Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1109

Ye Mo wasn’t sure if this was the first time Jiu Qian had concocted the Break Spirit Pill, but it was his first time. Although he had the Spirit Recovery pill to recover his spirit sense, he didn’t dare to be confident. This was his first time concocting a heaven grade level five pill; it was a huge challenge for him.
Ye Mo was certain he would be able to concoct it but he didn’t dare to be careless. Even so, he didn’t decide to take out the Mist Lotus Heart fire. It mattered too much. The third ranked heaven flame, if he took it out, who knows who would try to take it from him?
Luckily he had the purple eye soul sever, or else he could just admit defeat now.
Ye Mo sat down and took out the Shen Nong cauldron. His mind was focused on it and the Purple Flower fire.
He was certain that both of them could concoct the heaven grade level five pill and Jiu Qian wouldn’t stop at step eight. If he couldn’t get to step eight, he wouldn’t have said those condescending words earlier. Jiu Qian didn’t seem like someone without a brain.
So Ye Mo knew that although he could concoct heaven grade level five pills, that wasn’t enough to beat Jiu Qian. He had to be enlightened in the process of concocting the Break Spirit Pill and be able to concoct heaven grade level six pills from that.
For a level five pill king to reach level six pill king, it might take a few years or even a few decades. Some level six pill kings might never be able to reach level seven pill king for their entire lives. Even with the Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo wasn’t sure if he could break through to level six pill king right after concocting a heaven grade level five pill. However, the Three Birth Chant gave him the possibility of breaking through.
The reason he reached level four pill king was only because he helped Su Jingwen concoct a Rainbow Spirit Pill.
Ye Mo knew that even if he didn’t use this method of breaking through to level six pill king, he would become one sooner or later.
But now, he couldn’t wait.
Before, he intentionally didn’t break through to higher levels of pill king as he thought he was only a nascent soul state cultivator and didn’t need heaven grade level five or six pills, he at most needed level one or level two pills. Plus, he didn’t have spirit herbs above heaven grade level five.
Now, he realized that even if he didn’t need heaven grade level six pills, there was no harm in reaching that level.
Ye Mo forgot about everything around him. He wasn’t just concocting pills now, as he refined the spirit herbs for the break spirit pills, he analysed them again and again. Then, he used the Three Birth Chant to find the rhythm. This was similar to when he refined spirit herbs and formed the pill rapidly.
15 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, a few hours passed. Ji Youting and Qiu Niansheng were swept off at step seven and Xu Banchang wasn’t able to concoct heaven grade level five pills at step 8, so he was swept off as well. Only Ye Mo and Jiu Qian remained on the 12 pill king steps. Ye Mo was still refining spirit herbs and didn’t yet start pill concoction.
What people didn’t expect was that after Jiu Qian finished the pill, he didn’t go to step nine and sat down with his eyes closed as though waiting for Ye Mo.

“What are these two doing?” Level four pill king judge Gao He looked at the two in confusion. One of them took more than a few hours to refine spirit herbs and still wasn’t finished yet, while the other sat down instead of going to step nine after finishing with step eight.
Shen Guanqing frowned, he completely couldn’t understand Ye Mo anymore. He didn’t understand that Jiu Qian either. From Jiu Qian’s speed and his challenging words to Ye Mo, he obviously took winning seriously, so why did he wait for Ye Mo?
He didn’t understand that Ye Mo even more. Before, whether it was spirit herb refining or pill formation, pill refining, and pill pulling, it all flowed smoothly and seemed very aesthetically pleasing. Speed and quality were both top notch.
Although heaven grade level five pills were much harder than heaven grade level four, but it didn’t take this long for spirit herb refining?
He glanced at Yue Qichao and saw Yue Qichao also look at him. The two clearly didn’t understand what the two contestants were doing.
It could be said that all that was happening on the stage was Ye Mo refining spirit herbs, but the audience didn’t feel bored.
There was just the two of them left and from how Jiu Qian already finished his pill, it seemed that he was better than Luo Xiaomo.
But after waiting for so long, the audience was disappointed to find that the difference between Luo Xiaomo and Jiu Qian was huge. They were expecting an exciting battle.
After another 15 minutes, Jiu Qian sneered and got up. He no longer had the interest to keep waiting. He felt he overestimated this Luo Xiaomo. If he needed this long just for a heaven grade level five pill then what would he do for heaven grade level six?
This guy wasn’t of his caliber.
Ye Mo didn’t know Jiu Qian was waiting for him. After he repeatedly simulated the Break Spirit Pill in his mind and reorganized the structure of the pill, he learned quite a lot. It was actually easier to reach from level five pill king to level six pill king than from level three pill king to level four.
After Ye Mo refined the spirit herbs and simulated them, he seemed to be suddenly enlightened and his pill concoction drastically picked up in speed. He sent pill chants into the cauldron and the refined herbs soon formed into herbal liquid with astonishing spirit chi.
Jiu Qian saw this and stopped his feet. He didn’t understand how Ye Mo was extremely slow before and now he was this fast. This wasn’t normal.
But regardless, the Break Spirit Pill formed rapidly in the cauldron. In less than 7 minutes, Ye Mo pulled the pills and 6 special grade Break Spirit Pills were pulled into a jade bottle.
The judges also didn’t understand why there was such a huge difference in timing. Usually, the ratio of time spent for spirit herb refining and pill formation was 4:6.
No one knew that while Ye Mo was concocting heaven grade level five pill, he was thinking about the way to concoct heaven grade level six pills.
Ye Mo put away the cauldron and got up but saw Jiu Qian standing on the side. He was dazed but realized that he had used up quite some time. Jiu Qian was still here meaning that he was waiting for him.
But Ye Mo didn’t think Jiu Qian waited for him out of good will.
As expected, Jiu Qian sneered again. “The speed with which you concocted Break Spirit Pill is disappointing. In order to defeat you utterly, I waited for you for almost 8 hours. Remember, the person who beat you on the 12 pill king steps is called Jiu Qian, he beat you with real power, not by cheating.”
Ye Mo said calmly, “Remember clearly too: if you really have some small capability, I will give that time back to you.”
Ye Mo was certain that he would be faster than Jiu Qian. He gained some foundation while concocting the Break Spirit Pill.
No one understood the power of the Three Birth Chant, he could even derive a heaven grade cultivation method, much less a heaven grade level six pill.
“There seems to be some fire between these two kids.” Lu Wuhu glanced at the two and smiled.
The judges smiled bitterly, how could they not tell as well? They even choosingly ignored how the two broke the rules and spoke on the stage.
When the audience saw the two pill masters jump onto step nine at the same time, their fervor erupted.

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