Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1102

When all the spirit herbs in the cauldron were refined, Ye Mo expelled the waste and let out a sigh of relief. He knew he was showing off, but this was dangerous. Any mistake and all his previous work would’ve been for nothing.
Those pill master with less spirit herbs had stopped because they could only refine. They didn’t even know the components of the pill, it was a joke to think of concocting it.
15 minutes later, there were only about 10 people on the square still working.
With a few cracking sounds, even level five pill king Xu Banchang and level four pill king Ji Youting failed. Almost all the pill master watched Ye Mo and Jiu Qian now. It was just those two still putting on a show.
Especially Jiu Qian, his pill concoction means attracted many people to watch. He dissected the pill very smoothly before, and now his pill concoction method was also very smooth. It made people feel like it was an art performance as he struck pill chants inside the cauldron.
“Such good means, he’s at least a level four pill king,” Shen Guanqing said. The pill kings there could also tell that Jiu Qian was definitely not a level nine spirit pill master but a real high level pill king.
A sense of pill aroma came and all the judges concentrated and looked at Jiu Qian, the pill aroma came from him.
Although the judges’ authority would drop if Jiu Qian eventually concocted the Heaven Glory Pill as he was only placed as second in the first round, they all still hoped Jiu Qian could concoct the Heaven Glory Pill. What if the pill only had 10 ingredients?
Ye Mo smiled and continued to concoct his Heaven Glory Pill. Only he knew that the Heaven Glory Pill had no aroma after adding the dihua beast core. The pill with aroma was not Heaven Glory Pill.
Crack, another crisp sound and Jiu Qian put away his fire in disappointment. The judges also moved their eyes away from him.
He failed.
Almost all the judges looked at Ye Mo now. Ye Mo pulled with his hand and 6 pills came out of his Shen Nong cauldron. Immediately they fell into the jade bottle prepared for the tournament.
According to his experience, if a level seven beast core was used, there would be 12 pills. Since he used a level six beast core, in order to ensure the potency, he only concocted 6 pills.
“He succeeded?”
“He really succeeded?”
As soon as Ye Mo pulled out the pills, a few judges got up. There was fire in their eyes, if they weren’t judges now, they would’ve charged up to Ye Mo and robbed the pill bottle.
100 people concocted pills and only one succeeded. To top it off, there were 6 pills as well. Shen Guanqing and a level four pill king were very annoyed with themselves because they were attracted by Jiu Qian’s pill aroma and didn’t watch Ye Mo’s pill concoction method and pill pulling method. Luckily, there was a recording, but a recording wasn’t nearly as satisfying as watching it live.
All the audience also saw clearly that the second round had ended and only one pill master had concocted pills. That was the pill master who recreated the Heaven Glory Pill recipe. He was the only one who concocted a pill, so it was obvious who had won.
The scene was very silent. Many people expected this as only Ye Mo had the recipe.
The only abnormal thing was that the only pill master who concocted a pill was the lowest level pill master and used the lowest level flame.
Jiu Qian looked at Ye Mo in shock. He had always thought he was the prodigy of pill concoction and he never even though that anyone would be able to take away number one from him, but now someone recreated the pill recipe and concocted the pill with just soul flare. He had already lost more than half here.
All the results appeared on the judges table and the Heaven Glory Pill bottle also appeared in Yue Qichao’s hand.
Yue Qichao opened the bottle, tipping out six identically shaped pills, and exclaimed, “He used soul flare to concoct the Heaven Glory Pill for the first time and there are 4 top grade and 2 special grade pills. I believe even a level four pill king wouldn’t be able to do this.”
“Wow, this kid really is a pill master!” Lu Wuhu said in shock.
Yue Qichao shook his head, “No, he’s not a pill master. If I’m not wrong, he’s at least a level four pill king – but why did he sign up using a spirit pill master’s name?”
Lu Wuhu smiled awkwardly. “That kids’ sign up opportunity was given by me. He came to Pill City to sign up for the tournament but didn’t have the right to sign up, so I helped him get the identity of a level seven spirit pill master.”
What Lu Wuhu didn’t expect was that Yue Qichao walked up to him and bowed. “Thank you Lu qian bei. If it wasn’t for your help, how could I know that there was such a genius in the Pill City that’s blocked outside.”
Then, he turned to Shen Guanqing and said, “Martial brother Guanqing, we need to change the rules of the Pill City. No matter what tournament it is,there will still be spirit pill master and pill king verification available. We can’t let similar things happen again. Luo Xiaomo was lucky to see Lu qian bei, but what about next time?”
“Yes, martial brother Yue,” Shen Guanqing quickly replied.
The pill king Chang Shun suddenlysaid, “City lord Yue, I’ve never heard of this Luo Xiaomo. He seems to have appeared out of nowhere and he’s so talented. He doesn’t seem old and yet he’s a high level pill king, I think”
Yue Qichao nodded. “I know, after the first round I’ve sent people to investigate his origin, there should be results soon.”
At this moment, a messenger flying sword appeared in Yue Qichao’s hand. Yue Qichao looked it and then looked at Ye Mo before sitting back down.
Yue Qichao said. “I just got the message from dao friend Xu Qiliang and Wang Han guarding the teleportation formation. The North Far State cultivator that invited Ye Mo has been in South Peace State for nearly two years, and they sent an image of him”
“Huh, Ye Mo is here – why didn’t this kid come find me. Why have no big sects taken in such a genius?” Ji Ling asked.
Ji Ling saw everyone look at him so he said awkwardly, “Haha, this Ye Mo isn’t old but he’s also a formation great master. I went to North Far State to find him a few times but he was very busy and I didn’t get to see him even once, so I left a jade card for him.”
“He’s a formation great master too?” Everyone was shocked by this news. Just becoming a pill king took countless time and effort. This Ye Mo not only had a unique take on pill concoction, but was also a formation great master.
Yue Qichao smiled bitterly and took out the image, “If you know that Luo Xiaomo is actually Ye Mo, I suppose you guys wouldn’t know what to say.”
The judges were all speechless.
A prodigy was fine, but please be more realistic. In North Far State, he was called Ye Mo and created the Spirit Weaving Pill. In South Peace State he was called Luo Xiaomo and also dissected the Heaven Glory Pill.
Every judge here was extremely talented, but they were defeated by this strange being called Ye Mo.
“Why did he change his name?” Ji Ling asked. Didn’t Ye Mo come here to be famous? Why did he change his name if he was already famous?
“He probably offended someone in South Peace State. Xu Qiliang and Wang Han also said that when Ye Mo saw them, he didn’t change his name. He probably changed his name later. But no matter who he offended, since he’s at the Pill City, no one can touch him,” Yue Qichao said with a cold tone.
Yue Qichao waved his hand and said, “Let’s find someone to test the pills first and decide the top 50.”
Shen Guanqing nodded and walked out of the judges stage. He looked at Ye Mo and then announced, “The tournament hasn’t ended, but a lot of genius pill masters and pill kings have surged up. The pill master who successfully decoded the Heaven Glory Pill, Luo Xiaomo, also perfectly concocted a cauldron of Heaven Glory pills. Now we invite any golden core state cultivator to come up and test the authenticity of the pill.”
With this, countless golden core state wanted to charge up and try, but he quickly chose a golden core state level six cultivator and told the rest to leave.
He chose one at level six because if the pill could let golden core state middle stage reach tertiary stage, then there was nothing to doubt about the pill.

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