Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1095

This grey robed middle aged man seemed more easy to talk to than that old man. He said loudly on the judges stage “in order to ensure the fairness of this tournament, there will be 8 judges. They will be the city lord level seven Silver Moon pill king Yue Qichao, me, level four pill king Qiyi pill king elder Wang Jiangyi, level four Fei He pill king elder Wang Gaohe, level four pill king Chang Shun pill king elder Zhao Shuntian.
Other than them, we’ve also invited level five pill king Tian Tan pill king Wang Wutan as well as the 8 star sect All formation sect sect leader, level nine formation grand master Ji Ling as well as level nine forgery grand master Earth Forgery God Lu Wuhu qian bei.”
The scene fell silent, each of the 8 judges could be said to be a pinnacle cultivator of the South Peace State.
From this, one could see how important this pill king tournament was.
Ye Mo didn’t expect that Ji Ling to be a judge. Ye Mo knew he went to see him a few times but dind’t expect him to be the sect leader of the All Formation sect. a sect leader went to find a golden core state cultivator a few times. One could see that this Ji Ling not only loves formation but is also easy to talk to. He still had his jade card, he would go visit this qian bei later.
But Ye Mo didn’t feel too comfortable that Mo Youshen’s master became a judge too.
Gu Wenqian was scared that Ye Mo dind’t know and introduced “the Pill City city lord Yue Qichao is truth realisation state primary stage cultivator and a level seven pill king.”
No wonder he could become the city lord of 10 star city.
Thinking of Chang Shun pill king, Ye Mo asked Gu Wenqian “Hu Wen, why doesn’t that Chang Shun pill king take part of the tournament. Isn’t he a level four pill king too? How did he become a judge?”
Gu Wenqian explained, he got number three on the last pill king tournament. Pill kings came to this just for fame. He already got number three, he didn’t need to come anymore.”
Ye Mo realized, that Chang Shun pill king already got a good rank, if he came again and did worse than last time it would be awkward. It was just like him, he came for fame too. If it wasn’t for fame, would he come? Of course not.
Shen Guanqing nodded in satisfaction seeing the reactions of the cultivators on the square after he announced the names. “next I will announce the names of the 561 contestants for respect.”
This was indeed respect to every contestant for a vice city lord to read out all the names.
Each contestant who had his name read out would stand up and greet the cultivators in the square to show his presence. These cultivators would use this opportunity to know these contestants for future connections.
Shen Guanqing glanced at the jade slip and said “Tian Yan sect level seven spirit pill master Yu Shouzhe, Herb Cauldron sect level seven spirit pill master.
“solo cultivator level seven spirit pill master Luo XIaomo” although Ye Mo didn’t want this but the third name was him so helpessly, Ye Mo stood up and waved to the cultivators on the square.
“martial sister Qingxue, it’s him, it’s him.” Huang Qian immediately said to Ning Qingxue with joy.
Ning Qingxue was looking down in contemplation and was startled by Huang Qian. She woke up and looked confusedly at her. “martial sister Qianqian what did you just sya? Who?”
Huang Ping said excitedly “martial sister Qingxue, it’s that Luo Xiaomo, he’s the cultivator I saw that day.”
“what, where is he? Where is he?” Ning Qingxue suddenly got up and said excitedly. Too many cultivators were watching the announcement so they didn’t notice what Ning Qingxue did.
The later the names Shen Guanqing called, the higher the status.
“Luo XIaomo, he came to the pill king tournament and he’s a level seven spirit pill master, just then” Huang Qian said but Ning Qingxue was filled with tears. She saw Ye Mo clearly, he was sitting in the contestant area.
“martial sister QIngxue.” Huang Qian pulled Ning Qingxue’s hands and called worriedly.
Ning Qingxue murmured “he’s here I’m going to find him.”
Then, Ning Qingxue was about to charge out but she was immediately stopped by another female cultivator from Ethereal Immortal Pond next to her. She said anxiously to Ning Qingxue “martial sister Qingxue, you can’t go out now. if you do, not only will you not see Ye Mo but you will be kicked out of the tournament. You might even affect his performance. Not long ago, I saw a hollow spirit state cultivator from Heartless Valley get thrown out by that truth realisation state qian bei.”
“yes, yes, I can’t go.” Ning Qingxue murmured and her eyes couldn’t leave Ye Mo again.
Ye Mo felt someone was watching him and although he really wanted to look around but he stopped himself. Doing that at this moment would displease the judges. Otherwise, they wouldn’t restrict spirit sense from scanning outside the contestant area.
“hmph, sister Qingxue, that Luo Xiaomo is really annoying. Since he’s already here at the Pill City, why didn’t he come find you. Even Fang Zhongshi came a few times.” Huang Ping said unhappily seeing Ning Qingxue being so sad.
Ning Qingxue had calmed down now “he probably has his hardhips. I’m sure he will come look for me after the tournament, I’m certain.”
The female cultivator who stopped Ning Qingxue said “martial sister Qingxue, that Luo Xiaomo is just a level seven spirit pill master. He’s the lowest level of the contestants, I’m afraid it might not be easy for him to get a good rank”
Ning Qingxue shook her head and her eyes never left Ye Mo. She said with certainity. “I don’t need him to get a good rnak, I just want to leave with him.”
“but” the female cultivator said with hesitation “Qingxue, since Luo Xiaomo asked about you, it meant he hadn’t forgotten about you. Yet, he went to the tournament first. Clearly, he wants to get a good result from the tournament before he comes for you.”
Ning Qingxue was only thinking about Ye Mo ever since she knew he came to the city and didn’t analyse a lot of things. Now that her martial sister said this, she realized.
That martial sister saw this and sighed “if he can get a very good result and comes for you, then perhaps master will allow you to go with him. But if he can’t, then”
But without the need for her to say, how can a level seven spirit pill master get good result in a pill king tournament.
Ning Qingxue suddenly realized Ye Mo’s hardship. Would he be able to see her with his status? He might even get through the door of the Ethereal Immortal Pond much less come for her. Even that day when he asked about her from martial sister Huang Qian, he was treated like shit. The only way to get close to her and sister Luo Ying was to become famous in the pill king tournament.
But how could a level seven spirit pill master get good results? How could he get famous? Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue’s nose went sour. She wanted to charge up to Ye Mo and tell him, don’t go to the tournament. I will leave with you even if my master is going to kill me.
“martial sister Qingxue, Fang Zhongshi is here. Martial uncle Yin wants you to go talk to him.” Another female cultivator came and whispered to Ning Qingxue.
Fang Zhongshi? Ning Qingxue frowned and immediately said “I don’t want to go, I’m going to sit here.”
“Qingxue, you’re not even going to listen to your master’s words?” an emotionless woman’s voice sounded.
Ning Qingxue shook and quickly got up and walked to the back. Huang Ping and martial sister Yan quickly followed fearing she would do something impulsive.
“martial sister Qingxue.” Fang Zhongshi quickly got up and greeted Ning Qingxue with charisma.
Ning Qingxue just walked to the middle aged woman and bowed “master, Qingxue came.”
“sit down.” She nodded to Ning Qingxue.

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