Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Intimidation

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Lang Ji was very pleased with this punch. No one had dared to take a punch directly from him because if they did, he wouldnt need to attack a second time. However, what made Lang Ji feel more satisfaction was that Ye Mo actually grabbed towards his fist.

Youre asking to die. Lang Ji sneered. He already heard his mens reports and knew Ye Mos cockiness and also knew of his power. However, this person dared to catch his fist. This was no different to suicide. This guy was indeed cocky, but he didnt want to kill Ye Mo immediately. He wanted to torture this young man.

However, the truth didnt unfold as he wished. Ye Mos hand looked very slow, but it just managed to grab his fist. And, Ye Mos hands seemed to suddenly grow bigger. There was a fit of cracking sound and Lang Ji looked at his fists in disbelief.

Forgetting the pain, he realized the sound actually came from his fists. He clearly saw that Ye Mos palm was more than 10 cm away from his fist, but it was still crushed. Oh, not crushed; rather, it was crunched into a soft flab.

Argh! Bone screeching pain passed up and Lang Ji could no longer resist but to yell.

Ye Mo raised his leg and kicked Lang Ji flying out. Meanwhile, he walked up to the chair and sat down.

Kill him. Before Lang Ji finished his words, multiple men were ready to shoot at Ye Mo.

Ye Mos movement was simplehe flung out tens of nails, and all those who prepared to charge or open fire were either shot in the forehead or in the throat. In the blink of an eye, there were only three people left in the room dumbfounded, other than the woman and Lang Ji.

Nine people were killed in a few breaths. Despite being in excruciating pain, Lang Ji was still dazed. The pain on his hands was no longer important. What was important was that the man in front was too terrifying.

The strongest person he had seen was that Xian Taoist, the second in command of the Metal River Gang. But if he were to be compared with Ye Mo, he seemed a little bit off. It was said that Xian Taoists martial arts was at a very high stage. It was said that he was almost reaching Black level, but even with a Taoist like that, he still felt Ye Mo was stronger.

Moreover, he was also a martial artist who was about to reach middle stage of yellow level. This was only because he found a poverty stricken ancient martial artist as a teacher when he was young. With his continued hard work, he finally attained his status today. However, he would have never expected that he wouldnt even be able to receive a single move from this young man. More importantly, Ye Mos speed was too horrifying. It seemed that even guns were useless against him.

That young girl seemed to have just discovered Ye Mo. She no longer had the spirit to play with the knife in her hands. Instead, she gazed at the ground full of corpses, and then at Lang Ji. Then without any sign, she flung her hand and the knife had become a white ray of light that shot towards Ye Mos neck. Her knife had killed people stronger than Lang Ji because they wouldnt have the time to dodge.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and another metal nail flung out. The metal nail clunked against the blade. The blade fell to the ground but the metal nail didnt stop and continued shooting towards the womans wrist.

Before the woman had reacted, the metal nail passed through her wrist.

After a few drops of blood, the girls face was pale as a heart wrenching pain passed on. She knew that this wasnt the most important, but instead that her hand was now disabled. The flying knife she was renowned for wouldnt fly any more.

You destroyed my hand? You... The girl was suddenly angry; perhaps it would be better for her to accept death than the disabling of her hand. At least after death, she wouldnt be able to think. But without her hand, she would rather die than live.

Oh, I cant destroy it? Then Ill chop it off. Ye Mo raised his hand again. No one saw what he flung out, but those few who didnt die had a spooky feeling.

The woman couldnt react at all and just felt her arm cool. Then, she saw a shocking event. Her hand, along with her forearm, fell on the ground. She was dazed.

However, Lang Ji reacted and quickly used his healthy hand to seal the blood vessel on this girls arm. But even so, he couldnt stop the blood from flowing out. At this moment, Lang Ji turned around and looked at Ye Mo in fear. He didnt even see what Ye Mo used to cut her hand. This man was too out of this world. The chairman must not have thought that the person he was trying to catch was someone like this.

For those who tried to kill him, Ye Mo was merciless. This woman was ruthless and wanted his life as soon as she attacked.

This woman finally understood that her hand and arm was sliced off. She looked at Ye Mo in fear, no longer having her previous rage. She knew that this person could kill her like a chicken.

Do you know why I didnt kill you? Ye Mo looked at that woman and said. Seeing that woman no longer dared to say anything, he continued, Its because you seem to have something you rely on, Ill let you live. Go back and get whatever you rely on. Ill finish it once and for all. Oh, Im called Ye Mo, dont forget.

And... Ye Mo turned to Lang Ji and said, Do you know why I also didnt kill you?

Lang Ji subconsciously shook his head, he was dumbfounded by Ye Mos terrifying power.

Ye Mo smiled Because I need you to send a message to Qian Longtou. Tell him, he shouldnt have hunted me. I will go visit him. Oh, and I killed his son.

Ye Mo then looked at the remaining three men and said, Do you know why I didnt kill you guys? This time, he didnt wait for them to reply and said once again, Because I need you to clean up the corpses on the ground. There are nine, so pile them up now, I dont like wasting time

Then, Ye Mo no longer spoke. The remaining three acted very fast. They quickly piled the bodies together.

Ye Mo stood up and suddenly formed countless hand signs with his fingers. Breathes of scorching fire descended on the corpses. He was actually shooting out fireballs.

Now that Ye Mo was stage 3 chi gathering, his fireballs could easily destroy the corpses. He destroyed these corpses for two reasons; one was to destroy the evidence, and the other to give Lang Ji a warning.

But after shooting out ten fireballs at once, even Ye Mo was a bit tired.

Afterwards, he looked at the dazed people and coldly said, Go back and tell Qian Longtou, after Im done with my errands, I will go visit him. Then he used a invisibility magic and disappeared.

Seeing Ye Mo just blow fireballs and destroy the corpses, Lang Ji and the others already turned into stone. But now, he even disappeared into thin air.

The three men who had been pulling bodies finally couldnt handle it and fainted. They could kill people and hack people, but those were ordinary people. The occurrence before them was already extraordinary.

Although Lang Ji was stronger than them, even he couldnt handle the situation. Even Xian Taoist wouldnt be able to fire fireballs and suddenly disappear.

The chairman actually got into conflict with such a person. Was he even a person? That woman like Lang Ji was scared speechless by Ye Mos powers.

If someone like him really went to visit his boss, his boss wouldnt be able to survive even if he had a thousand lives.

After a long time, Lang Ji finally reacted and yelled, Quick! Stop all pursuit on Ye Mo and Shi Ying! These two are the same. Take the recording today, Im going back immediately...

Lang Ji shouted non-stop until all the men outside came in. When he was fully awake, he made haste to return and no longer dared for his men to hunt Ye Mo because they werent even enough for exercise. He even suspected if his bosss army was enough to subdue Ye Mo.

Of course, Ye Mo intentionally did that to let Qian Longtou know not to hunt him anymore, even if it didnt concern him.

Ye Mo was fearless. He believed that there was people stronger than, him but there wouldnt be much. Furthermore, even if there was, they wouldnt be able to kill him.


But at this moment, the Ye Family in Beijing was gloomy.

It was because the familys company in Europe and America suffered heavy damage. Not only did the new cooperation partners leave, even the old partners started to leave and distance themselves.

Although the Ye Familys enterprise was managed by the second-in-power He Liangfu, the ones who really benefited was the Ye family. He Liangfu was the only one in the second generation to follow his mothers surname. Now that many business were stumped, he was the most affected. If a large family was no longer supported by business income, then this family would be set to go downhill.

If their business was only partially damaged overseas, then their business in Africa and Hong Kong was unbearable to see.

Their personnels frequently disappeared in Africa, and their largest clothes factory was forced to shut down. Comparatively, their situation in China was better.

The difference between the Ye Family meeting and the Song Family meeting was that the master was still the old man Ye Beirong.

The Ye Family situation was obviously worse than the Song Familys situation. Last time, the Song Family only had a third generation useless kid die with the latters Song Shaotan; it was only a youth with a little ambition. But this time, the Ye family had their finances choked by other people.

Although this wouldnt beat the Ye Family downin fact, even if all of their businesses abroad bankruptedthe Ye family still wouldnt die down. However, taking damage in their finances meant negative influence elsewhere.

Are you sure its done by Qian Longtou? Ye Beirong frowned. He knew that as soon as he left the center, he decided to put the family more into business than politics since there werent exceptional offsprings in the younger generations. But before he could do so, they were dealt such a heavy blow.
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