Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 113

Chapter 113: People always meet at departure

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Looking at Ye Mo help Luo Susu put on the face cover, Ning Qingxue suddenly stopped in her steps. Ye Mo didnt notice her at all. Instead, he focused on helping the woman wear the face cover. It was as though there was only the woman standing in front of him in this entire world.

The bitterness in Chi Wanqings heart was as vicious as Ning Qingxue. She also stopped her steps towards Ye Mo as she looked at Ye Mo and that girl not knowing what to do. She didnt know their relationship, but they seemed so intimate.

However, Chi Wanqing thought for a while but still walked over. Seeing Chi Wanqing walk towards Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue also collected herself. She suddenly thought, why would she be like that? Ye Mo married her to help her, why would she feel uncomfortable? If Ye Mo had someone he liked, she should be happy. She didnt want to marry Ye Mo because she loved him, instead it was because she was grateful towards him.

Was it really like that though? She didnt dare to ask herself and she didnt have the answer either. At least, she knew she wasnt able to became happy now.

Ning Qingxue? Chi Wanqing? How are you guys here? Ye Mo finally saw the two who came up.

I Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing could both only say one word. How should they talk? Were they going to say they came to the desert to look for Ye Mo because they missed them?

However, Ye Mo was no longer the same Ye Mo. His EQ was no longer infinitely low. He could see what they meant. He could tell they came to the desert because of him. Chi Wanqing knew he was coming to the desert, but how did Ning Qingxue know. How did they know each other?

You are Qingxue? Luo Susu suddenly asked, her tone was very plain.

Yes, and you are? Ning Qingxue looked at this woman in surprise. Although she wore a cover, that beauty and figure even made Ning Qingxue feel insecure. She could imagine how stunningly beautiful this girl was once she took off her face cover.

Chi Wanqing was also obviously attracted by Luo Susu. Even girls had a good impression of her naturally much less men. Thinking about this, she looked at Ye Mo and sighed. Excellent people would always be found by others. She could find Ye Mo, but so could other people.

Im Luo Susu Luo Susus eyes flashed a look of relaxation as she said plainly.

You are my aunt? Ning Qingxue finally understood that this woman was her aunt. The woman who lived in the same tent with her official husband was her aunt. Her eyes disclosed a sliver of disappointment meanwhile her heart was in a mess.

Although this aunt wasnt related to her, but it was still her aunt. She didnt think she would love the same man as her aunt. Ning Qingxue suddenly stopped thinking. Did she like Ye Mo? Although she didnt want to admit this, but she had to eventually admit that her care for Ye Mo had exceeded more than just guilt and gratitude.

Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing both didnt expect that Luo Susu was Ning Qingxues aunt.

The atmosphere became awkward; Luo Susu didnt like talking, so after seeing Ning Qingxue was fine, she blandly said,, Qingxue, your mother is very worried about you. You should call home and tell them youre out of the desert.

Ning Qingxue lowered her head and said, I got it, aunt.

Ye brother, did you finish your things? Chi Wanqing saw things were awkward, so she asked.

Ye Mo nodded. Its done, Im preparing to leave.

Okay, then lets go together on the car, Chi Wanqing smiled and said.

Luo Susu shook her head. No need, Qingxue, tell your mother then after I go back Luo Susu paused and eventually didnt say that she wasnt coming out again.

Before Ning Qingxue could reply, Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo and said again, Im going

There was just those simple words without any other expressions. She knew that after this farewell, they would perhaps never see each other again. Although she felt some reluctance to leave, Luo Susu simply thought how Ye Mo saved her and gave her the happiest birthday present which created this certain feeling.

As long as she went back and cultivated, she could find her mental state once again and not be troubled by these things. As time progressed, she would perhaps forget about it.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Susus gradually disappearing figure and felt a faint sense of sadness. He really wanted to go up and say dont go, and just cultivate with me, but he couldnt find any reason to. Although Luo Susu looked very docile and silent, she had her own opinion on things.

Finally, Luo Susus figure disappeared.

Ye brother, she had left. Chi Wanqing saw Ye Mo was still staring at the path Luo Susu left, so she could only remind him.

Oh, she already left? Ye Mo suddenly woke up and saw Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue staring at him. He could only awkwardly say, I was lost in thought just then.

Ning Qingxue lowered her head as if not wanting to talk while Chi Wanqing sighed.

Seeing their expression, Ye Mo coughed and asked, How are you two together?

Chi Wanqing quickly adjusted herself and told about how she and Ning Qingxue went to Flowing Snake to look for him.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue in surprise; he didnt expect her to go look for him at Flowing Snake. That wasnt a place a girl should go. It seemed that Fang Nan was a good person.

He remembered that night when he treated Ning Qingxue and heard that she was well-prepared and couldnt help but to feel guilty. Thinking about this, Ye Mo could only say, Actually, some things arent what you think they are. Dont go to a place like Flowing Snake again. If something happen, I

Ye Mo didnt know how to explain it to her.

Sorry, Ye Mo, I just wanted to find you and apologize. I know many things werent as I thought they were, and I, I Ning Qingxue didnt know where to start and began to cry. She suddenly felt she was really weak and couldnt help herself when she saw Ye Mo.

The thing Ye Mo was scared of the most was women crying, like Ning Qingxue right now. He didnt know what to do and could only stand there awkwardly. If he didnt hear her last words that night, he would be better, but after hearing that, his opinion of her greatly changed. Plus, Ning Qingxue risked her life to protect that silver heart grass. No matter what reason, he was grateful to her from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing the atmosphere solidify once again, Chi Wanqing said, Ye brother, why dont we get on the car and talk as we go.

Ning Qingxue also looked at Ye Mo hopefully. She really wanted to go back to that house again, but she knew the chances were too slim.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, I wont come with you guys. I still have other things to do. Well separate here, well see each other again if fate brings us together.

After knowing Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxues intentions, Ye Mo didnt want to stay here with them anymore. Originally, he didnt have any feelings for the two. Now that there was a Luo Susu, he had less space in his heart.

Youre going now? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her tone was shaky. She just suddenly thought of a sentence, Im finally losing him again. Suddenly, she thought about when did she ever had him?

Yes, Im going. Ye Mo seemed to feel that his tone was the same as when Luo Susu left and felt it to be too simple, so he continued, You two should go back earlier. Its too dangerous in the desert. Sometimes, there are even things that cant be stopped by human force.

He thought of the human eating bugs; if they came, even a train would be devoured much less cars.

Mhm, I know. Ill go back immediately Although Ning Qingxue was very disappointed that Ye Mo didnt leave with them and saw him being very intimate with her aunt, she calmed down now. Perhaps, what was hers will always be hers, but what wasnt hers wasnt something she could get by force.

Although she felt bitter, but she had some unforgettable memories. After all, she lived with him for more than 20 days.

Seeing his gradually departing figure, Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of what would have happened if she didnt break the marriage pact. Would he still leave like this? Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue shook her head. She was the one who left, but she didnt expect she would catch feelings for him while using him as a shield. Why didnt she care before? Perhaps sometimes, what people say are incredulous.

Ye brother, if you have time, remember to go to Luo Cang, my cousins company, Chi Wanqing hurried to say seeing that Ye Mo was getting far away. She was much better than Ning Qingxue. Although she also had those intentions for Ye Mo, Ye Mo never promised her anything, and the moment she saw Luo Susu, she believed that only someone like her could be a match for brother Ye.

I know. Ye Mos voice travelled from the distance, and soon he increased his speed and disappeared.

Ye Mos voice still echoed besides their ears, but he was long gone. Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing stood there for a long time before Chi Wanqing said, Qingxue, he already left, we should leave too.

Then, the two no longer had the interest to talk anymore.

In the morning, the sun just crawled up shining on Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing dragging out a long shadow on the sand. Although there were two, they both seemed exceptionally lonely.
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