Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1110

Ye Mo felt the pressure of step nine before he even landed. With his past experience, he severed with purple eye soul sever before he even landed and the pressure around him reduced drastically. Ye Mo severed a second time and the pressure was completely severed off.
Ye Mo didn’t know what method Jiu Qian used but he was sure Jiu Qian had similar ways. Jiu Qian also landed on the level nine pill king step and glanced back at Ye Mo saying coldly, “You’re not simple, you even have a spirit sense attack cultivation method.”
Ye Mo immediately realized that Jiu Qian used the same method. No wonder he couldn’t feel any pressure.
“Your master isn’t simple,” Ye Mo also replied coldly. He relied on the Three Birth Chant but that was his own effort, he was sure Jiu Qian was taught by someone.
Jiu Qian frowned and didn’t say anything.
Ye Mo ignored him and chose the Dew Condense Pill. This was a pill needed by body condensation state cultivators for cultivation. It had great effects for breaking through. This was only an ordinary pill amongst level six heaven grade pills.
He had decided this while he was on step 8. While concocting the Break Spirit Pill, he was simulating the concoction of the Dew Condense Pill.
Another reason was that he was afraid he might fail if he chose a very hard pill.
He didn’t know what pill Jiu Qian chose and he didn’t want to scan with his spirit sense. That would make him seem very nervous.
Although this was the first time Ye Mo concocted the Dew Condense Pill, he had simulated it for a long time using the Three Birth Chant at step eight and knew what to do. If he used the Mist Lotus Heart fire for this, he would have much greater success rate and his pills would be mostly special grade.
But even now, Ye Mo didn’t take out the Mist Lotus Heart fire. He felt he wasn’t at the edge of the cliff yet.
Seeing Ye Mo already start spirit herb refining, Jiu Qian sneered. He didn’t care as Ye Mo took that long refining herbs at step eight, now he would only take longer.
He had concocted heaven grade level six pills more than once. He was already a top level six pill king.
He wasn’t going to be scared of a pill king who had trouble concocting heaven grade level five pills.

Everyone stared at Ye Mo and Jiu Qian, the two brought them too many surprises. The big sects cared more about how both of them were solo cultivators.
If they were some pill kings of a sect, it wouldn’t really benefit others and they could at most cooperate with the sects the pill kings were at, but if they were solo cultivators, they might be able to pull them into their sect or at least hire them as a guest elder.
All the big sects were full of surprise and joy seeing the two get onto step nine. Regardless of whether they could concoct it or not, this pill king tournament was already worth their trip.
Plus, they would be able to ask them for free pill concoction later. This was very rewarding. Level five pill kings were able to concoct Break Spirit pills, but Jiu Qian and Ye Mo were both level six pill kings. Break Spirit Pill would be a piece of cake for them.
How many peak stage hollow spirit state cultivators were in need of Break Spirit pills? Even those top grade 9-star sects didn’t have a few Break Spirit Pills. It was a huge expense to invite a level five pill king to concoct Break Spirit pills. Even a 9-star sect wouldn’t be able to handle it.
Now, they had free pill concoction from level six pill king, how could they not be happy?

“He’s actually a level six pill king” Huang Yushan and his martial uncle said dryly.
He was a hollow spirit state cultivator and asked his sect to send the 5 Color Lotus, but if Ye Mo was a level six pill king, this wouldn’t even be enough to knock on his door much less suck up to him with.
Huang Yushan’s mouth was bitter, if he knew that this Ye Mo was this powerful, he would’ve given all the spirit herbs to him.
Huang Yushang suddenly said, “Martial uncle, I think that Ye Mo seems to be very into the 5 Color Lotus. Regardless, let’s go try. Even if he doesn’t want it, it’s fine. He’s not going to slap the face of someone giving him a present. Plus, at the herb valley, I was on the losing side, he didn’t lose anything.
The hollow spirit state cultivator nodded. “That’s the only thing we can do.”
Zhen Heyin of the Ethereal Immortal Pond also had a bitter smile. Elder Chi told her to bring Ning Qingxue to see that Luo Xiaomo after the tournament. But he was a level six pill king now and she was only an ordinary hollow spirit state cultivator in an 8-star sect. she wasn’t even sure if she could get to see him.
At the same time, the Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect elders sat together with bleak faces. When the Infinity Sect learned that Ye Mo was the killer of Yuan Guannan, they already considered him dead.
But what they didn’t expect was that Ye Mo was a level six pill king. A level six pill king’s power was on par with an 8-star sect, if Ye Mo was a level seven pill king, then even a 9-star sect wouldn’t dare to touch him easily.
Someone like that would have large amounts of powerful cultivators willing to protect them for free. They could imagine that after the tournament, countless masters would be willing to follow Ye Mo to the Mo Yue City. At that time, Mo Yue City won’t be an ordinary city but a small scale Pill City.
“Even if he is a level seven pill king, I will kill him for sure,” Tian Ji said coldly.
An Infinity Sect elder nodded. “If our core disciple is indeed killed by Ye Mo, we will take his life for sure, no matter what pill king he is. But before this, I have to report this to our grand elder.”

The judges were discussing quietly now. To them, the victory was already decided.
“If no circumstances arise, Jiu Qian would probably get first for this round. In that case, his total points would beat Luo Xiaomo and he would get first in this pill tournament,” Zhao Shuntiang said.
Wu Tan also nodded. “Yes, Luo Xiaomo had trouble concocting Break Spirit Pill and he chose Dew Condense Pill at step nine. This pill is a level easier than the Cauldron Essence Pill Jiu Qian chose. I suspect that he might not even be able to concoct the Dew Condense Pill.”
The judges all nodded. Only Lu Wuhu who didn’t understand pill concoction smiled. “Not necessarily, this kid is very cunning. There were a few times when I thought he wasn’t going to make it, but he eventually stood on step nine of the pill king steps. If you don’t believe me you can look at what he’s doing.”
The judges subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and they all fell silent. Ye Mo was refining spirit herbs more than ten times faster than his speed at step 8.There were no pauses in his movements at all.Nearly 20 herbs were thrown in the cauldron and rapidly refined.
In less than half an hour, Ye Mo had completely refined all the pills and was beginning to cast in pill spells to form the pill liquid.
“What is this?” Even Yue Qichao didn’t understand, much less the other pill kings. No one understood why Ye Mo performed better at step nine than step eight.

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