Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1105

Shen Guanqing saw the 12 pill king steps were revealed and said again, “The third round will be on the 12 pill king steps. There are 12 steps and each contestant only needs to concoct a level seven spirit pill on step 1, step 2 is level eight spirit pill, and so forth. The contestant can choose what pill they would like to concoct.The harder the pill to concoct, the higher the level.”
Many contestants already knew this rule, but Ye Mo listened to it very carefully.
“But it’s not that the harder the pill you choose the higher the rank you can get. Harder pills take longer to concoct. If everyone else went up and you’re still at step 1 concocting a level seven spirit pill, you’re disqualified. Even if someone concocts a simple level eight spirit pill, they would get higher marks than you choosing the hardest level seven spirit pill to concoct. I need to remind those pill masters who haven’t competed before that 12 pill king steps is also like the trial tablet. At every step, your will and spirit sense will be rigorously tested.”
Shen Guanqing suddenly raised his voice. “So, the 12 steps test your real pill concoction capabilities as well as power, wit, and cultivation level. So you will be kicked off the step if you can’t stay on it or can’t concoct a pill. This round has begun, I wish every one of you will able to reach the top.”
Ye Mo had understood – according to Shen Guanqing’s words, if someone wanted to reach step 12, they had to concoct a heaven grade level nine pill. It seemed that even if you didn’t concoct pills, it wasn’t easy to stay on the step.
This way,it seemed he wouldn’t be able to reach the top.
Ye Mo suddenly laughed at himself. He was thinking too far ahead. If he wanted to get to step 8, he would have to successfully concoct heaven grade level five pills.
At the same time, Ye Mo knew that although Shen Guanqing said he hoped everyone would reach the top, the truth was no one would be able to. One needed to be at least a heaven grade level nine pill king, and even that wouldn’t guarantee you reaching the top.
Plus, even if someone reached the top, would the Pill City be able to take out a bunch of level nine spirit herbs for someone to concoct heaven grade level nine pills? That was impossible.
As soon as Shen Guanqing said start, all the pill master went on the steps.
Ye Mo also walked up on the faint yellow step. As soon as he got on, he felt a strong pressure trying to push him off.
Feeling this, Ye Mo’s heart sunk.He wasn’t scared of it, but since step one had such force, didn’t it mean it would just get stronger and stronger?
He was only nascent soul state level. If he wanted to resist such force while cultivating, it would be much harder than those hollow spirit state and body condensation state pill kings. This wasn’t competing in pill concoction skills, but who had the strongest cultivation essence.
In that case, it was impossible for him to get top ten with his nascent soul state level five power.
Ye Mo knew that if he failed, then what awaited him wouldn’t be the honor of the first two rounds but question and reproach.
Because those who knew the Heaven Glory Pill recipe could perfectly finish the first two rounds, but the third round tested true strength. If he failed in that, there was no way people wouldn’t doubt him.
Thinking about this, Shen Guanqing said, “Contestants, you can choose any pill name you see from your spot. ”
Many pill masters already knew this rule and before Shen Guanqing finished, they started choosing a pill to concoct.
Ye Mo didn’t choose his spirit pill. He sat on his seat and looked at the tens of level seven spirit pills.
He knew that if he didn’t solve the matter of the pressure, then no matter how fast he concocted a level seven spirit pill, it was useless. He would lose to those with greater cultivation essence later. Instead of solving that problem later,he might as well solve it now on the step with the smallest force. He had to get top 10 or even top 3 or it wouldn’t serve him any good.
A strange scene appeared. The 49 contestants were concocting pills but Ye Mo sat there dazed with locked eye brows.
“What’s he doing?” Ji Ling couldn’t help asking, but he realized all the judges had the same face.
After Ji Ling knew that Ye Mo was the formation great master he favored, he had a good impression of him as well as high expectations.
Many of the audience and sects watching Ye Mo all started discussing. This was just the first step, if he hesitated that much about concocting a level seven spirit pill, what was the point of competing?
Eventually, people started publicly doubting Ye Mo.
“I say that the reason he got full marks the first and second round is because he already knew the Heaven Glory Pill recipe. See,the third round tests your true strength and he can’t even concoct a level seven spirit pill.”
“If I know the Heaven Glory Pill recipe beforehand, I can get full marks too.”
“Hehe, this tournament is getting more and more interesting.”

Some pill masters already refined their spirit herb and their pill was about to form, but Ye Mo still didn’t even choose a pill.
Ning Qingxue who was overjoyed got up suddenly, she was more worried than anyone. Why didn’t Ye Mo move? At least choose the pill and start refining spirit herbs.
“Sit down, you don’t need to watch the tournament, those people up there wouldn’t care about a mere golden core state cultivator like you,” Zheng Heyin said.
Ning Qingxue’s eyes went red and she didn’t talk. Huang Qian pulled her down carefully. “Don’t worry martial sister Qingxue, this is just the beginning.”
After one hour, a few pill kings were about to step on step 2 but Ye Mo still didn’t move. Even Xin Zhidawas getting restless, why didn’t Ye Mo move? Even her martial brother Hu Wen pill king was about to finish step one.
The Lightning Cloud Sect elders were watching Ye Mo and when they saw that Ye Mo couldn’t even pass the first step they were shocked.
Tian Ji snarled, “This guy must be extremely lucky to know the Heaven Glory Pill recipe beforehand and thus got full marks in the first two rounds. Now, he has nothing to show. I’m afraid his marks from before won’t count now. Even the heavens are helping me revenge.”
Tian Ji got up and said, “Sect leader Jiang, I’m going to the Infinity Sect for a bit.”
The middle aged man nodded knowing that Tian Ji wanted to tell them that Ye Mo killed Yuan Guannan. It was a very good idea to get them to help as well. Regardless of whether or not Ye Mo killed Yuan Guannan, just a suspicion was enough for a 9-star sect. If he failed the third round, then even if Ye Mo didn’t cheat, it would be thought of as cheating.
Then,even the city lord of Pill City couldn’t protect Ye Mo. Could he protect a cheating contestant?
Jing Yingli knew Ye Mo’s real power and could guess why Ye Mo didn’t do anything, but she couldn’t remind him. If she could, she would say ‘Truth Fall Palace stairway’.
Ye Mo frowned,if the pressure increased based on steps, there was no need for pill concoction competition, they could just let those pill master with higher levels go up.

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