Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1112

Seeing Luo Xiaomo take longer at step eight and Jiu Qian take longer at step nine, the audience could only conclude that one was better at concocting heaven grade level five pills and the other was better at concocting heaven grade level six pills.
But no one knew that Ye Mo actually needed to take that long while Jiu Qian took this long because of Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo didn’t do this intentionally but it affected him.
Another hour later, Jiu Qian finally removed the excess herbal liquid and rapidly started forming his pill. 8 minutes later, he finished and brought out a few Cauldron Essence pills.
Looking at the four pills he concocted, one top grade and 3 middle grade, Jiu Qian wanted to kill Ye Mo. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, he could at least concoct 3 top grade and 3 special grade. But now, he was sure he didn’t do as well as Ye Mo despite not knowing what pill Ye Mo concocted.
Seeing Jiu Qian get up, Ye Mo got up and said before Jiu Qian could rage. “It’s been more than 8 hours, I won’t count the extra time, I’m not a stingy person.”
Jiu Qian’s eyes spewed flame as he glared at Ye Mo and said coldly, “You’re a very calculating person, you intentionally disrupted my mental state for pill concoction right? You’re intentionally disrupting the order of the tournament, you’re indeed a very calculating person.”
Ye Mo looked at the tenth step and didn’t even look at Jiu Qian. “Very well,then go report me. I will tell the judges that you waited for me for my benefit but when I waited for you I was intentionally trying to disrupt your pill concoction. You don’t need to explain to them.”
Then, Ye Mo flew up onto the tenth step.
Jiu Qian’s fury gradually disappeared, his face went icy cold. No matter who he told,they would think he was unreasonable.
He broke the rules first, whether it was talking or waiting for Ye Mo for 8 hours.
Seeing Ye Mo climb up to the tenth step, his tone became cold and confident again. “So what if you’re a level six pill king? I will let you know despair.”
Then,Jiu Qian charged up to the tenth step without hesitation. He didn’t think he would lose to Ye Mo even though he struggled at step nine, he had other cards left to play.
He didn’t intend to show his full power, but Luo Xiaomo was too good. Even if he didn’t struggle at step nine, victory wouldn’t be able to be decided at step nine. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be a level six pill king.
After all, level six and above pill kings numbered less than 2 digits in the South Peace State. How could someone younger than him be a level six pill king and come to the pill king tournament?

When both Ye Mo and Jiu Qian flew to the tenth step, almost everyone got up. Even the judges couldn’t keep sitting anymore.
If they could concoct pills on the tenth step, it meant that they were level seven pill kings. There was a huge difference between level six and level seven pill king.
Level six pill king was rare but there were a few, but in the entire South Peace State, there was only the city lord and vice city lord of Pill City who were level seven pill kings excluding those in solitude. Even the pill concoction prodigy Wu Tan was stuck at level six pill king.
When the big sects realized that both Ye Mo and Jiu Qian might be level seven pill kings they couldn’t stay in their seats anymore. Level seven pill king meant that they could concoct heaven grade level seven pill Kun Filling pill. That was pill needed for body condensation states to break through to cauldron filling state. One couldn’t even see it usually. And, the pills that cauldron filling state and above needed could only be supplied by level seven and above pill king.
One knew how important a cauldron filling state cultivator was to a sect. Even the 9-star sects didn’t have a lot of cauldron filling state cultivators.
A sect with countless years of storage had a lot of good things but even with good spirit herbs and materials, they might not be able to turn them into pills and magic artifacts.
The currently known level seven pill king were the two city lords of Pill City, how high was their status? What didn’t they have? How many powerful beings were asking them for pill concoction? They also needed to cultivate, so the most they could concoct for other people was once a year.
Those who could invite them to concoct were high level powerful beings. Even 9-star sects couldn’t frequently ask them for pill concoction.
At Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing’s level, they didn’t lack cultivation resources, they perhaps only lacked time.
That’s why the big sects were so excited when they realized the two might be level seven pill kings. They couldn’t invite the two city lords but they could invite the two solo cultivators. They weren’t old and didn’t have a high cultivation level. They needed large amounts of resources,if they slammed them with large amounts of cultivation resources,how could they not be interested?
Only once they concocted heaven grade level seven pill on the step did they prove themselves to be powerful level seven pill kings.
It was much harder to concoct pills on the pill king steps. Xu Banchang for example wasn’t able to concoct heaven grade level five pill on the steps.
“If the two can really reach level seven pill king, then it’s the great fortune of our South Peace State cultivation society.” Yue Qichao was overjoyed too. He exclaimed, if it really was Ye Mo’s first time concocting heaven grade level six pil on the ninth step and now he’s going to concoct heaven grade level seven pill on the tenth step, then Ye Mo was too absurdly talented.
Ye Mo and Jiu Qian gave them too many surprises. After all, even he stopped at step nine.
The scene naturally fell silent as everyone watched the two intently.

Ye Mo found a place to sit on the tenth step and found there weren’t selection cards for the pills he could choose to concoct. Just when he was confused, a jade slip suddenly appeared before him. “the contestant can decide what pill he wants to concoct for heaven grade level seven, the contestant can choose the ingredients too. Please write down the heaven grade level seven spirit herbs needed. You can only choose one type of each spirit herb. you will be swept off if your pill is lower than heaven grade level seven.”
Ye Mo realized, a question like this was to let the contestant showcase his full power.
But Ye Mo knew that regardless, it would be hard for him to succeed.
He had the power to concoct heaven grade level six pill and simulated with the Three Birth Chant. Thus he succeeded, but now he was certain he couldn’t concoct heaven grade level seven pill yet.
Pill concoction wasn’t trying your luck, it was purely based on your ability.
Ye Mo didn’t write his pill recipe, he felt Jiu Qian’s spirit sense can over. Clearly he didn’t have much confidence either. Thinking about this, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over too but didn’t write anything.
Seeing this, Jiu Qian sneered and wrote more than 20 types of spirit herb on his jade slip.
He knew that Ye Mo was half arsed like him and wasn’t able to concoct heaven grade level seven pill well but he was a top notch level six pill king, he was about to be level seven pill king.
Since no one could actually concoct the pill, he chose a harder level seven heaven grade pill. as long as his pill was harder and he scored more marks in the concoction procedure, he would be able to win.
Even though Ye Mo earned more points at step nine, step ten points were on another level to step nine points. If he beat Ye Mo in minor parts, he might be able to earn back the points he lost. Plus, if he used all of his power, he might be able to concoct a heaven grade level seven pill. If he succeeded, then even if it was a low grade one, he would win for sure.
Ye Mo frowned when he saw Jiu Qian choose spirit herbs, was this guy really a level seven pill king? If that was the case then he was in danger.
When Jiu Qian chose the spirit herb, he suddenly took out another flame. The color was also red but darker than the sense sha fire. Even Ye Mo could feel the scorching heat.
When Jiu Qian released this flame, he glared coldly at Ye Mo with scorn.
One purple flare. Ye Mo’s heart sunk, this was Heaven Flame One Purple Flare. It was ranked second in the heaven flames of the cultivation realm, above Mist Lotus Heart fire.

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