Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1113

Not just Ye Mo, but everyone else also didn’t expect to see the One Purple Flare, it was the number two ranked heaven flame in the cultivation realm.
The reason it was called this name was because in any cultivation realm, this flame would only appear once. There won’t be two One Purple Flare in one cultivation realm. This flame was found in the depths of the earth and was extremely hard to find. Even if one found it, without fate’s favour you wouldn’t be able to obtain it.
The One Purple Flare, like the number one ranked heaven flame Blue Like Morning Sky, would only appear once in a single cultivation realm. It was even hard to hear about it, much less see it.
It was said that when the number one flame Blue Like Morning Sky appeared, the entire cultivation realm was blue. Once this flame was upgraded to a high level, it was enough to burn an entire realm. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but it showed just how powerful this flame was.
With the appearance of One Purple Flare, it caused more shock than the two reaching step 10 of the pill king steps.
Many cultivators even stood up.
More people thought, this Jiu Qian really had patience. He was more patient than his opponent Luo Xiaomo. Luo Xiaomo took out the Purple Flower fire ranked 12th in the cultivation realm at step 4 but this Jiu Qian took out the heaven flame only at the 10th step.
The pills concocted by heaven flame and earth flame weren’t on the same level. If Jiu Qian and Ye Mo had the same level of skill, Jiu Qian already won more than half with the heaven flame.
Even Lu Wuhu stood up in shock and sat back down after a while sighing, “Seeing this guy, I suddenly feel like I’ve wasted my life. I’ve been collecting flames for my entire life but the highest caliber I got is only a Sense Sha flame. But these guys have either Purple Flower fire or One Purple Flare.”
Yue Qichao woke up from his shock and smiled. “Lu qian bei, your sense sha fire is almost purple right? Even a heaven flame can’t compare with that.”
Lu Wuhu rolled his eyes. “Have you considered how long I’ve lived?”
It’s unfortunate for that Ye Mo, he’s going to lose to the heaven flame,” Ji Ling sighed.
No one rebuked Ji Ling’s words. From their performance, the two were on par in pill concoction skills. Now that Jiu Qian had a heaven flame, the number two ranked One Purple Flare, it was natural that Ye Mo lost.

At the same time, Ye Mo sighed. He realized where Jiu Qian’s confidence came from, it was due to the One Purple Flare.
No wonder this guy was so cocky. “When you think you can beat me you will find that it’s not disappointment you face but despair.” Ye Mo finally understood this.
If it was another pill king in Ye Mo’s position, he would indeed despair. A red color heaven flame was countless times stronger both in herb refining and pill concoction than an earth flame. The speed and quality of the pill was far from something an earth flame made pill could compare with.
This was why a pill king or pill master needed a good flame. No matter how good you were, without a powerful flame, you wouldn’t be as good as someone else. It could be said that once Jiu Qian released the One Purple Flare, his pill concoction skills increased a level.
Everyone thought that Ye Mo lost for sure.
Jiu Qian started herb refining while Ye Mo sat and didn’t move. He was thinking if he could release the Mist Lotus Heart fire.
He could also tell that Jiu Qian’s pill concoction were on his level and even a little better. But once he used the One Purple Flare, that better was infinitely expanded.
Ye Mo also knew that it was extremely dangerous for him to use the Mist Lotus Heart fire. He didn’t understand where Jiu Qian’s confidence came from. Even his Mist Lotus Heart fire wasn’t as precious as the One Purple Flare.
Suddenly Ye Mo thought that if he could really concoct heaven grade level seven pill, then he was a level seven pill king. It was just as Jing Yingli said, if a level seven pill king had the Mist Lotus Heart fire, then no one would dare to scheme for it. right?
The only thing was he had to be careful when he was alone.
Plus, even if he didn’t use the Mist Lotus Heart fire, would no one come for his trouble? The Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect quite possibly already knew his identity by now.
He would only be safer if he used the Mist Lotus Heart fire and concocted heaven grade level seven pill as his name would be infinitely expanded. He could pull more masters around him but the pretense was that he could concoct heaven grade level seven pills.
It was easy to use the Mist Lotus Heart fire, but how would he concoct heaven grade level seven pills?
The pill he chose had to be unique enough to get the praise of the judges and have a certain level of difficulty that was at least harder than Jiu Qian’s pill.
He saw the pill Jiu Qian chose, it was a rather hard and meaningful pill. It was Kun Filling pill.
Season Wheat pill. Suddenly, this pill came into Ye Mo’s head. It was a heaven grade level seven pill and there were rarely any pill kings who knew it, much less those who could concoct it. The main ingredient was season wheat.
The pill kings didn’t know about this pill because they thought the season wheat was one spirit herb and they could be both used to concoct the hollow meridian pill, so no one knew about it.
The season wheat pill was very precious, more valuable than the Kun Filling pill. Cultivators who had their dan tian broken need very high level pills to recover it but the Season Wheat pill could solve this problem.
Ye Mo felt that with his whirlpool pill concoction method and the heaven flame, he might be able to concoct the Season Wheat pill as the season wheat was something that balanced yin and yang. It was easier to accept his whirlpool concoction method.
He was the only one who knew the whirlpool concoction method as this required the use of the Illusion Cloud strike cultivation method and taxed the spirit sense heavily.
Ye Mo concocted the Spirit Weaving pill before so he knew how this powerful this pill concoction method was. With spirit sense pill concoction means and this whirlpool concoction method, it would drastically decrease the difficulty of pill concoction while increasing success rate. The only thing was that it consumed spirit sense rapidly.
This was why Ye Mo rarely used the whirlpool pill concoction method ashe hadn’t solved the problem of spirit sense exhaustion yet.
Other cultivators wouldn’t dare to concoct this but Ye Mo had the Spirit Recovery pill so he didn’t mind.
Thinking about all this, Ye Mo’s heart settled.
Since Jiu Qian used the heaven flame, it meant he wasn’t certain if he could win. If he was certain he would win he wouldn’t use the heaven flame.
The only thing Ye Mo was worried about was if the pill king step would recognize the season and wheat spirit herb. If it thought it was the same thing, he could only choose something else and that way, his success would be greatly reduced.
Nevertheless,Ye Mo still wrote the two down. Soon, Ye Mo was happy to find season and wheat in front of him.
Ye Mo breathed easy, this pill king stephas existed for countless years, how could it not recognize season and wheat?
“He can tell the difference between season and wheat?” Yue Qichao suddenly got up.
But then his words suddenly stopped as he saw the fire that appeared in Ye Mo’s hand.
“Mist Lotus Heart fire” Yue Qichao felt his brain wasn’t working really well.

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