Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 118

Chapter 118: $100,000 Waiting List Fee

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Ill go to the backyard first and talk to you guys after Erhu comes back. Then, Ye Mo just headed straight for the backyard. Right now, he was most concerned with how the Silver Heart Grass was going. He still needed them to cultivate.

The Silver Heart Grass hadnt budded yet. Ye Mo examined closely. Although the seeds hadnt died, he felt that the life force inside wasnt as strong as when it was in Ning Hai. It was just a bit better than Flowing Snake.

Ye Mo shook his head and was bemused. Why didnt it work when the soil type was the same? Luckily, these seeds didnt die. If even these died too, he would only have 5 left. That wouldnt be a good news.

There was already car sound outside. Ye Mo knew that Erhu was sent back. The speed was quite fast.

When Ye Mo came out, Lu Xiaozhen was holding Yu Erhu as he stumbled. It seemed that his injuries werent minor.

Master, you Although Yu Erhu recognized Ye Mo, Ye Mos change was too big.

Ye Mo nodded and said, Well talk about this later, who did this to you?

I did it. What? Dont think he would be fine just because you found someone to release him. Ill still beat him up again. A teen in his twenties had a cigar in his mouth as he walked over. He heard Ye Mos words and pointed his finger at Ye Mo and glanced at the two cops who sent Yu Erhu back.

Ye Mo scanned this teen and coldly said, You wont have another chance.

F*ck, youre asking for it. Im still going to beat him up now, what are you gonna do? Then, he threw his cigar and approached.

The two cops knew who said to release Yu Erhu. Seeing that Wang Quan was still cocky, they immediately knew he was dead. They quickly said goodbye and left knowing that the conflict that was about to occur wasnt something they could handle.

Wang Quan, what are you barking about, hurry up and apologize to this friend. A black Mercedes drove flying by and stopped in front of Ye Mo.

Cousin, this guys really top sh*t, dont be afraid of him, how dare he act tough in Luo Cang. Wang Quan seemed to feel uncomfortable if he didnt teach Ye Mo a lesson. But hearing the man from the Mercedes talk, he didnt continue approaching.

The man who got off reproached Wang Quan and immediately took out a cigarette and walked up in front of Ye Mo, smiling. Hello, I know were not familiar, Wang Quan is my cousin. Please forgive him. Im Fang Jihua, but dont worry, there wont be anyone who will come to cause trouble at your place again.

Fang Jihua was the overlord in Luo Cang. Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen werent the innocent people before. Seeing Ye Mos phone call bringing back Yu ErHu immediately and Fang Jihua still talking to her master so politely, they almost thought they saw wrong. However, what shocked them more was to come.

Ye Mo stared at Fang Jihua coldly and said, What sort of thing do you think you are, piss off.

Fang Jihuas face changed; he didnt think that with his power in Luo Cang, Ye Mo would still be so arrogant with him after he was so polite. His face immediately looked bad.

Since when did he receive this sort of disdain?

He was thinking that this Ye Mo only knew some brother in the gang and that brother just mentioned him to Brother Hong.

Not long ago, Brother Hong called and just said a few sentences about the release of Yu Erhu and immediately hung up. He thought that Yu Erhu had some connections in the family and found Brother Hong. Brother Hong casually said it, moreover, to show his seriousness for Brother Hongs words, he personally came, after all, his cousin did beat up the person.

But he didnt expect to be sticking his hot face to a cold butt. The mans master didnt even take him seriously. This man, Fang Jihua, who had been in the gang for a long time, started to lose face.

This Ye Mo probably went through countless connections to get to Brother Hong. Otherwise, Brother Hong wouldnt just make such a light hearted call. Now that he was polite to Ye Mo, Ye Mo dared to be rude. Who did this guy think he was?

Since Im not much of a thing, then Ill leave. Wang Quan, lets go. Fang Jihua turned with a blue face. If he wasnt clear on who Ye Mo was connected with, he wouldve made a move already. But now that he left, it didnt mean he would let it go. After he investigated who was behind Ye Mo, he would definitely make sure this little clinic had a pleasant time.

Ye Mo glared coldly as Fang Jihua left with Wang Quan. He didnt say anything more. He wouldnt teach these people a lesson in such a boisterous manner. Moreoever, even if he did, he would go to their base. He was still unhappy with the way Wu Xueming dealt with this. If Wu Xueming dealt with it well, he would perhaps go back. However, now that he wasnt satisfied, he would deal with it himself.

Master, when did you come back? Although the two didnt understand why Ye Mo kicked away the hoodlum who came to apologize in such a manner, but Yu Erhu never asked Ye Mo even if he didnt understand.

Ye Mo checked Yu Erhus body. It was indeed beat up seriously, and there was even some internal injuries. If Yu Erhu wasnt strong, he would perhaps not be able to make it and die.

Ye Mo was furious. These people just didnt take the lives of ordinary people seriously. If Yu Erhu wasnt his disciple, then he would just be beat for no reason. Even if he was killed, it would only be ruled as suicide.

Wang Quan is a hoodlum, its understandable why he wanted his money back, but why did so many other people want refund too? While Ye Mo was treating Yu Erhu, he couldnt understand this problem. After all, there were hundreds of people. There couldnt be so much disgusting people in the world.

Yu Erhu had been living in Luo Cang for more than a month. He was no longer the noob who just entered the market. He had experienced all sorts of things while at the clinic. Now that Ye Mo asked, he immediately said, Many people were urged by Wang Quan and a small portion of people just wanted to earn some benefits. However, most people didnt come.

Ye Mo nodded and thought most? Not necessarily. It was just that the clinic only opened for a month.

After staying silent for a while, Ye Mo said, From now on, our clinic no longer treats common colds, aches, and fever. They can go to the hospital for these things. I will add a waiting list fee. Those without a waiting list place wont be treated.

Master, are we going to take waiting list fees like the hospital? How much do we charge? Also ten dollars or so? Lu Xiaozhen was shocked to hear that the clinic was charging waiting list fee.

Ye Mo smiled and said, That will be charged, but it wont be just ten dollars or so. Those who want to be treated here must pay $100,000 waiting list fee for now

What? before Ye Mo even finished speaking, Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen were shocked out of their minds. $100,000 waiting list fee? The whole world didnt have such expensive waiting list fee.

Yes, $100,000. And we must state that regardless of the outcome, the waiting list fee wont be refunded. Those patients who wish to be treated must sign a signature, and each month, there could only be one patient. They need to pay more for treatment fee. If there are no patients, you can just study yourselves. Ask me if you dont understand anything. Ye Mo nodded.

The reason he said this was because he didnt open the clinic to treat colds but to grow the Silver Heart Grass. Since it was far from ready, he didnt need to be involved in conflicts with the neighbors.

They can go to the hospital for small colds, and his clinic wouldnt be able to handle that much anyways. Furthermore, some people were indeed disgusting; he didnt need to be doing a losing business. Although the price for his serums wasnt a loss, for Ye Mo, it was a loss.

The reason the clinic had such an exorbitant price was: first, to avoid too many people, and second, to give him time to cultivate and grow the Silver Heart Grass. The reason he said no refund for the waiting list fee was because he felt normal disease wouldnt be hard for him. If it really was too hard, then he just wouldnt let them go on the waiting list.

But master, if we do this, arent we shutting down ourselves? Yu Erhu immediately said.

Ye Mo nodde. I was planning to close, go look for a far off mansion. I plan to buy one. After we move away, we can close this clinic.

Buy a mansion, even if its a far off place, it would be a few million. Master, if we buy a distant place, then there would less people who would come for treatment, Lu Xiaozhen said. She was concerned about these things.

Ye Mo smiled and said, If the wine smells good, it doesnt matter if the shop is deep in the alley. You just need to learn the methods of cooking medicine with Yu Erhu. It doesnt matter if we wait a year or two before we open up. As for money, dont worry. Im going to Beijing now. Some people owe me, and Im going to take it back.

Ye Mo really wasnt really concerned about money. Li Hu owed him $500,000 and he still needed to solve things with Qian Longtou. Perhaps he would be able to take some back. As for the Song Family, if even Qian Longtou didnt dare to touch him, then he didnt believe the Song Family would dare to.

Then after you leave Luo Cang, Master, do we still open the clinic? Yu Erhu was feeling anxious. A waiting list fee costed 100,000. If this spread out, they would be known immediately.

No need to open up and dont promote the waiting list fee. Xiaozhen, you can register for a website and write that it can cure all sorts of absurd disease. However, if you want to know specific details, you must become a member of the website. The membership fee is 10,000. When you apply for treatment, you must clearly write out the information about the condition. If we accept, then they need to pay 100,000 waiting list fee, Ye Mo thought about it and said. He felt this was the best way.

One, he didnt need to expose himself.

Second, he could avoid unnecessary conflict as well as the media attention.
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