Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Nan Qing Lang Ji

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
The reason Ye Mo didnt go with Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing was because it was time for him to get revenge from Nan Qing. They hunted him and even almost killed Luo Susu. If he didnt teach Qian Longtou a lesson, then he wouldn't be called Ye Mo, and there was no need for him to cultivate.

He was already at 3rd Stage Chi gathering now; not only was his fireball art stronger, he could also use other magic such as invisibility, wind blade, wind surfing and so on. He had once reached Foundation Establishment, so he didnt even need to practice these magic. He only needed to have the power, and he would be able to release it. He knew that Qian Longtou was watching him near the desert. Perhaps as soon as he showed up, there would be people to take him to Qian Longtou very soon.

Ye Mo didnt think wrong. As soon as he left the desert, he didnt even enter the hotel; he was watched once again. However, Ye Mo wasnt the same Ye Mo half a month ago. He was worrying Qian Longtou wasnt going to come and find him, but now that there were people watching him, he gladly welcomed them.

Ye Mo entered a hotel, took a hot shower and got something to eat before sleeping. It had been a long time, so he estimated that Nan Qing had already gathered the people they needed.

As expected, just when Ye Mo was prepared to go out and buy some clothes for changing, he was once again stopped. The five men looked at Ye Mo as though he was a dead man. Ye Mo knew they had no concerns. Even if they opened fire in the public, Nan Qing could probably deal with it.

If you know whats good, then come with us. Otherwise, dont blame us if we shoot here. The man at the front had long hair. When this man spoke, he didnt have any expression on his face. It was as though he didnt speak those words.

Ye Mo knew they were sure he was the one they were looking for. Ye Mo looked down at his tattered clothes. He wanted to change but there was nowhere to buy. He did have more than 1000 on him though.

They were already prepared for Ye Mos resistance and take him away by force but unexpectedly, Ye Mo said slowly: Since were going, then hurry up and lead the way. What are you waiting here for, did Qian Longtou die?

You... The man wanted to attack as soon as he heard Ye Mos words, but was stopped by the man besides him.

This man also sneered at Ye Mo. I hope you can still be so tough on the mouth not long after. Get on the car.

It was a normal business car that didnt even have a brand. The five men looked at each other when Ye Mo got on the car without any alarm. Soon, there were four people who sat beside Ye Mo surrounding him. The other man quickly drove off with the car.

Originally, they thought Ye Mo would definitely not just surrender like this since he was so ferocious. As soon as Ye Mo had any resistance, they were prepared to go subjugate him at once. This was because all five of them were masters among masters. They werent the rookies who went after Ye Mo in the desert.

However, what made them more shocked was that Ye Mo actually just closed his eyes and started sleeping. The men looked at each other. They didnt understand if Ye Mo was asking to die or he was just thick headed. One of the men suddenly raised the gun in his hand and the other three all nodded. Although Ye Mo had surrendered, it would be better if they could shoot him and just make sure he didnt die.

However, before he raised his gun, the few men saw that the man who raised the gun had already fell into the seat. There was blood flowing out from his forehead. Between his eyebrows, there was a hole where blood poured out. The few men looked at their member who fell down in shock and couldnt speak for a long time. It was as though the hole on his head was natural. It was as though it just grew there ever since he picked up his gun.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and scanned the people. If anyone else dares to touch a gun, this whatll happen to you. Then, he closed his eyes and started meditating again.

The man who was driving almost crashed the car onto the side of the road after losing concentration. Meanwhile, cold sweat trickled down the backs of the other men uncontrollably. Their foreheads started to sweat as well. What just happened? He almost didnt move with his eyes closed, yet one of their members with a gun was killed, and he was even killed with a metal nail in the head.

It seemed that they were nothing different to the rookies who hunted after Ye Mo before in his eyes. He was never afraid to begin with. He was planning to look for trouble at their base. Thinking about the traceless metal nail, the man on the wheel was starting to shiver.

The car fell into a deadly silence. No one dared to talk. Ye Mos power had greatly exceeded their expectations. It wasnt something they could defend against. They could already imagine that Ye Mo only needed to move his hand and the person he disliked would definitely die under a metal nail.

After a long time, their breathing finally calmed down. Perhaps it was because the person who came this time was Lang Ji. Lang Jis surname was originally Lang, but because he was so savage, he acquired the surname of Lang [1].

Ten years ago, in order to avenge a brother in Macau, he charged into one of the three biggest gangs in Macau, Sea Shark Gang, and killed more than 23 gang members including a master who had reached yellow level. Meanwhile, he was only lightly injured. After escaping, he met Qian Longtou who was at a Macau casino.

Qian Longtou approved of Lang Ji greatly and took him in. Now, he was one of the three strongest people in Nan Qing and the most savage among the group. Some have speculated that Lang Jis power had reached middle stage of yellow level. However, no one knows because those who have seen him attack were all dead.

This time, Qian Longtou sent Lang Ji to the desert to blockade Ye Mo. From this, it could be seen how much he hated Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo did kill one of them easily, and they didnt even see the action of Ye Mo killing, but everyone knew of Lang Jis power. As long as they gave Ye Mo to him, they believed that Ye Mo would be no match for Lang Ji no matter how strong he was. Lang Ji had exceeded the range of normal masters. They have also heard that masters that have reached a level was not someone normal martial artists could hold against. As such, once they calmed down, they returned to normal.

Ye Mo didnt decide to kill much people. Nan Qing had this much people that even he wasnt able to kill them all. Plus, he didnt have much enmity with the other members of Nan Qing. He only needed to teach Qian Longtou a lesson. Ye Mo will make Qian Longtou know that a cultivator wasnt someone to be so easily hunted.

The car was getting faster and faster. The driver wanted to bring Ye Mo to Lang Ji as soon as possible. Perhaps Ye Mo was too terrifying. He killed someone with a metal nail without moving. Perhaps only masters like Lang Ji could suppress Ye Mos fire.

Ye Mo didnt worry at all. No matter how fast the car was driving, he was still meditating with his eyes closed. Even if the car drove off a cliff now, he could still escape.

Although these people didnt know where Ye Mo got his confidence from, they were more confused by Ye Mos calmness. Even if he wasnt afraid of attacks, was he not afraid of the car falling off the cliff?

However, they didnt worry for long. It wasnt even an hour before the car drove into a town.

The town produced a lot of jade. It was a town near the desert, however, it didnt have a long history and the streets were empty.

The car twisted and turned before eventually entering a manor. The manor was very luxurious and had two rows of Wutong Trees, which gave it a high class feeling.

Ye Mo only understood how big this place was after getting out of the car. Just by seeing how there were two rows of buff men standing outside the place, he knew this was probably one of the biggest gathering places for Nan Qing.

He didnt need someone to lead, and he just walked into the house himself. Instead of a house, it might be better to say this was a meeting room. However, it just didnt have a round table. The area wasnt large and didnt even have seats. There were also people standing on the two sides, but there was only twelve of them. These people looked more ferocious than the people in the yard.

Of course, there were no seats just for the people below. At the very top, there sat a man with a woman beside him. The man had a few scars on his face, but the worst was a knife scar on his forehead. It was like a centipede was staying there.

Meanwhile, the woman was only in her twenties and played with a small knife. When Ye Mo came in, she seemed to be still paying attention to her knife and didnt notice at all that a person had come in.

The knife scar man saw Ye Mo come in but didnt say anything. He examined Ye Mo and then said, Youre very cocky. You dare to kill my men now? Do you know what the scariest thing in the world is? Young man, do you think its death? I know youre not afraid of death, but I have a hundred ways for you to crave death.

Ye Mo sneered. Congratulations, you are right. Thus, I need you to send a message to Qian Longtou. Tell him to wash his neck clean.

Hmph You got balls, but I hope you still do later. You will regret it Hearing Ye Mos words, Lang Ji was extremely furious. Up until he entered this career, there had not been a young man who dared to be so cocky to him.

But before he could stand up, Ye Mo walked up and coldly said, Piss off.

You Even with Lang Ji wanting to see Ye Mo beg for mercy, he couldnt endure Ye Mos arrogance. Ye Mo wanted to sit in his seat, so he didnt hesitate to raise his fists and punch towards Ye Mo.

The fist broke through the air making sounds that even people on the sides could distinctly hear.

They couldnt help but to gasp at Lang Jis power. This was a rare phenomena.

[1] 1st Lang is a Homonym, second Lang means Wolf.
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