Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Birthday Present

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Of course Ye Mo didnt go to a very far place; he just dug a ditch a foot deep with an area of half a square meter on the hard rock inside the cave.

Then, he continued to use his chi to convert spirit chi to clear water. Other than those that were sucked away by the rock, he used a whole half an hour to fill this ditch up.

When Ye Mo returned to the cave, Luo Susu had already stood at the entrance of the cave looking around as if a normal woman looking for her husbands return. She wanted Ye Mo to come back earlier. Without Ye Mo, she felt emptiness and loneliness.

She had never felt this before. Even when she was in the desert by herself for many days, she didnt feel like this but today, Ye Mo only left for half an hour and she was having this feeling.

Youre back. Seeing Ye Mo, Luo Susu felt joy from the bottom of her heart, but when the words came to her mouth, she could only say these few bland words.

Mhmm. Ye Mo nodded and smiled.

Luo Susu felt Ye Mos smile was very authentic and looked very nice so she couldnt help but to smile too.

Ye Mo had never seen Luo Susu smile. He only knew that she was extraordinarily beautiful without smiling, but now that she did, she was like the goddess from the heavens descending upon the Earth.

Ye Mo was lost in that smile and couldnt help to think of a poem. Looking back and charming the world with a smile, all the women in the royal palace look colorless in comparison.

Perhaps this poem wasnt suitable because Luo Susus smile didnt have the seductive sense of charm, but it made Ye Mo lose his spirit. Her smile was purely natural without a speck of dust. It was like a clear well or like a fresh spring breathe.

Luo Susu blushed being looked at Ye Mo like that. Just when she wanted to say something, Ye Mo seemed to remember what he wanted to say, Susu, come with me.

Susu? Luo Susu didnt object with what Ye Mo called her. She even wanted to ask where Ye Mo called her master the first time he saw her, but she eventually didnt ask. She didnt have too much curiosity.

Ye Mo suddenly held Luo Susus hand and ran towards that clear well he dug up. Luo Susu was shocked and was about to pull out her hand, but before she could, Ye Mo had already released it and pointed at that clear well and said, Happy birthday! This is the birthday gift the heavens told me to give you, do you like it?

Luo Susu stared dumbfoundedly at the pool of water in front of her. She couldnt suppress the joy and excitement in her heart for a long time. Was this really the birthday present the gods gave her? Otherwise, how could there be a pool of clear water in such a blazing sun? And the stone was very hard, it couldnt be manmade.

Thank you, Ye Luo Susu suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Mo. She couldnt say anymore. She once again felt the urge to shed tears. She even felt her power regressing, but she couldnt hold the joy in her heart. It wasnt purely because of this pool of water. It was when she wanted this pool of water the most, the water appeared right in front of her eyes. The thing that was impossible to attain appeared right in front of her.

Susu, our Serene door must stay away from joy, concern, anger, sadness

But today, she felt sad, felt happy, cried and even fed a man with her mouth. Only today, she felt these emotions and she felt she was a normal person.

She didnt want to think about those roles and didnt want those chain. Perhaps even if she wanted them, it would be when she got back to the Serene door.

She didnt dare to ask where this water came from. She was afraid that if she asked, she would wake up from this dream and this water would disappear forever.

This was her first birthday present and her favorite one. Unfortunately, she couldnt take it away with her.

Luo Susu walked besides the pond and scooped up water drinking it. It had the same taste as before. There was a faint sweetness and a clean refreshing smell.

Luo Susu wanted to wash herself. She turned around but found that Ye Mo had already left. She felt gratitude towards him once again and said in a soft voice, Thank you, Ye Mo, thank you for your birthday present.

She didnt think about how Ye Mo got this pond of water and didnt think why it would be here. She was already satisfied and didnt want to doubt something she got so hard.

Ye Mo stood by himself at the entrance of the cave waiting for Luo Susu. He suddenly thought if Luo Susu would be his master? But then, he immediately shook his head. Luo Susu obviously didnt have the same situation as him. She was herself, the same as her 20 years ago.

But even knowing that she wasnt his master Luo Ying, Ye Mo still couldnt face her with a calm heart. And, Ye Mo kept this thought at the bottom of his heart that what if she was Luo Ying?.

Seeing Luo Susu wash up and come back, Ye Mos eyes brightened up. He couldnt help but to be in complete awe for her. She didnt change clothes, didnt have any makeup but one couldnt tell she had been in the desert for many days. He really didnt know how she did that with just water.

She still didnt wear a face cover but held a bottle of water in her hand.

Ye Mo didnt take the water from Luo Susus hand, but instead passed a few biscuits to her and said, This is what you gave me, you should eat a few too. Im going out, what about you?

Luo Susu took the biscuit and nodded. Mhm, well go out together. Perhaps

She didnt continue talking and paused for a bit before saying, Did those men with guns come for you? Do you need me to help you?

Ye Mo shook his head and smiled, I wont need your help for those people, lets go.

Luo Susu didnt ask a second time. Since Ye Mo didnt need her help, it meant he had his ways. On the way, Ye Mo didnt ask Luo Susu what she was doing here and neither did Luo Susu. It was as though they just met.

The return journey was very fast with Luo Susus guidance. By night time, they had already arrived by a road. Although this was still inside the desert, they only needed to follow the road and they would be able to leave the desert.

The Nan Qing people seemed to have disappeared. Ye Mo and Luo Susu had reached a public road and there was not even one from Nan Qing. However, they did meet another group that was going into the desert for adventure.

It was already dusk time when Ye Mo met them. The group saw it was just the two of them and that they just came out of the desert without any equipment; the group provided a tent and some food and water for them.

Luckily, it was dusk and Luo Susus complexion didnt show, otherwise, it would cause a rupture.

With these things, Luo Susu and Ye Mo didnt seem to be in a hurry anymore. Although they didnt talk much on the way, sometimes, they didnt even talk for a whole day, they liked this feeling of serenity.

And what made Luo Susu even more grateful was that Ye Mo had never entered the tent; he was always outside. Even when she told him to come in and rest, he wouldnt come in, or he came in for a while and left. Even the time Luo Susu slept, her heart was very peaceful, because she knew Ye Mo was just outside the tent.

Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing searched the desert for many days with the help of their group but still didnt have any news of Ye Mo.

Their supplies were almost used up and the weather was getting hotter. Although Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing wasnt too keen, they could only follow the group out. The next time they could look, it would be near May to June. That wasnt a time when one can just come and leave the desert.

Qingxue, look, there are people sleeping outside at the border of the desert. This is so romantic. The closest hotel is only 6 kms. away. Although Chi Wanqing also wanted to find Ye Mo as soon as possible, Ning Qingxue seemed glum so she tried to find some conversation to cheer her up.

Ning Qingxue looked at the tent in the desert but she was immediately stunned. The person at the door of the tent was Ye Mo.

She suddenly felt her nose to be sour. She had looked arduously for half a month, but saw Ye Mo just when she left the desert. Was the heavens taking pity on her?

Qingxue, whats wrong? Chi Wanqing saw Ning Qingxues tears and looked over at the tent. It really was Ye Mo and he was standing right outside.

Its brother Ye Chi Wanqing suddenly felt as though she was going to suffocate. She was stunned and finally remembered to tell the driver to stop after a long time.

Just when Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue charged off the car, they immediately stopped their steps. This was because a woman came out of the tent; she was actually living in the same tent with Ye Mo?

Im going. Luo Susus words were very simple as though countless words werent as meaningful as these few.

I know. Ye Mo seemed bitter. He didnt know how to describe his current feeling.

Silence, it was a suffocating silence.

After a long time, Ye Mo said once again, Can I go look for you?

Luo Susu didnt speak and suddenly took out a silk cloth and gave it to Ye Mo, Help me wear it.

Ye Mo helped Luo Susu put it on and Luo Susu suddenly took the bottle of water Ye Mo gave to her. Ill take this. Dont look for me, you wont find me. If you find me, it would do harm to us both. I wont say goodbye. Thank you for giving me the happiest birthday.

Ye Mo fell silent. She thanked him not for saving her, but for giving her a birthday present.
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