Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1114

“Mist Lotus Heart fire?” Shen Guanqing and the other judges saw Ye Mo’s flame and couldn’t help but exclaim. As pill kings, they didn’t have heaven flames but they know the properties of heaven flame very well. As soon as Ye Mo released the Mist Lotus Heart fire, they recognized it.
“Mist Lotus Heart fire” even Lu Wuhu lost his attitude. Ji Ling glanced at Lu Wuhu and felt more awkward. He asked Lu Wuhu to give a rare flame to Ye Mo, but now it seemed like a joke.
Another heaven flame, and it was the third ranked Mist Lotus Heart fire! The audience completely erupted, this pill king tournament was far beyond what they could imagine. In the end, it became a battle of the heaven flames. In this tournament, four heaven flames appeared. Before in the entire South Peace State, people had only heard about 5 or 6 types. Now, second, third and fourth heaven flame all came.
It was a real intense battle between Jiu Qian and Luo Xiaomo now. if Jiu Qian didn’t encounter Luo Xiaomo he wouldn’t use the heaven flame, if Luo Xiaomo’s opponent wasn’t Jiu Qian, he wouldn’t use heaven flame as well.
These two were both people who were very subtle and patient, especially that Luo Xiaomo. He went from soul flare to Purple Flower fire, then to Mist Lotus Heart fire. Some people even guessed that if Jiu Qian had stronger cards, would Luo Xiaomo have more to match them?
The level four pill kings and Xu Banchang saw this and shook their heads. Xu Banchang thought he was only one step away from Ye Mo and Jiu Qian but now, it seemed the difference was huge. He used heaven flame in the first round of the tournament while these two only took it out at the 10th pill king step.
Qin Muxin looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. She was worrying for Ye Mo as Ye Mo didn’t have a rare flame, she laughed at herself when Ye Mo took out the Purple Flower fire as it seemed she was worrying too much. It seemed that Ye Mo already had a heaven flame when he concocted the Spirit Weaving pill, but he just didn’t dare to show it.
Now that he was a level seven pill king, even if he took out heaven flame, no one would dare to scheme for it. Martial brother Ye had such great patience and endurance.

Seeing Ye Mo’s Mist Lotus Heart fire, Jiu Qian’s eyes narrowed and the spirit herbs he was refining almost got burnt again, but luckily with past experience he controlled the situation. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to also have a heaven flame. Although its rank was one lower, it’s color was deeper than his. So, the two flames were equally matched.
At this moment, he realized his words were too cocky. At the same time, he understood what Ye Mo meant by “I wasn’t planning to get first but now, you can only be second, sorry.”
It was because he was too cocky and infuriated Ye Mo that Ye Mo showed all of his true power.
He thought he would get to see Ye Mo’s despairing face when he took out the One Purple Flare but instead Ye Mo took out his heaven flame Mist Lotus Heart fire.
It was impossible to say he didn’t regret at all, but he soon cast it aside. Even though Ye Mo had the heaven flame, it didn’t mean that he would lose to him.
Judging by his skills, he hadn’t concocted heaven grade level seven pills before.
Realizing this, Jiu Qian focused on his own pill.
So did Ye Mo, he focused on his Season Wheat pill.
Ye Mo had used all of his power now, Shen Nong cauldron and the heaven flame as well spirit sense pill concoction means and whirlpool pill concoction means. If he lost to Jiu Qian even with that, he could only admit defeat.
Refining spirit herbs was no problem for Ye Mo at all, with the Mist Lotus Heart fire’s help it wasn’t slow either. He knew that Jiu Qian would have no problem either as he had the One Purple Flare.
The judges and audience all held their breaths as they watched the two concoct pills. Both were using heaven flames and both were concocting level seven heaven grade pills. For most cultivators, they would only get to see this once in their life.
The two were very careful and didn’t act casual like they did in the past few steps.
Comparatively, both found it more convenient and familiar to use heaven flame.
4 hours passed and Ye Mo had finished refining his spirit herbs. He didn’t stop and went straight into herbal liquid fusion.
“Ye Mo is a step faster, he’s began pill fusion but he doesn’t seem to have used pill spells” level four pill king Gao He stopped mid sentence.
Shen Guanqing smiled. “You saw it as well right, I really didn’t expect Ye Mo to be using the spirit sense pill concoction method. I’ve heard of such pill spells but it’s the first time I’m seeing someone use it. His pill concoction heritage is too advanced.”
Yue Qichao nodded. “I heard before that he used spirit sense pill spell when he concocted the Spirit Weaving pill. I didn’t really dare to believe it at first but now I finally see it. This type of pill spell has too much of an advantage, but it’s also very taxing on the spirit sense.”
Jiu Qian was also going into pill fusion but the eyes of the judges stayed on Ye Mo.
Jiu Qian’s method was also very advanced, but compared to the never before seen spirit sense pill spell,Ye Mo’s pill fusion process was more attractive.
Ye Mo’s herbal pill liquid rolled about in the cauldron, but he wasn’t in a rush. He used a pill spell and the liquid kept fusing and separating.
It seemed ordinary to normal people but Ye Mo knew that he had no other way. It was his first time concocting pills of this caliber, the spirit sense pill spell reduced the difficulty but on a slight mistake the cauldron might explode.
Even with the spirit sense pill spell and whirlpool pill concoction method, he had to simulate again and again with the Three Birth Chant.
At this moment, Jiu Qian finished his pill fusion process and started forming the pill. he was completely focused since he knew this was the hardest moment for him. He did the first half of the procedure very well but that was just the basics.
Meanwhile, Ye Mo was still testing fusion and separation. If it wasn’t for his Three Birth Chant, he would’ve failed already.
When the herbal liquid emitted a faint aroma, Ye Mo’s brain sparkled.
He knew he was too careful, he actually didn’t need to keep simulating. The Three Birth Chant was about being casual and following the heart. His Illusion Cloud exert will strike formed like this. In that case, why force a way to find the method of concocting heaven grade level seven pills. It would happen naturally.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn’t hesitate anymore and sent in a spirit chi whirlpool controlled by his spirit sense into the cauldron. The herbal liquid spun slowlyin the cauldron.
15 minutes later, there seemed to be an invisible hand that divided the spirit chi whirlpool into six.
Ye Mo felt pain in his sea of consciousness, he ate a spirit recovery pill without hesitation and separated the spirit chi whirlpool even more to form the pills.
Compared to Ye Mo’s constant progress, Jiu Qian was finding it hard to continue. His pill was at the final stage but no matter what, he missed something. He even smelt the aroma and could see the 6 about to form pills. If he just worked a little harder, he could bring out 6 Cauldron Filling pills, but he just lacked that one last bit.
At this moment, Jiu Qian felt the herbal liquid stop spinning. He knew things weren’t good but before he could do anything, the herbal liquid started falling apart.
In his desperation, he couldn’t care about anything and forced out the pill pulling spell, wanting to collect at least one or two Cauldron Filling pills.

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