Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1100

Shen Guanqing’s tone grew excited. He didn’t even wait for the discussion to stop and read “solo cultivator level seven spirit pill master, Luo Xiaomo, perfectly recreated the heaven glory pill so all the judges decided to give him full marks 100 points, number one.”
Just these short words with his excited and ecstatic tone showed just how shocked and intense his inner heart was.
All the cultivators and contestants in the square and the tournament were startled. There was more ruckus, noise than when people felt there were inside dealigns.
But no one stopped it this time because the number one Luo Xiaomo was too absurd. Even the tens of pill king qian bei in Pill City didn’t dissect the heaven glory pill but he dissected it in three days.
When this question first came out, everyone knew the purpose wasn’t for the contestant to give the right answer as it was impossible. They were going to be graded on the spirit herbs they write to test the contestants’ ability. There might be one purpose and it was for someone to find a few herbs they couldn’t find.
But now, the judges said someone perfectly dissected the components of the heaven glory pill, was this possible? But at the same time, it was impossible to fake as even the city lord himself didn’t work out what the heaven glory pill was made of.
Those big sects looked at Luo Xiaomo with fervent eyes. If this man concocted large amounts of heaven glory pill, then golden core state didn’t have bottleneck at all. They would be able to breakthrough easily. This was important resource for any sect.
Jiu Qian looked at Ye Mo who didn’t stand out at all and breathed. A mere level seven spirit pill master was able to perfectly dissect the components of the heaven glory pill. Ye Mo was better than him indeed. Before he came, he didn’t consider those level four level five pill king a threat at all but now, he considered Ye Mo his greatest threat from getting number one.
Qin Muxin looked at Ye Mo enviously, her master was right. This Ye Mo had an unimaginable future ahead of him. He was so substantial and excellent everywhere.
Gu Wenqian was very excited as though he got number one. He approved of his decision to follow Ye Mo greatly. His master was number one indeed, no one could give him any pressure.
Feng Ling gazed his eyes wide open at Ye Mo. He still couldn’t react, how could a level seven spirit pill master perfectly dissect an ancient pill recipe? Thinking about what he said to Luo Xiaomo before he wanted to bury himself in a hole.
Even the rest of the pill king didn’t turn their gaze away from Ye Mo. They didn’t understand how a level seven spirit pill master could perfectly dissect heaven glory pill. after all, this wasn’t something that luck could explain. Some even thought if Ye Mo had the recipe already.
If Ye Mo knew this, he would shake their hands and say “you know me well.”
The audience discussed heavily.
“who is this Luo Xiaomo, how come I’ve never heard of him?”
“there’s too many prodigies you haven’t heard of. Have you heard of Ye Mo? Have you heard of that Jiu Qian?”
“that’s right. But isn’t it strange that the top two of the first round are two spirit pill masters and they beat number 3 half immortal pill king by that much.”
“it’s not strange, just as city lord Yue said before, there’s a pill master called Ye Mo in North Far State who created the spirit weaving pill when he was foundation establishment state.”

Mo Youshan sat very unnervingly. He could feel his body sweat cold. He realized that the Ye Mo who created the spirit weaving pill was this Ye Mo in front of him. No matter how Ye Mo did in the next rounds, he couldn’t touch Ye Mo anymore. Or at least, he had to think of a way for Ye Mo to not know he was in the Pill City.
He wanted to tell his worry to his master but his master was a judge and couldn’t communicate with him.
The hollow spirit state tertiary stage cultivator at Earth Demon sect who said he was going to kill Ye Mo looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. He just couldn’t understand how this little level seven spirit pill master got first and full marks in the first round.
Huang Yushang and his martial uncle were speechless. After a moment, that hollow spirit state said to Huang Yushan “send a messenger flying sword back and tell the situation to the sect leader, tell him to send someone and bring the 5 color lotus to the Pill City.”
Suddenly, the hollow spirit state stopped and said “never mind, I will do it.”
Yi Pandie looked at Ye Mo with a face of shock. She felt this Luo Xiaomo wasn’t ordinary and remembering how Ye Mo seemed familiar, she suddenly got up and walked towards the Abstruse Sound sect place.
Abstruse sound sect Jing Yingli also stared at Ye Mo with uncertainty. She didn’t expect that unsubstantial guy with her sister was this absurd.
When did her sister meet a cultivator like this? no wonder with her sister’s pride she was willing to be with him.
She got up and walked to Jing Yingli’s side, just when she wanted to say something she saw Yi Pandie come.
Jing Yingli was good at hiding her expression but Ye Mo’s performance shocked her too much.
Yi Pandie greeted Jing Yingmeng and sat next to Jing Yingliasking “martial sister Yingli, when I first saw that Luo Xiaomo he felt familiar, can you tell me where he came from?”
Jing Yingmeng laughed before Jing Yingli could answer. “martial sister Pandie, that Luo Xiaomo is performing well but don’t tell me you like him? He’s not simple, I invited him out that day but he didn’t come.”
Of course Yi Pandie wasn’t falling in love with Ye Mo.
Jing Yingli glanced at Jing Yingmeng and said “what I told you before I would still say to you now.”
Jing Yingmeng’s face didn’t seem too good but she dind’t argue. Before she thought Jing Yingli said that purposely but now she believed that she was telling the truth.
“what did you tell her?” Yi Pandie subconsciously asked.
Jing Yingli scanned Yi Pandie calmly and said “no matter which of us don’t need to consider love relationship with him. It’s useless and he already has a wife.”
“martial sister Yingli, I’m asking you about where he came from. who do you think I am, how can I be interested in a small spirit pill master.” Yi Pandie didn’t seem too happy.
Jing Yingli smiled and didn’t mind her words “Luo Xiaomo came from North Far State, he’s just living in an ordinary mortal city. That city belongs to him, it’s called Mo Yue City. He’s real name is Ye Mo, he also used another name called Ning Xiaoma.”
Jing Yingli knew she didn’t need to help Ye Mo hide it anymore. Even if he didn’t get first in the end, people were already investigating him and soon his identity would be exposed.
“what? he’s Ning Xiaoma?” Yi Pandie got up and her face was full of shock and gratitude.
Ning Xiaoma saved her in the Truth Fall Palace, she thought Ning Xiaoma was killed by Wu Yu but now it seemed Wu Yu was killed by him. He hid his name for fear of revenge from Eternity Sea.
“what’s wrong? Martial sister Pandie, you know Ye Mo?” Jing Yingmeng casually asked but once she said this name she also got up in shock.
She stared at Jing Yingli and asked shakily. “sister you’re saying his name is Ye Mo, the guy who created the spirit weaving pill?”
But without her sister answering it, she already knew the answer.
She really wanted to know how her sister got to know a genius like this. her mouth was bitter. What did she have other than looks. Luo Xiaomo seemed nice to her sister but when she invited him out, he didn’t even answer.
“Ye Mo, so he’s such an absurdly talent pill master. I actually naively believed martial sister Ji Yu’s words.” Yi Pandie shook her head
Then, her face recovered normal and said to Jing Yingli “martial sister Yingli, after this Luo Xiaomo will become famous. It won’t be easy for me to see him again but he saved my life. please arrange for me to see him once, I just want to thank him.”
“okay, I will bring your words to him.” Jing Yingli nodded.

Ning Qingxue heard Luo Xiaomo’s words and her tears covered her face again “he succeeded, he really did.”
Huang Qian walked to Ning Qingxue and grabbed her hand “sister Qingxue, that Luo Xiaomo succeeded. Congratulations, no one dares to do anything to you now.”
Then, Huang Ping rolled her eyes at Fang Zhongshi.

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