Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1119

“My sister left, she said she will find you three days later at the pill association,” Jing Yingmeng said uncomfortably while watching Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue.
Ye Mo felt a little sad. He wanted to tell her to go back with him. She clearly knew that he came for her but left. Clearly, she wouldn’t live back at that small yard of Xin Zhida . Ye Mo wanted to call out to Gu Wenqian and Xin Zhidabut found they were already surrounded by cultivators.
Gu Wenqian was full of bliss, he felt his decision was very wise. If he didn’t serve Ye Mo as master before, there was no way he would be able to serve Ye Mo as master now. There were too many people who wanted to be Ye Mo’s disciple, but only he succeeded.
Xin Zhidawho stood next to Gu Wenqian had a red face. Since when did those high up pill master and pill kings as well as high level cultivators care about a foundation establishment state cultivator like her? Now because her master was a level seven pill king, they all came.

Ye Mo didn’t call the two and took Ning Qingxue back to the yard by himself.
When they came to the bedroom, Ye Mo embraced Ning Qingxue and said apologetically, “Sorry, Qingxue, I offended the Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect so I didn’t dare to contact you, I was afraid”
“I know” Ning Qingxue blocked Ye Mo’s mouth with her lips. She already knew that Ye Mo didn’t come for her and sister Luo Ying because he had his reasons. She could feel Ye Mo’s worry and longing for her.
Ye Mo stopped his explanation and carried Ning Qingxue up without hesitation. The temperature in the room started to escalate and Ning Qingxue was already lost in Ye Mo’s arms.
After this long awaited reunion, her emotions were all over the place. she forgot about everything as her body shivered and moaned in Ye Mo’s arms.
Ning Qingxue’s soft and aromatic body made Ye Mo unable to control himself.
Soft emotions like water, reunion like a dream. The outside world had calmed down now and there was no more conversation between the two but this tranquility said more than all the words could say.

Ning Qingxue had never slept so comfortably like today. Before, all she did other than think about Ye Mo and her parents was cultivation. This morning, she woke up to find Ye Mo staring at her. She just realized that her dress had been ripped apart and felt a little embarrassed.
After she came out with Ye Mo, Gu Wenqian and Xin Zhidawere already waiting to greet their new mistress.
Ning Qingxue quite liked Xin Zhida .
These few days, Ye Mo started teaching Gu Wenqian spirit sense pill spell and basic whirlpool technique.
Although the whirlpool pill concoction technique originated from the Illusion Cloud sword technique, Ye Mo felt it was impracticable to teach Gu Wenqian the sword technique. He separated the whirlpool pill concoction method from the Illusion Cloud Sword technique and formed a unique pill concoction system. Then, he taught that Gu Wenqian.
As for Ning Qingxue’s cultivation method, he had decided to change it after she reached nascent soul state to a new cultivation method birthed from the Three Birth Chant, Three Birth God Water Chant .
Ning Qingxue was pure water spirit root but she started cultivation late and wasn’t as good as other pure spirit root cultivators. However, that was no problem to Ye Mo. Ye Mo believed that her cultivation speed wouldn’t be slower than Su Jingwen after cultivating this.
Before seeing Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue worked hard on cultivation but she felt something was missing. Now that she was with Ye Mo, she didn’t have that feeling and her cultivation progress soared.
Although Ye Mo didn’t have dihua beast inner core, he had lots of Blue Wen pills and that was enough for Ning Qingxue’s cultivation.
The only pity was that he knew from Ning Qingxue that Luo Ying was in solitary cultivation. Even so, Ye Mo still decided to see the people from Black Ice Sect when he went to the pill association and ask them about Luo Ying.
The second day after the pill king tournament, Ye Mo was persuading Ning Qingxue to change the storage ring because she was still using the ordinary storage ring he made at Luo Yue City. However, Gu Wenqian came in at this moment saying that the sect leader of Lightning Forgery Sect was here.
Ye Mo dazed, he didn’t arrange for a meeting. With his current status, ordinary sects wouldn’t just come up and visit.
Ye Mo didn’t think much, he became famous to seek protection, not to show off. It was better for the current him to know some more people.
When Gu Wenqian brought in two cultivators, Ye Mo immediately remembered the Lightning Forgery Sect and why they came to visit him. They were probably scared that he would look for trouble with them. The golden core state peak stage cultivator at the back was clearly Huang Yushan. He knew him from the herb valley and made him pay the road toll with spirit herbs. Huang Yushan got 3 Five Color Lotus and he took two.
Indeed, with his current status, he didn’t even need to do anything himself to look for trouble with a 6-star sect.
But Ye Mo never thought about looking for trouble for them. Even if he did, he would only look for trouble with Huang Yushan, not his sect. Plus, he already forgot about this long time ago.
The sect leader was a red faced cultivator, he was hollow spirit state peak stage and he immediately saluted with his fists when he saw Ye Mo. “Lightning Forgery Sect’s Dong Xuanming greets pill king Ye, I brought my delinquent disciple Huang Yushan to ask for forgiveness.”
Ye Mo waved his hand wanting to say he didn’t care at all when Dong Xuanming took out a Five Colored Lotus and said, “We don’t have anything good, I heard that pill king Ye was collecting loti so we’ve brought a Five Color Lotus please don’t reject us.”
“This is a Five Color Lotus!” Gu Wenqian exclaimed. It was just a level five spirit herb but as a pill king, of course Gu Wenqian knew it’s value.
Ye Mo never intended to take anything from Dong Xuanming but after seeing the Five Color Lotus, he stopped his words mid-sentence.
Only Ye Mo knew the real value of the Five Color lotus, Ye Mo took it without hesitation.
He then saluted with his fists to Dong Xuanming. “sect leader Dong, I do need this indeed, thank you. But accepting this has nothing to do with brother Huang, I’ve already forgotten about the things at the herb plain. Don’t worry, I will soon go back to Mo Yue City. If the Lightning Forgery Sect needs my help, please come to Mo Yue City. I will do what I can.”
Dong Xuanming rejoiced, he was just coming to ask for forgiveness. Of course he wanted to connect with Ye Mo, but without a special reason a 6-star sect had no right to connect with a level seven pill king, but since Ye Mo said this, it meant that he approved of their sect connecting with Mo Yue City.
The Lightning Forgery Sect was a 6-star sect but they had two body condensation state peak stage elders. However, they didn’t have the Kun Filling Pill to break through. If they got Kun Filling Pill, the Lightning Forgery Sect might be able to ascend to a 7-star sect.
Realizing this, Dong Xuanming didn’t dare to waste time. He quickly thanked Ye Mo and left with Huang Yushan. He was going back to his sect to prepare spirit herbs to ask Ye Mo to concoct Kun Filling Pill.
Luckily, after that, no one else came to visit Ye Mo. They probably all knew that Ye Mo was having a reunion with his wife and didn’t want to disturb them.
Three days passed quickly and Ye Mo brought Gu Wenqian to the pill association. They were all top 50 so they had to concoct pills for three days. Ning Qingxue and Xin Zhidastayed in the yard to cultivate.
“Ye Mo.” Just when they got to the door of the pill association, they were stopped by an extremely pretty nun. Ye Mo was sure that he had never seen a nun this pretty, not even Ling Xiaoshuang was as pretty as this.
The nun spoke again, “I’m Shan Bingfeng, you might not know me but you’ve probably heard of my disciple, Ling Xiaoshuang.”
Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to worry about anyone trying to harm him.
“I want to chat with you alone.” Shan Bingfeng smiled again.
Ye Mo nodded to Gu Wenqian and said, “You go in first, I will have a chat with this Shan qian bei.”

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