Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1111

Ye Mo was very fast. Heaven grade level five and level six pills were all heaven grade middle grade pills. The difference in concoction wasn’t big. Under the simulation of the Three Birth Chant, he had a complete method of pill concoction. The only thing was that this was his first time concocting it.
In less than 30 minutes, Ye Mo began finishing the pill.
Under the shocked gaze of the judges, Ye Mo pulled out 6 pills from the cauldron.
“Such speed, I’m sure this isn’t his first time concocting the heaven grade level six pill!” level four pill king Gao He exclaimed.
Shen Guanqing shook his head. “No it’s probably his first time concocting heaven grade level six pills.”
“It probably is his first time, even if he has concocted it before, it won’t be much.” Yue Qichao nodded.
They were both level seven pill kings and had concocted heaven grade level six pills countless times. Ye Mo’s method seem to flow, but there were many minor parts that could be improved. The two didn’t need to look to know that the grade wasn’t very high.
But they were very sure that if Ye Mo concocted these pills another time, his grade would be much better.
As a level six pill king, he would be able to find the errors he made after he concocted pills once. Even if he couldn’t find them all, he would be able to find most of it much less a genius pill king like Ye Mo.
Ye Mo put the cauldron away and his face remained the same but he was actually very disappointed.
He simulated the pill concoction many times bu0t when he actually concocted it, he only got 3 top grade pills and 3 middle grade pills, he didn’t even get a single special grade pills.
This made Ye Mo very disappointed. Ye Mo estimated that even if he used Mist Lotus Heart fire, he wouldn’t be able to get all special grade pills as well. There would be at least half special grade pills however.
Ye Mo knew that he would yield much better results if he concocted it again but this was a tournament and he only had one chance.
Luckily, he still concocted a cauldron of heaven grade level six pills eventually. Even if he wasn’t as good as Jiu Qian, he had a chance to get to step 10.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo collected his thoughts and the cauldron. Then, he scanned Jiu Qian and sat down quietly just like Jiu Qian before.
He concocted the Dew Condense Pill very fast. Even so,he spent nearly an hour.
“Interesting.” Lu Wuhu saw Ye Mo sit down on the side as well as though waiting for Jiu Qian.
“This is really interesting.” Even good old Ji Ling could feel the competition between the two. Ye Mo didn’t seem to let Jiu Qian give him any advantage at all.

Jing Yingli frowned, she didn’t understand Ye Mo that well but she knew what sort ofperson Ye Mo was. He wasn’t someone who liked to show off, he was very good at staying subtle.
Being able to reach step seven, he already surpassed his original goal. Why did he seem to be fighting Jiu Qian to the end?
Ye Mo didn’t really care about what other people thought of him, he only cared about his own interests, so why did he fight Jiu Qian to the end? The only explanation was that Ye Mo felt he had to beat Jiu Qian.
Jing Yingli didn’t know the reason but she knew that Ye Mo had a reason. Ye Mo seemed very cunning and meticulous to her, her rested heart started to hang in the air again. She even suspected that Ye Mo might release the heaven flame in the end.
Almost all the audience thought that Jiu Qian was better than Ye Mo and said that Jiu Qian would finish first but now, it was actually Luo Xiaomo who finished first. This confused them greatly as they didn’t know which one was better.
The audience split into two groups one supporting Luo Xiaomo and one supporting Jiu Qian. The two groups argued nonstop. However, they didn’t affect Jiu Qian at all.
Yet, Ye Mo affected him. He didn’t consider Ye Mo a threat at all after step eight.
But at the ninth step, the tables suddenly turned. Luo Xiaomo, who was very slow at step eight, was this fast at step nine. He finished a heaven grade level six pill in less than an hour. Although Jiu Qian didn’t know what pill Ye Mo concocted, since Ye Mo wasn’t swept off it meant he succeeded.
Even he would need 1.5 hours to concoct heaven grade level six pills but now Ye Mo greatly surpassed him. He was waiting for him just like he did before.
Thinking about how Ye Mo said, “If you really have capability then I’ll give that time back to you,” Jiu Qian became more anxious.
He thought this Luo Xiaomo was just talking tough before, but he now realized that Ye Mo was saying he was only considered decent if he didn’t get swept off on the ninth step. Ye Mo could even give him time, but that was only if he could concoct pills at step nine.
Thinking about this Jiu Qian’s heart grew anxious and desperate. He wanted to speed up and immediately smelt a faint burning smell.
Jiu Qian was shook, he knew that the spirit herbs inside were affected by his mood.
Jiu Qian forced himself to calm down and regain his composure. He cast Ye Mo aside. He didn’t really understand how Ye Mo wasn’t affected at all when he was waiting for him but he was beginning to guess if Ye Mo intentionally took that much timeat step eight to make him lose his vigilance. If that was the case, then Luo Xiaomo was too cunning.
Ye Mo would laugh if he knew what Jiu Qian was thinking. If he could fight with people while forming his golden core, how could this little thing affect his pill concoction? The Three Birth Chant was about three giving birth to everything. The outside influence was like floating clouds to him.
A seed would blossom even if it was under a rock. A powerful seed would still bloom even if fried in oil.
The Three Birth Chant was like that seed to Ye Mo. Right now, he could only resist the pressure of a rock, but when it was powerful enough, no interference would affect him no matter how big.
Due to Ye Mo’s influence, the perfectly synced herbal liquid began to burn and become unstable.
Jiu Qian forced down his anger and slowly removed the excess liquid. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, how could he make such a low level mistake.
Normally, the formation of a pill from liquid was a basic procedure and one had to throw in pill spells and use spirit sense to mix the liquid together to form the pill.
But if the liquid was partially burnt, the herb liquid ratio wouldn’t match and one wouldn’t be able to concoct pills. The cauldron might even explode.
A weaker pill king or pill master could only let the pill go to waste.
But Jiu Qian was no ordinary pill king, there was no way he was going to admit defeat due to this.
Jiu Qian seemed to have sunk all his attention on the separation of herbal liquids. He had to separate out the burnt part and then form pills with the remaining liquid.
This was time consuming work, but he had to do it.
Two hours, four hours, even 8 hours passed, but Jiu Qian was still stuck on that part.
“What is going on?” Both the judges and audience didn’t understand this scene.

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