.
Some cultivators who didn’t like coming to the square already had all sorts of viewing formation set up.
Xin Zhidawas arranged to sit at the front row, Gu Wenqian then took Ye Mo to the contestant area.
There were tens times more people watching the pill concoction hall of fame tournament but there were far less contestants.
Ye Mo looked and there were about 500 people but this 500 was probably the highest level pill concocters in the South Peace State.
Gu Wenqian knew every contestant here off by heart and kept introducing those pill kings capable of winning to Ye Mo.
Other than the level four pill king Ji Youting, there was 7 star sect Green Pill sect level four pill king Qiu Niansheng. Pill City level five pill king Xu Banchang, level four pill king Wang Mao. Solo cultivator level three pill king Zong Shidao. Clear Dream Mosque level four pill king Qing Die.
Although Ye Mo wasn’t worried about level five pill king participating, he felt it wasn’t quite easy to get top three.
But when Gu Wenqian introduced pill king Qing Die, Ye Mo took special notice. This nun didn’t look old but was already hollow spirit state power and a level four pill king. Ye Mo couldn’t help but to exclaim how many geniuses there were in the South Peace State.
Just when Ye Mo was watching pill king Qing Die, he felt someone was looking at him. He turned around casually and saw a light blue dressed female cultivator staring at him with eyes full of joy.
Qing Muxin, he was also a little elated seeing her. After all, they came from the same place and knew each other.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked up to her and said “martial sister Muxin, I really dind’t expect to be able to see you here. This is my communication bead, we can have a talk at my place after the tournament.”
Ye Mo really wanted to know how she was a pill king at golden core state level and how she came to the South Peace State and became a sect member of the Heartless Valley.
Qin Muxin was about to take the communication bead happily but before his hand even touched it, she heard a cold voice say to Ye Mo “piss off.”
A white jade like hand slapped the communication bead aside. Even Ye Mo didn’t have time to react.
Ye Mo took back the communication bead and still felt his hand burning with pain. He glared coldly at this female cultivator who slapped his hand away. She was also wearing the Heartless valley uniform but her power was hollow spirit state tertiary stage.
Ye Mo felt his wrist, that slap almost broke his wrist. This female cultivator was too powerful and she was on par with Qin Muxin in terms of looks. But she stared at Ye Mo with an extremely bleak face as though Ye Mo did something extremely offensive to her.
“martial uncle Hen Yu, what are you” Qin Muxin was really unhappy with what the female cultivator did but she didn’t dare to say it.
“Muxin, you’re too young don’t talk to these random males. Remember, we’re from the Heartless Valley.” The female cultivator said.
Qin Muxin didn’t dare to directly rebuke her words but said hesitantly “but before Hu Wen pill king came to our valley, and.”
The female cultivator understood, Hu Wen pill king seemed to know Ye Mo as well as they were just together.
Ye Mo ignored that female cultivator and smiled to Qin Muxin “martial sister Muxin, if you’re not doing well you can come find me at anytime.”
Then, Ye Mo left. This Hen Yu was too repulsive. Qin Muxin was a pill king, she would be welcomed anywhere. If she didn’t like it at Heartless Valley, she could come to his Mo Yue City.
“what’s the meaning of this?” what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that as soon as he turned around that Hen Yu stopped him asking in an extremely angry and cold tone as though she would kill Ye Mo if Ye Mo didn’t give her a eason.
Ye Mo said plainly “what’s that got to do with you, piss off.”
“you’re asking to die” that female cultivator’s face went green. How dare someone tell her to piss off. Without hesitation she released a flying sword and was about to attack Ye Mo.
“how dare you” a deep voice sounded and a huge cultivation essence hand appeared swooping her out of the contestant area.
Hen Yu stumbled to the ground and her face was red but she didn’t dare to go into the contestant area to speak with Ye Mo again.
The Heartless Valley was an 8 star sect, a powerful too but they were far from being able to do what they want in the Pill City.
Ye Mo bowed to the old man who threw her out. That Hen Yu was hollow spirit state level eight and it was easy for her to kill him but a woman like that was thrown out like trash can. In the cultivation realm, power really was everything.
That old man was clearly truth realisation state power.
The old man nodded to Ye Mo and said loudly “today is the pill king tournament of Pill City that happens every 50 years. Pill kings and pill masters please enter the contestant area. Irrelevant people leave now.”
The accompanying cultivators soon left the contestant area and the place became freed up.
Most people were listening intently to the old man’s words but Ning Qingxue wasn’t. she just kept using her spirit sense to scan the square and she felt more and more worried.
If it was some ordinary person doing this, he would’ve long been warned but when people saw it was this extremely female cultivator who was from the Ethereal Immortal Pond, people didn’t really mind especially when they realized it was Ning Qingxue.
Ning Qingxue’s face grew more and more pale, if she couldn’t find Ye Mo today then it would be really hard to find him again.
“martial sister Ning?” Huang Ping saw Ning Qingxue’s face and knew what she was looking.
“I’m fine.” Ning Qingxue forced herself to calm down.

“although we South Peace State take pill master seriously, the path of pill concoction is very hard. It not only requires very good talent but also cultivation resource, wealth as well as good fortune. So these few hundred years, we have very few high level pill master and pill kings. Now, more than half of the current pill king and pill masters are gathered in the Pill City.”
“I don’t need to explain the value of pill king. The top ten pill king of this tournament will be heavily rewarded by the Pill City. I won’t publish the rewards now but I believe everyone is greatly anticipating of this. and, the Pill City will request the top ten pill king to concoct pills for free for three days. The top 50 will also do the same.” The truth realisation state old man said.
The square burst into joy. many cultivators came to find a pill concoction master or get to know one. This news was huge fortune.
Many cultivators started gathering their spirit herbs in preparation for pill concoction.
The truth realisation state old man suppressed the noise on the square and said. “now let us invite Pill City level seven pill king Guan Tian pill king who’s also our vice city lord to announce the contestants and judges.”
Gu Wenqian sound transmissioned to Ye Mo. ” Guan Tian pill king is disaster transformation state peak cultivator and one of the two level seven pill king in the Pill City.”
Ye Mo saw the grey robed middle aged man walk out. No wonder someone like him could become a vice city lord of a 10 star city.

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