Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1096

“Qingxue, you already know young master Fang from Lightning Cloud sect, this is his master Lei Luo qian bei, you need to”
Before the woman finished, Ning Qingxue got up and interrupted. “sorry master, I already have a husband. It’s not important to me if I know other people.”
Ning Qingxue respected her master and knew she wouldn’t have today with her master but her master’s words today touched her bottom line.
The middle aged woman’s face sunk and was about to rage but she saw the elders of Ethereal Immortal Pond sitting not far away and held her anger.
Her disciple didn’t speak much before but never resisted against her words like today. It seemed she was too lenient on her.
Ning Qingxue’s talent wasn’t bad but it wasn’t those best few in Ethereal Immortal Pond so although she was famous in Ethereal Immortal Pond, it was due to the South Peace State Ten Beauties.

Qiu XUe from Green Pill sect also watched Ye Mo closely. She recognized Ye Mo immediately. Ye Mo gave her and her martial sister a few Blue Wen pills in the herb plain and now she saw him at the pill king tournament. He was actually a level seven spirit pill master. Not only so, he was also a nascent soul state cultivator.
In one corner of the square, three cultivators from the Cultivation Cauldron sect also looked at Ye Mo with surprise and joy.
“martial brother Guo, I see broter Ye, he’s actually a level seven spirit pill master” Ding Ling said with joy.
Guo Qifan just nodded. He was nascent soul state cultivator and this was all due to Ye Mo’s help. He thought to himself, I knew someone like brother Ye would never die in the Truth Fall Palace.
“but big brother Ye killed Earth Demon sect Chai Kong and now Chai Kong’s master is here too. Would he recognized big brother Ye? If he does, then big brother Ye is over.” Yan Qi said.
In fact, a hollow spirit state tertiary stage cultivator in Earth Demon sect saw Ye Mo and looked at the jade slip in his hand before cursing. “you killed my disciple Chai Kong, sect member Gu Yicheng. I finally found you today, I want to see where you can escape to.”
“if I let you out of the Pill City, I’m an animal. So what if you’re spirit pill master. If I want to kill you, I’ll just be crushing an insect.” Mo Youshen looked hideously at Ye Mo. He was thinking about how to kill Ye Mo and never if Ye Mo could get a good ranking in the tournament.
The same thing happened at the Lightning Forgery sect, a golden core state peak stage cultivator stared at Ye Mo and said to an hollow spirit state elder “martial uncle, it’s this person. He took away two of my three 5 color lotus. He’s from the North Far State I didn’t expect him to be at South Peace State and participating in the pill king tournament. He’s too cocky.”
The hollow spirit state scanned Ye Mo and said coldly “Yushan, don’t make too much noise. The 5 color lotus is no simple thing. We’ll find a place with no people and finish him.”
“master it’s this person who saved me, I just don’t know what his name is. I didn’t expect him to be a level seven spirit pill master.” A cultivator from Pillar Sea sect looked gratefully at Ye Mo. If it wasn’t Ye Mo, he wouldn’t been killed by Huang ZHuo and Cai Shizhang at the herb plain. Ye Mo stopped them just to ask about Luo Susu of the South Peace State ten beauties.
Ye Mo knew he would be recognized by a lot of people today.
The vice city lord was up to the last few names “Rain Pill esct, level two Gu Xi pill king Lao Xi, solo cultivator level three You Yu pill king Zong Shidao Heaven Herb lake level four Sheng Ting pill king Ji Youting, Clear Dream Mosque level four Qing Die pill king Wang Qingdie Pill City, level five Half Immortal pill king Xu Banchang.”
Shen Guanqing stopped there and said “these are the 561 contestants. They respresnet the highest level of pill concoction in the South Peace State. now I will invite our city lord city lord Yue to speak and announce the first question.”
Ye Mo felt a little comforted knowing that the highest level of this tournament was only level five pill king and that was only Xu Banchang. Even if he coudlnt’ get firs,t he would have no problem getting second.
Yue Qichao seemed younger than Shen Guanqing and wore grey robes. He wasn’t tall and was skinny and seemed more amicable than even Shen GUanqing.
But Ye Mo knew this was just the looks.
Yue Qichao walked to the front and before he spoke, all the cultivators in the square applauded. He was the highest level of pill concoction that the cultivators of South Peace Statecould know. There might be more high level pill king but no matter who it was, the highest level pill king they could find was Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing.
Yue Qichao spoke steadily and saluted with his fists “we South Peace State cultivators know that the South Peace State cultivation level is at the peak of Luo Yue continent. Theoretically our pill concoction should be at number one too but in fact, the North Far State whose cultivation level is far below us has accomplished something that shocked the pill concoction world in Luo Yue continent.”
“as everyone knows, before we form our essence spirit, the most important thing isn’t dan tian but spirit sense. in the entire Luo Yue continent, there are no pills for spirit sense recovery below nascent soul state. we can only use spirit attraction grass or similar spirit herb but the efficieny of such herbs are too low. We only utilize up to 10% of it causing large waste and no real results.”
“over countless years, countless pill masters wanted to put the spirit attraction grass into a pill but never has one succeeded, but”
Yue Qichao suddenly spoke loudly “the North Far State has a genius pill master who put spirit attraction herb into the pill and made the level four pill that can recover spirit sense and soul, spirit weaving pill. the materials of the spirit weaving pill aren’t precious so all cultivators can afford it. he created something that’s respectable and beneficial to the entire Luo Yue continent cultivation realm. He filled in the gap of low level spirit sense recovery pill.
Every cultivator came from golden core state and nascent soul state, there are countless cultivators who can’t progress in cultivation after their spirit sense was injured shattering their immortal dream. So, to this prodigy cultivator who created the spirit weaving pill, I Yue Qichao will bow to him.”
Then, Yue Qichao bowed to the north side. The contestants and judges all followed doing the same. Many cultivators who were watching the tournament also did the same.
Helplessly, Ye Mo could only bow to himself. He felt ashamed as he just wanted to use the spirit weaving pill to make money while the city lord Yue Qichao had such noble ideals.
A cultivator Yue Qichao was a true master.
Gu Wenqian and Xin Zhidawere shaking with excitement and even Jing Yingli who was standing afar was shaking. They didn’t expect Yue Qichao would care so much about it.
Even Qin Muxin looked at Ye Mo at felt proud.
“the spirit attraction herb was really put into pill?”
“how come I’ve never head of it? oh by the way, Hu Wen pill king showed a spirit weaving pill recipe last time.”
“who is that guy? He’s a core disciple of a big sect right?”
“if only I know such prodigy.”

Everyone wanted to know who this cultivator was.
Yue Qichao said again “I’m sure everyone wants to know who this cultivator is. I can tell you. I don’t know if he was pill king when he created the pill recipe but I know that he was only a foundation establishment state cultivator at that time and an solo cultivator as well. What he accomplished he completely achieved by himself. What’s even more astounding is that he created the spirit weaving pill in a pill concoction tournament and he concocted the pill using foundation chi fire. I’ve sent out an invitation to the North Far State inviting this prodigy pill master to Pill City but there has been no reply so far”
The scene rumbled. The cultivator who made the spirit weaving pill was only foundation establishment state and used foundation chi fire to concoct it, was there really such god like cultivator in the world?
“Who is he?”
“what’s his name?”
Everyone asked, wanting to know who this god like cultivator was.

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