Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1097

Yue Qichao amplified his voice with cultivation essence “this cultivator is called Ye Mo, no matter what sort of a person he is, his name and contribution to the cultivation realm will be forever remembered by the future cultivators and pill masters of Luo Yue continent.”
With Yue Qichao’s reputation and respect, saying the name Ye Mo so seriously brought everyone to discuss this name.
Even Ye Mo felt his blood boil. He even wanted to tell the secretes of the spirit weaving pill to everyone now. at the same time he sighed, if he knew the Pill City took the spirit weaving pill so seriously, he would’ve went to the city lord for help. He didn’t need to take the other way around and come to this tournament.
But since he came, he wanted to prove his capability.
Ji Ling who sat on the judges panel almost stood up in shock. He knew Ye Mo, it was that guy’s formation in Mo Yue that he kept thinking about. he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be a pill concoction prodigy but also a formation prodigy. This guy was insane.
Clear Dream Mosque heard the name Ye Mo and guessed that this might be the same Ye Mo her disciple Ling Xiaoshuang spoke of but she went to a mortal city and so she couldn’t ask her.

“Ye Mo?” Fang ZHongshi suddenly got up and looked at Ning Qingxue saying with a shakily “that Ye Mo, Ye Mo”
he wanted to ask Ning Qingxue if it was that Ye Mo but he ddin’t know how to ask. If it really was that Ye Mo then before the guy even made a scene, he utterly crushed him.
If everything said about him was true, then even though he was a prodigy how could he compare with someone who’s name will be remembered by the entire Luo Yue continent.
Ning Qingxue was excited too but she wasn’t sure if it was her husband as there were too many people of the same name.
Just when Ning Qingxue’s head was in a mess, Fang ZHongshi asked him if it was that Ye Mo. She said without hesitation “yes, it’s him.”
Fang Zhongshi sat down dejectedly. He felt his body was powerless.
Ning Qingxue’s master looked at Ning Qingxue and Fang Zhongshi in confusion before asking Ning Qingxue “who is him?”
Ning Qingxue looked down. She could bullshit to Fang ZHongshi but she didn’t dare to bullshit to her master. If she didn’t see that Ye Mo was already level seven spirit pill master she would be almost certain that it wasn’t the same Ye Mo.
She didn’t care if Ye Mo created the spirit weaving pill or not, she just wanted to be with him but if he really created that pill then there would be no resistance for her to be with Ye Mo.

When the voices quietened down again, Yue Qichao’s tone grew deep “contestants, it’s no bluff saying that you guys represent the peak of the entire Luo Yue continent pill concoction level. Some dao friend are on par with me, some are even better than me. since we’re all fighting for pill dao, a foundation establishment state cultivator from North Far State can create the spirit weaving pill, why can’t we? In the past, our tournament has been decided using the 12 pill king steps to decide the top 50. This time, we will do things like the North Far State and use three rounds to determine the final result.”
Yue Qichao’s tone grew more serious “this time, the Pill City takes the pill king tournament more seriously than ever before. I’m sure many cultivator friends have seen this, you’re right. Although the cultivation realm seems stable right now but that’s just the surface. In the near future, not only South Peace State but the entire Luo Yue continent cultivation realm might be in danger. Some big sect members might know a little already. This is the pill king tournament so I won’t say much but we pill king and pill master must contribute more to the Luo Yue continent and concoct more useful pills for South Peace State cultivators.”
Yue Qichao continued “in the ancient cultivation realm, there were many powerful pills that could speed up cultivation speed and not affect their foundation. But now, these pill recipes are lost. 60 years ago, I went with a qian bei to search an ancient rune. There, were found a few of these pills, there are about 600 of these pills”
Even Ye Mo was beginning to get curious now.
Yue Qichao said “Hua Sang pill, the spirit herb it uses isn’t high level but it can remove pill poison, if this pill recipe is recovered, it would be great joy to all cultivators”
This made the square burst into noise. Cultivators mainly relied on pills other than spirit chi to breakthrough. But all cultivators know that having too much pills will result in pill poison gathering in your body. So any thing that can remove pill poison was a great treasure.
Even Ye Mo could feel the value of the Hua Sang pill. although he had the stalagmite benefit pill but who could afford it other than him. Plus he didn’t have much 10000 year stalagmite marrow left.
Yue Qichao said again “heaven glory pill, any talent level golden core state just need one pill and can break through one level for certain. There’s no bottle neck nor foundation problems. But pity, this pill recipe is also lost.”
This pill didn’t create as much commotion as the Hua Sang pill but it still got the golden core state cultivators amazed.
Ye Mo was shook, he relied on the heaven glory pill to get through golden core state quickly. That pill was really an ancient pill recipe. It seemed that the spirit confined there was no simple being.
“disaster defense pill, it can let any cultivator below hollow spirit state have greater chances of passing divine damnation. Mist spirit pill, we don’t know the effect of the pill yet but it probably has some important help for heart demon tribulation”
Yue Qichao just spoke of four lost recipes and all of it shocked the scene. There was not a single on that cultivators didn’t need. They were all very precious pills, how were the recipes lost.
Yue Qichao sighed “the pity is that we’ve lost all of these precious pill recipes. A few pill kings and I have studied these for decades but still couldn’t create any of them. We could at most figure out their components. The current cultivation realm isn’t stable, after I’ve discussed with a few pill dao qian bei, we’ve. Decided to give the pills to the pill kings and pill master at the contestant. More people more ideas, perhaps there really might be someone like North Far State Ye Mo who can create or replicate a pill.”
Ye Mo realized, Yue Qichao were giving these pills to everyone to see who can find out what the pill recipe was.
If this was the test question, then Ye Mo felt he was too lucky. He already found out the heaven glory pill and even created it. if he got a heaven glory pill then he wouldn’t even need to do anything.
But seeing the tone of his words, Ye Mo knew that there was far more precious pills they’ve found.
Yue Qichao continued “there are about 600 pills so for the first question, every contestant can get a pill. I hope you can find out the content and recover the pill recipe. These pills are all level nine spirit pill so whichever pill you get, it will be very fair.”

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