Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1099

The first question of the tournament was very hard but it was very easy for the judges, they just needed to give a mark based on the number of herbs answered.
Everyone waited for less than two hours and Shen Guanqing stood at the highest place of the judges panel and announced “the first round of the tournament has concluded. We’ve worked out the top 100 scoring pill master and pill king. Now I will read out the names. Those who have their names read out please stay for the second round. Those friends who didn’t get their names read out please leave the contestant area. After the tournament, you will still have opportunity to cooperate with many sects.”
Everyone fell silent at this. especially for contestants, even if they can’t get into top 50, getting into top 100 was not only an honour but would also benefit their future greatly.
Shen Guanqing didn’t even look at the rankings and read “Rain Pill sect level nine spirit pill master Jia Youtian 43.5 points, rank 100. Pill City level nine spirit pill master Wang Xiaofeng, 43.9 points, rank 99. Heaven Herb lake level one pill king Hou Xibao 55.2 points, rank 72, Heaven Star sect level one pill king Feng Ling 56 points, rank 71”
Those who had their names read out already received congratulations from their sect. although it was just a small cheer, but the honour splashing into their face already made their sects very happy.
When Feng Ling heard he got 57 and was ranked 71, he didn’t even believe it. he would’ve been very happy if he just made it into top 100 but he surpassed that target and got ranked 71.
He could already imagine Yi Pandie’s shocked expression, she wouldn’t expect me to get this right. He thought of that Luo Xiaomo and HU Wen pill king too. Their name still wasn’t called, they probably didn’t even get in.
Shen Guanqing continued. “Blue Lake level two pill king Gu Wenqian 62.8 points, rank 43, Rain Pill sect level two pill king Wang Laoxi 63 points, rank 42.”
Feng Ling dazed and wasn’t proud like before. He didn’t look down on Hu Wen pill king but he didn’t think Hu Wen was that much better than him. However, Hu Wen got into top 50 the firs tround and he was only at 71. That wasn’t even worth being proud of. The only satisfying thing was his disciple didn’t get into top 100.
Mo Youshen who sat in the VIP lounge was very nervous. When he heard that Ye Mo created the spirit weaving pill, he was very anxious fearing that the Ye Mo in front of him was that Ye Mo. If that was the case, he wouldn’t be able to kill Ye Mo and he had to worry if Ye Mo would kill him.
But after hearing the names get called out to top 30, he finally felt secure. He believed that no matter how good Ye Mo was, he wouldn’t be able to get into top 30 as a level seven spirit pill master.
Ning Qingxue had forgotten everyone around her. Her eyes stared deadly at Ye Mo waiting anxiously. She didn’t even know her nails had pierced her palm and there was blood flowing.
Fang Zhongshi was hearing the names but his focus was on Ning Qingxue. When he saw that her palm was bleeding he was confused. Was there someone she cared about a lot in the contestants?
“solo cultivator level three pill king Zong Shidao 71.5 points, rank 14. Pill City level four pill king Wang Mao 71.7 points rank 13” it grew quieter and quieter as he read.
When it got to top ten, some cultivators couldn’t wait anymore and began discussing quietly.
“I think the first will be Pill City half immortal pill king Xu Banchang. He’s level five pill king after all.”
“not necessarily, heaven herb lake level four pill king Ji Youtian is very strong, he got number one in pill concoction tournaments everywhere.”
“Shengting pill king is not bad but could the pill kings he competed against before count? Plus Green Pill sect Nian Sheng pill king is using heaven flame.”
“so what, half immortal pill king is using even higher ranked Extreme Geng flame.”

Shen Guanqing’s voice suddenly grew louder. “Fusion Joy sect level two pill king Li Qiliang 73.2 points, rank 9 Clear Dream Mosque level four pill king Wang Qingdie 74.1 points, rank 6, Green Pill sect level four pill king Qiu Niangsheng 74.3 points, rank 5, Heaven Herb lake level four pill king Ji Youting 74.9 points rank 4, Pill City level five pill king Xu Banchang 77 points, rank 3”
The crowd erupted.
“how is this possible, how is even level five pill king half immortal pill king only ranked third, who can get top two? All the level three and level four pill kings were already name, is it going to be a spirit pill master?”
“that’s right we need an explanation.”
“even if there are spirit pill master, there can’t be two.”
“the Pill City can’t disappoint us like that.”
Clearly, Xu Banchang and Ji Youting had a lot of fans.
Although cultivators respected strength above all else, in the depths of their hearts, they also desired a fair place. the Pill City was respected so much because it was powerful but also because it was the fairest place. if even a place like this had shady dealings then one could imagine how disappointed people will be.
Ye Mo was also confused, his pill recipe was enough to concoct the heaven glory pill and get first or second. But all the high level pill kings were already name and those who didn’t get named weren’t skilled enough to get into top two. Was there really a spirit pill master like him or was there inside dealings?
Suddenly, Ye Mo thought of that cultivator who used sense sha fire. His speed of dissectings pills flowed like clouds. His demeanor seemed casually. Was he in the final two as well.
After the ruckus, Shen Guanqing howled and the sound tore apart the heated discussion. The scene fell quiet again. No one dared to make any noise, even though they knew there were shady dealings, they would die if they made too much commotion.
Following the howl, an even more powerful spirit sense scanned across the entire square. Every cultivator felt he was seen through and didn’t dare to talk at all. Everyone knew that spirit sense came from a truth realisation state peak cultivator. A cultivator of this caliber didn’t even need to move to kill anyone. He would be able to form a giant cultivation essence hand from far away and annihilate any ordinary cultivator.
After the square became quiet again, Shen Guanqing then read. “our Pill City has been in the South Peace State for nearly 1000 years. Although we may have minor faults but no one dares to do anything shady in a big tournament like the pill king tournament. We won’t do that. Anyone who gets top three will be great for us. Even me or city lord Yue Qichao can’t decide who gets top three in this.”
Many cultivator realized, that was true, if the Pill City dared to do such an obvious shady dealing the Pill City won’t be the respected Pill City like before.
Seeing that the audience realized this, Shen Guanqing spoke even louder. “plus, we have Earth Forgery God Lu Wuhu qian bei and level nine formation grand master sect leader Ji here as a judge, who dares to do anything shady here?”
“city lord, we trust you, we trust the Pill City, you can continue to announce second and first.”
“yes, we trust the Pill City.”

Yue Qichao nodded and read out “solo cultivator level nine spirit pill master Jiu Qian, 90 points rank 2”
Who is Jiu Qian, everyone asked around but no one knew who this was. Yet, this guy beat number three by 13 points. This was the greatest difference in points in the top 100. Usually a difference of one or two was already significant but this Jiu Qian got 13 points more than level five pill king Xu Banchang.
Ye Mo looked at this man and felt he definitely was no level nine spirit pill master. If he didn’t get the heaven glory pill, it wasn’t going to be easy beating him.
Jiu Qian also frowned, not expecting himself just to be number two. He was expecting 90 points but not number two. He like everyone else was now very desperate to know which god got first of the first round.

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