Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1103

Fang Zhongshi looked at Ning Qingxue and Huang Qian who seemed overjoyed and wanted to ask about it, but his master suddenly got up. He told him that they had to get back to their sect.
Judging by his master’s complexion, it wasn’t a small matter, so Fang Zhongshi got up helplessly and left with his master.
As soon as Fang Zhongshi left with his master, Ning Qingxue’s master Zheng Heyin’s face sunk. She stared coldly at Ning Qingxue. “Qingxue, I didn’t say anything as they were here, but do you know how rude your actions were? Is the Ethereal Immortal Pond such a rude sect?”
Because Ye Mo succeeded, Ning Qingxue bowed to her master and said, “Master I have a husband, yet you still want to say those words”
“How dare you!” Zhen Heyin slammed the table. “From now on, if you dare to mention you have a husband, I will take away your power! Our Ethereal Immortal Pond doesn’t lack prodigy sect members – plus you don’t even count as a prodigy. You will agree to Fang Zhongshi no matter what.”
Ning Qingxue was dazed, her master had been very strict to her but never this unreasonable. Fang Zhongshi was a prodigy, but the Ethereal Immortal Pond was also an 8-star sect, was it necessary to suck up to them like this? They didn’t even care about the happiness of their sect member?
“What is it?” the other few elders of Ethereal Immortal Pond noticed and asked unhappily.
Ning Qingxue had calmed down and bowed to her master and the elders. “I am someone with a husband, even if you kill me now, I won’t go to the Lightning Cloud Sect. After the pill king tournament, I will leave Ethereal Immortal Pond with my husband,,,”
“Hmph..” the elders sneered and Ning Qingxue suddenly stopped talking. Blood seeped out of her mouth. Her internal organs were injured due to the sneers.
Huang Qian quickly held Ning Qingxue and looked at the elders and master in worry.
Just when Ning Qingxue’s master was going to do something, the sect leader said coldly, “We’re at the Pill City pill king tournament. If there’s anything, say it back at the sect.”
“Yes.” Zheng Heyin and the elder bowed.
The vice sect leader glanced at Ning Qingxue and suddenly said, “The sect provided you guys with the best cultivation resources and protection. When the sect needs you, I hope you don’t reject. Plus, young master Fang is an excellent person. Let’s not talk about this now, there’s no rush.”
Huang Qian breathed easy, this meant that sister Qingxue was fine. She wanted to tell the sect leader and the elder that Luo Xiaomo was Ning Qingxue’s husband, but she didn’t dare to after seeing their bleak faces.

Fang Zhongshi and his master quickly went back to their sect and saw a few elders and one disaster transformation state peak stage grand elder with extremely bleak faces.
“What happened?” Fang Zhongshi subconsciously asked.
“We’ve found the killer of Aofeng, but we can’t do anything to him yet” a cauldron filling state elder said.
Fang Zhongshi immediately said, “Since we’ve found him, how come we can’t do anything? Is he a 9-star sect core disciple? Even if he is, he has to pay with his life for killing our core disciple.”
The elders had a bleak face and didn’t speak. Fang Zhongshi was even more confused. No matter who killed Tian Aofeng in the South Peace State, he had to pay with his life, even if his dad was a truth realisation state cultivator.
“The killer of Aofeng is quite possibly Luo Xiaomo. If he really is, then with city lord Yue Qichao’s character, we can’t touch him for sure,” a hollow spirit state cultivator answered.
“What?” Fang Zhongshi and his master Lei Luo almost called out at the same time.
The hollow spirit state explained, “Aofeng’s master elder Tian has gotten news that Luo Xiaomo’s real name is Ye Mo, he comes from the North Far State”
Hearing this, Fang Zhongshi’s face went pale. He realized that Ning Qingxue wasn’t trying to talk him down before.
When he thought about how Ning Qingxue was so excited watching the tournament and even clenched her hand until it bled, he fully realized that Luo Xiaomo was Ye Mo, the man she was talking about.
Thinking that Ye Mo was this powerful and talented, Fang Zhongshi even forgot about Tian Aofeng being killed.
The elders saw Fang Zhongshi’s pale face and thought he felt sad for Tian Aofeng and comforted him.
Fang Zhongshi realized his demeanor was too abnormal and quickly asked, “How did we find out that Luo Xiaomo killed martial brother Tian Aofeng?”
The hollow spirit state continued, “The time that Ye Mo came from North Far State matched when Tian Aofeng was killed. He came from Mo Hai City, so he had to go past the Heartless Sea to get to South Peace City. He probably took a ship as we didn’t find records of him taking the teleportation formation. When he got to Mo Hai, he went out with three golden core state tertiary stage cultivators. He was golden core state at the time as well, but after he went out, there was no news of the three cultivators. They might’ve been killed by Ye Mo.”
“He’s that strong?” Fang Zhongshi subconsciously asked. This level was on par with him.
Another elder sneered, “If he wasn’t that strong, he wouldn’t be able to kill Aofeng.”
The hollow spirit state cultivator nodded, “When he boarded the ship, his name was Mo Ying. He first came to the South Peace State and didn’t know about our sect, thus he killed Tian Aofeng.”
The hollow spirit state cultivator then glanced at Ye Mo before continuing, “When he went to South Peace State, he went to Youdao magic artifact shop and bought an armor and a spirit artifact, Stealth Sand. He also awarded a female cultivator a lot of spirit stones. Then he went to the trial tablet square, but even with his power, he didn’t even leave a name. That night when we were searching for the culprit in the South Peace City, he fled, probably because of the Stealth Sand.”
Even if Ye Mo was here, he would greatly admire this person’s analysis. He wasn’t 100% correct, but 90%.
“But Ye Mo’s fame is established and it’s not easy to kill him.” Lei Luo frowned.
A grey robed elder got up and cursed. “No matter who he is, even if he’s the city lord of Pill City, I will kill him for killing Aofeng.”
He was Tian Aofeng’s master, Tian Ji.
A middle aged cultivator got up and said, “Martial brother Tian, that Ye Mo killed our core disciple. He needs to pay with his life, but as martial brother Lei said, his fame is established. It’s not easy to kill him and the Pill City isn’t something our sect can take on now. He can’t stay in Pill City forever, there will be a time when he leaves. We have people investigating his whereabouts, as soon as he leaves, we will have an opportunity to kill him.”
This was the vice sect leader, Jiang Jianou. Even Tian Ji had to hold his anger now.
After a while, a messenger flying sword landed in the middle aged man’s hand.
He opened it and sneered. “That Ye Mo is dead for sure.”

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