Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1117

At this moment Yue Qichao suddenly flew onto the stage and said to the hundreds of thousands of audience members, “The pill king tournament has finished and the rankings have come out. We will announce the top ten in a moment.”
Ye Mo heard this and patted Ning Qingxue before pulling her hand and bringing her in front of Yue Qichao. He bowed and said, “City lord Yue, this is my wife Ning Qingxue.”
Ning Qingxue knew Yue Qichao of course so she collected her feelings and bowed to Yue Qichao too.
Yue Qichao smiled, “What a perfect match.”
Then, he asked Ye Mo. “Is your real name Ye Mo? You came from the North Far State and are the creator of the Spirit Weaving Pill?”
Ye Mo replied humbly, “Yes, due to issues, please forgive me.”
Yue Qichao waved his hand. “It’s fine, I understand you. If you came to Pill City for me immediately, you would be able to see your wife earlier. But this way is good too, it let me know of the great prodigy of the pill dao world. Ye Mo take your wife and have a seat on the side, let me announce the rest of the things.”
Ye Mo nodded, he knew that this meant that Yue Qichao wanted to help him deal with his troubles. He was very grateful to this Yin Yue city lord.
As for coming to Pill City straight away, Ye Mo never even thought of it. He didn’t even know about the Pill City in the South Peace State. Plus, he started running away as soon as he came to South Peace State, he didn’t have the mood to ask about other things.
If it wasn’t for the two nascent soul state cultivators from the Han Liang empire he wouldn’t even know about the Truth Fall Palace nor would he see Jing Yingli. If he didn’t encounter Jing Yingli, he wouldn’t know about the Pill City.
Ye Mo took Ning Qingxue to the contestant area. Large amounts of pill kings and pill masters immediately came up to greet him. Ye Mo returned the greeting too, it was beneficial to know more people at this place. Plus, these pill king and pill masters all had their own power factions.
Qin Muxin finally realized that when Ye Mo rejected her, it wasn’t an excuse but he really had a wife. His wife was this pretty, clearly a level better than her.
Qin Muxin soon cast these thoughts aside and came up to Ye Mo greeting, “Muxin congratulates martial brother Ye on getting first in the tournament. I really didn’t expect martial brother Ye to be a heaven grade level seven pill king, even the North Far State doesn’t have a level seven pill king”
Before Ye Mo could reply, she looked at Ning Qingxue and asked, “Martial brother Ye, this martial sister is.”
“Oh, this is my wife Ning Qingxue.” Ye Mo introduced “Qingxue, this is martial sister Qin Muxin who came over with me from the North Far State. She’s a pill king too and is now the core disciple of the Heartless Valley.”
Ning Qingxue spoke with Qin Muxin while admiring her looks.
Jiu Qian suddenly walked up to Ye Mo and said, “Your current power is indeed a little bit better than me but this is your first and last time to beat me. Those who I surpass will never be able to beat me for the second time.
Jiu Qian lost but he could take defeat. He said this and left before Ye Mo could reply.
Ye Mo smiled and didn’t argue with him. If it was before he saw Ning Qingxue, he might say, “Will you die if you don’t act cocky?”
But now, he felt that was pointless. Jiu Qian thought like this but he did the same. This time, the difference between them was the smallest. As time went on, the gap would only get greater and greater. Eventually, Jiu Qian wouldn’t even be able to see his shadow.
No one knew the power of the Three Birth Chant more than Ye Mo. No matter how good Jiu Qian’s heritage was, he would be no match for him.

Yue Qichao walked up to the stage and said, “This pill king tournament has concluded. This tournament not only showed us prodigies like Luo Xiaomo and Jiu Qian but also showed the power of the South Peace State.”
“Everyone knows that the number one of this tournament is level seven pill king Luo Xiaomo. That’s right, he’s a level seven pill king, a real level seven pill king. Now, I need to reveal his true identity”
Everyone fell quiet at this. everyone knew that Luo Xiaomo was an solo cultivator but what other identity did he have?
What if he wasn’t an solo cultivator? Many cultivators had prepared spirit herbs for this newly risen level seven pill king Luo Xiaomo to concoct pills. If Luo Xiaomo’s origin was too great for example a secret core disciple of a 9-star sect, what should they do?”
Many smart cultivators looked at Ning Qingxue and thought she was from the Ethereal Immortal Pond, if they couldn’t get in touch with Ye Mo then they could suck up to the Ethereal Immortal Pond. Thinking about this, all these cultivators looked at Ethereal Immortal Pond but found that it was already filled with visitors from big sects.
Heaven Star Sect, Golden Sword Sect, Fusion Joy Sect and even 9-star sects Heaven Demon Sect and Magic Wind Valley.
Yue Qichao nodded and said loudly, “Luo Xiaomo’s original name is Ye Mo, he’s a solo cultivator from the North Sand. That’s right, everyone already guessed that he’s the creator of the Spirit Weaving Pill. He’s the first pill king to use spirit sense pill spell and create a new system of pill concoction”
Yue Qichao couldn’t keep talking as the scene was filled with the exlamations and discussion of everyone.
Such an young level seven pill king was already unheard of and this pill king recreated the Heaven Glory Pill in three days, now he was also the creator of the Spirit Weaving Pill.
How many cultivators would benefit from the Spirit Weaving Pill? Heaven Glory Pill was precious but even without it, people could make it past golden core state.
But Spirit Weaving Pill was different, cultivators from chi gathering to body condensation state all needed it. Although level four spirit pills weren’t much help to body condensation state, it was still better than nothing.
Everywhere, there were countless cultivators each year who had injured soul or spirit sense. Most of them were low level cultivators.
But now with the Spirit Weaving Pill, they wouldn’t have such worry.
That’s why this pill was a pill that benefited the entire cultivator population. No one wasn’t grateful for the creator of the Spirit Weaving Pill, Ye Mo.
It could be said that knowing Ye Mo was the creator of the spirit waeving pill, his fame reached the peak. There was no more doubt anymore, no one doubted about Ye Mo recreating the Heaven Glory Pill.
Some cultivators with injured soul and spirit sense were in tears, they finally saw the hope of cultivation again.
No one laughed at them. Everyone knew that not being able to cultivate for a cultivator was equivalent to death.
Yue Qichao suddenly said loudly, “As the city lord of Pill City, I hope everyone can support Ye Mo push the Spirit Weaving Pill across the entire South Peace State, across the entire Luo Yue continent. Let the Spirit Weaving Pill benefit all the cultivators in Luo Yue. Those who want to target Ye Mo and harm him, I just want to say that this will be trying to fight with the Pill City, fight with all the cultivators in the cultivation realm”
“Support Ye Mo, support Pill City, support Yin Yue city lord!”
“Those who dare to harm pill king Ye, are trying to harm us!”
“Who is it? Who dares to harm pill king Ye? I will be the first to disagree”

A chaotic chi swept over the scene when the countless cultivators heard that there would be people trying to harm Ye Mo. If anyone dared to stand out, he would be ripped apart by chi. One could see how much cultivators on Luo Yue continent feared soul and spirit sense injury.
The elders of Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect’s faces were extremely bleak. No one said a thing.

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