Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1116

But as soon as Ye Mo came down, he was stopped by the restriction of the stage. He only thought about Ning Qingxue before and forgot about this restriction.
Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo come down and the way he looked at her and immediately knew that Ye Mo saw her. Without hesitation she charged out of the audience section and flew over.
Huang Qian saw this and was dazed but it was too late to stop Ning Qingxue.
Seeing that Ye Mo was a level seven pill king, Zhen Heyin and the elders of the Ethereal Immortal Pond didn’t have any confidence. Although Ning Qingxue was pretty, she was just a golden core state cultivator, Ye Mo might not even like her. Plus, there were a few girls amongst the South Peace State ten beauties who looked better than her. If the Ethereal Immortal Pond could think of this, how could other sects not think of this?
Just when Zhen Heyin was still hesitant, she saw Ning Qingxue charge towards the pill king tournament stage. She got up worriedly and yelled, “Qingxue, are you crazy? Come back!”
But how could Ning Qingxue hear her? Ye Mo was the only person in her eyes. She was at her limit of waiting.
Although Zhen Heyin wanted to immediately punish Ning Qingxue into decades of solitary cultivation, what she wanted right now was not to offend the Pill City for what Ning Qingxue did.
Everyone immediately noticed Ning Qingxue doing this and some female cultivator exclaimed out loud. Some brave female cultivators also wanted to do this.
But they were stopped by their sect’s people.
“What does she want to do?” Jing Yingli saw this and got up.
Jing Yingmeng didn’t really understand either but said, “That girl is Ethereal Immortal Pond’s disciple Ning Qingxue.”
“South Peace State’s third beauty?” Jing Yingli subconsciously asked.
Jing Yingmeng nodded. “It’s her, but I heard she’s a very calm girl and was cold to everyone. She didn’t really like to talk, why does she have so much initiative today? But Ye Mo’s performance was too magnificent, even I’m interested”
“But if even I don’t deserve him, Ning Qingxue’s not even prettier than me, she’s only a golden core state cultivator too, how does she dare to go up?” Jing Yingmeng said.
“I understand.” Jing Yingli sat down in disappointment.
Jing Yingmeng knew her sister was very smart and she could pick up things with a slight hint. She immediately asked, “What did you understand?”
“That Ning Qingxue is Ye Mo’s wife, he said he came to take back his wife, it’s obviously Ning Qingxue now,” Jing Yingli said calmly.
“Why?” Jing Yingmeng suddenly felt uncomfortable and asked.
Jing Yingli didn’t answer her, this was very obvious. According to what Jing Yingmeng said of Ning Qingxue, she wasn’t going to act like this just because Ye Mo was a pill king. She must know Ye Mo already, second, before Ye Mo became famous, he wouldn’t even be able to get into the front door of Ethereal Immortal Pond much less see Ning Qingxue. And before, Ye Mo seemed to want to charge off the stage but was stopped by the restriction. With Ning Qingxue charging to Ye Mo at the same time, it was obvious that Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s woman.
Different than Jing Yingli, when Wen Caiyi knew that Luo Xiaomo was Ye Mo, she knew that Ning Qingxue’s husband was this person. Now that Ning Qingxue flew over without hesitation, it further proved her conjecture.
“What does he want to do?” Shen Guanqing saw Ye Mo bang into the restriction and immediately asked with a frown.
Lu Wuhu sipped some of his wine and laughed. “Isn’t it obvious, he saw his girl and wants to go see her but was stopped the restriction.”
Shen Guanqing focused on the pill dao his entire life and didn’t really understand the relations of the two sexes. He subconsciously glanced at Yue Qichao.
Yue Qichao nodded. “From their actions and expressions, that should be so. I’ll open the restriction and let them see each other. As for the result, we’ll announce later.”
The judges heard this and were envious. The city lords were really nice to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was stopped by the restriction, he knew it was the rules but he was immediately about to force it open. However, the restriction opened itself.
At this moment, Ning Qingxue had charged onto the stage. Ye Mo didn’t think about why the restriction opened itself and charged up to Ning Qingxue and embraced her.
The familiar softness and warmness entered his arms. Ye Mo suddenly felt fulfilled. Although for all sorts of reasons he wasn’t able to see Ning Qingxue before, he finally succeeded today. Although it revealed a lot of his power, but Ye Mo felt it was worth it. He was now a publicly recognized heaven grade level seven pill master. Even 9-star sects had to consider things before they tried to attack him.
When he took Luo Ying from Black Ice Sect, and took Yangzhu and them from Pei Hai, he would take them all to Mo Yue City. Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt more and more grateful to Jing Yingli for providing him with his idea of coming to the tournament.
Ning Qingxue was embraced by Ye Mo’s strong arms and felt the familiar sense of Ye Mo. She had completely forgotten what she was going to say to Ye Mo and just cried. The unbearable feeling of loneliness and that helplessness in the world finally left her.
She found Ye Mo, her husband. No matter what happened, she didn’t want to leave him again.
She wanted to cry loudly and say ‘I finally found you’ but she couldn’t form a complete sentence. She felt the tears she had shed these few days were more than she ever had in her life.
She finally understood now that after all, she was a woman. All her emotions were expressed in tears, not words. She believed Ye Mo would understand her.
“Don’t cry, after things here are over, I will take you to pick up Luo Ying as well, we’ll never separate again.” Ye Mo’s heart ached to see Ning Qingxue like this.
Ning Qingxue had thousands of things to say but she couldn’t say anything. All those past hardships had turned to dust. It was her aspiration to be with Ye Mo forever and now she was finally in his arms.
The people below the stage all realized that this girl who charged up actually knew number one pill king Luo Xiaomo.
But they didn’t expect the two to publicly embrace each other. If it wasn’t that Ye Mo was the number one pill king, people would start hurling curses already.
But even if people did that, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue didn’t care.
The joy and excitement of reunion was even greater than the joy of getting first in the tournament.
Qiu Xue from Green Pill Sect finally realized why Ye Mo asked about the South Peace State ten beauties. He and Ning Qingxue were this close.
Xin Zhidasaw her master hug a woman who charged up the stage and also felt surprised, but when she saw how Ning Qingxue looked she immediately praised her master’s eyes. Even the prettiest girl in the Pill City wasn’t as pretty as her. Although she didn’t dare to express it but she was scared in the depth of her heart that Jing Yingli would become her master’s wife.
Jing Yingli was good but she felt her master should get a pretty wife.
“He has such an emotional side, I feel like I’m beginning to like him a bit,” Jing Yingmeng suddenly said.
Jing Yingli didn’t seem to hear this and just sat there.
Zhen Heyin who was very worried before saw that her disciple was this close to Luo Xiaomo and immediately rejoiced.
But the she remembered that Ning Qingxue said she had a husband, was that husband Luo Xiaomo? Thinking about this, Zhen Heyin broke out in a cold sweat.
She not only forbid Ning Qingxue to mention her husband and also tried to force her to marry into Lightning Cloud Sect. If Luo Xiaomo blamed her, even the Ethereal Immortal Pond wouldn’t be able to protect her.
Suddenly, the elders and even the vice sect leader came to her. Elder Chi said happily, “Congratulations, Heyin, your disciple is actually this close to that Luo Xiaomo.”
Before Zhen Heyin could reply, another disciple reported, “Master, two elders from Golden Sword Sect and Heaven Star sect have come to visit.”

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