Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1120

As soon as Gu Wenqian came to the pill association, a large group of people surrounded him. They were either sect leaders or at the very least body condensation state cultivators. There were no weak or low status people here but Gu Wenqian knew that these people were here for his master.
Gu Wenqian could only tell them that his master has some temporary business and would be here in a while.
Usually, if some other people dared to say this, they would’ve already raged, but for this new level seven pill king they didn’t dare to say anything. They all expressed that they didn’t mind waiting.

In a room not far away in a pill rest tower, Shan Bingfeng poured a cup of spirit tea for Ye Mo making Ye Mo even more confused. In Ye Mo’s perspective, she was at least disaster transformation state..
But Ye Mo didn’t think that she came to him for pill concoction. He felt that she wasn’t the type to suck up to people even if they were a level seven pill king.
Plus, even if he wanted to help her, he wasn’t able to concoct disaster transformation state peak stage pills.
What shocked Ye Mo even more was that Shan Bingfeng dind’t say anything after pouring the tea. She just smiled and looked at him from head to toe then toe to head. Ye Mo was getting shivered. He suddenly thought of Qin Muxin’s master, did this Shan Bingfeng have the same idea and try to persuade Ling Xiaoshuang to be his wife?
But the entire Pill City knew that Ning Qingxue was his wife, there was no way she didn’t know. Ye Mo looked at Shan Bingfeng and suddenly thought, if he had to choose he might choose this Shan Bingfeng rather than her disciple.
But then Ye Mo thought, what was he thinking? Shan Bingfeng was a disaster transformation state cultivator, who knows how old she was. Plus, how could he choose another woman?
Shan Bingfeng suddenly said, “I called you here not to marry Xiaoshuang to you, nor do I want to marry you myself.”
“Huh” Ye Mo had never felt so awkward before, his face even blushed. He wasn’t vigilant of her and let her see through his heart.
Thinking about this, Ye Mo collected his thoughts and didn’t dare to think much.
Shan Bingfeng smiled. “It’s not that I can read your mind but that I saw you weren’t focused and guessed what you thought through your expression. You don’t need to worry, it’s normal that you had such thoughts.”
Ye Mo regained his composure and said with a little embarrassment, “I was thinking randomly, please don’t mind qian bei.”
Ye Mo wasn’t sure if she really guessed his thoughts through expression but he knew that she must’ve used some mind reading ability. Since she already knew, he might as well admit it.
But Ye Mo didn’t mind, that only happened because he wasn’t alert.
Shan Bingfeng smiled. “If you have a good impression of Xiaoshuang, I can help you with a few words.”
Ye Mo quickly waved his hand, “No, no, I feel nothing towards her.”
That was true, he really didn’t have any intentions for other women.
Shan Bingfeng nodded seeing that Ye Mo was being genuine. She asked, “You’ve tried the golden core state trial tablet at South Peace City?”
Ye Mo heard this and breathed easy. “Yes I have, but my power was limited and I wasn’t able to leave my name behind.”
Ye Mo said this and immediately knew his guess was right, the person who tried after him must’ve been Ling Xiaoshuang.
Shan Bingfeng shook her head. “No it’s not that your power wasn’t strong enough but your power amongst people of the same level is too absurd, causing the Soar Into Existence white jade tablet to appear. The white jade tablet won’t show your name, but now that you can protect yourself, the tablet probably shows your name if I’m not wrong.”
“Soar Into Existence?” Ye Mo frowned, he did see a white jade tablet, but that tablet didn’t have his name on it. Did his name really appear now?
“That’s right. The annihilation divine damnation at South Peace State a year ago was also caused by you right?”
With this, Ye Mo immediately reacted. The divine damnation when he ascended to nascent soul state wasn’t four nine divine damnation but nine nine divine damnation. That was indeed an annihilation divine damnation.
Shan Bingfeng looked at Ye Mo’s expression and knew she guessed right. She sighed, “I’ve heard of the annihilation divine damnation but I’ve never heard of anyone who could survive it. You’re the first cultivator I know to have survived the annihilation divine damnation.”
Ye Mo smiled. “I happen to have a few good defence magic artifacts, I was lucky.”
Shan Bingfeng shook her head. “Those who pass the annihilation divine damnation don’t do so due to luck. With the appearance of the white jade tablet, it means you’re the person to face the great disaster, the great change or disaster of the cultivation realm.”
Ye Mo was dazed, did the heavens give him the great task of defending against the disaster of the Luo Yue continent? This was a bit too bullshit, he immediately said, “Shan qian bei, I need to face the great calamity of the cultivation realm?”
Shan Bingfeng’s face sunk and immediately said, “No, the calamity came because of you. If it wasn’t for you, the Luo Yue cultivation realm wouldn’t face such a big calamity, at least not now. The calamity was brought forward because of you. You did those bad things, it’s not a stretch to say you deserve to die.”
Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately became uncomfortable and his tone also went cold. “All I’ve ever done is fight for my cultivation, I’ve never done anything morally wrong, even if there is a calamity of the cultivation realm, what does that have to do with me? I don’t dare to take that accusation, Shan qianbei.”
Shan Bingfeng realized her tone was over the top. After all, Ye Mo’s fame was greater than hers right now, so she subconsciously softened her tone. “Think about it, did you touch some seal or encounter something unexplainable?”
Ye Mo suddenly thought of that octagonal seal in the All Herb mountain ranges as well as that terrifying space devouring spirit in the herb plain, the invisible killing force of the Truth Fall Palace level seven. He even got his Mist Lotus Heart Fire in a strange way, it was quite possibly that someone was growing it there.
Was the cultivation realm going to face a great disaster because he touched those things?
Ye Mo didn’t hide things except for how he got his Mist Lotus Heart Fire. A master like Shan Bingfeng wouldn’t lie to him and so he didn’t need to hide it.
Hearing this, Shan Bingfeng indeed frowned. After a moment, she said, “My words were a bit over the line just then, but you don’t need to blame yourself. I’m experienced in fortune telling but it’s my master who told me that the great calamity of the cultivation realm would come once the Soar Into Existence tablet appears.
If you didn’t touch those seals and let those things in the herb plain and killing chi at the Truth Fall Palace come out themselves, it would mean that they are fully matured and that would cause an even greater disaster. From that aspect you did something good. It might cause less slaughter, but who knows.”
“Regardless, as a level seven pill king I hope you can really contribute when the great disaster comes.”
Ye Mo quickly said, “I will do all I can.”
Then, Shan Bingfeng said, “I suggest you go see Lu Wuhu qian bei, it will benefit you.”
“Why?” Ye Mo blurted out.

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