Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 119

Chapter 119: People Will Always Change

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Fang Jihua definitely didnt expect that that the reason Wu Hong hung up the phone was because he was worried and took the plane from Shen Yang to Luo Cang.

Wu Xuemings original words were, Ye Mo from the Hui Chun Clinic saved my life and I call him brother. You guys did well... Actually dared to take his disciple into the police station and beat him up. Immediately go apologize to him. If you cant deal with it in a way Ye Mo is pleased, then you know the consequence.

Wu Xuemings intentions were that. Since Ye Mo called him, then he should do things well. However, since Wu Hong helped him do a lot of things lately, of course he wouldnt do anything to him. However, he was going to use Ye Mos incident to give him some necessary beating.

Wu Hong was immediately worried. He didnt know that this thing would concern the person who controlled the actual power of Metal River, Wu Xueming, who would even tell him to apologize. From this, he could see what sort of person Ye Mo was. If he couldnt make Ye Mo satisfied, then he would know the consequence. What was the consequence? No one dared to say a thing if a few minor gang members disappeared.

Thus, he was worried and quickly called Fang Jihua to send the people back. The reason he hung up was to get to Luo Cang as soon as possible to apologise to Ye Mo.

Luo Cangs Otherworldly Leisure was a business of Metal River and was the gathering place for the gang. However, the person responsible here temporarily was Fang Jihua, and he was only a hoodlum before; he was only able to manage Otherworldly Leisure half a month ago.

Ever since he became the man responsible for the business, Fang Jihua was able to talk to Brother Hong directly and was able to be more tough. He even put on the big brother act sometimes. He was planning to get his cousin into the place too some time later, at least to be a small head. However, he just hadnt had the time to do this yet.

After he had some pleasure at his lovers place, Fang Jihua finally felt better. But when he walked into Otherworldly Leisure, he unexpectedly saw his big bosss, Wu Hongs, personal attendant, Three Snake.

Why are you here? Didnt Brother Hong just go to Shen Yang? Fang Jihua looked at Three Snake in surprise.

Three Snake didnt have his usual smile and just said with a bleak face, Brother Hong is back and waiting for you in the underground room.

Hearing Three Snakes words, Fang Jihuas heart sunk. A bad feeling overcame his heart. Wu Hong went to Shen Yang this time because of something very important. After he finished at Shen Yang, he would go to Jin city. Why would he suddenly come back to Luo Cang?

Even if he came to Luo Cang, he rarely came here. But today, not only did he come back to Luo Cang, he also came to Otherworldly Leisure.

When Fang Jihua walked into the basement, his heart started to beat rapidly. His hoodlum cousin Wang Quan seemed to have his legs broken as he crouched in fear. On the two sides stood more than ten men he had never seen before.

Brother Hong he only spoke two words and stopped because he suddenly realized that even the biggest head in his eyes was standing below. The highest was a screen, and the screen showed a middle-aged man.

Could it be Although Fang Jihua didnt know Wu Xueming, it didnt mean he hadnt heard of his force. It was said that he forced Huang off the seat of power. As for where Huang went, no one dared to talk and ask, so when he saw the man there and Wu Hong who was also very respectful towards him, he guessed that this man was Wu Xueming.

You are Fang Jihua? Wu Xuemings voice was very cold. If Ye Mo was here, even if he was looking at the screen, he would realize this was not the same Wu Xueming as a month ago. Now, he seemed cold and less lively as before.

In this month's time, Wu Xueming killed countless people who didnt obey him. Now, his position was fully consolidated. However, only he knew if it was really consolidated.

Yes Yes Fang Jihua felt the chills facing Wu Xuemings cold eyes.

Wu Hong suddenly walked in front of Fang Jihua and gave him two slaps on the face, F*ck! You were told to apologize, not to act tough.

Then, Wu Hong kicked on Fang Jihuas leg. Fang Jihua howled out in pain and knelt on the ground. Now, he realized that Ye Mo wasnt so simple.

Brother Ming, how about breaking Fang Jihuas leg and make him apologize to Ye Mo. Wu Hong broke Fang Jihuas leg and carefully said.

No need, Ye brother wouldnt want to see this sort of trash. Wu Xueming immediately refused Wu Hongs proposal. He understood Ye Mos personality. Ye Mo hated people like Fang Jihua the most.

Hearing Wu Xuemings words, Fang Jihua nearly fainted. Who was he acting tough in front of? It was someone even Wu Xueming calls brother.

Wang Quan was scared dumbfounded. He had never seen such a scene. He was just a small hoodlum. Since when could he be in the same room with such gang leaders even if it was just a video? Although he wanted to see the gang leaders, but he didnt expect to see them under such circumstances.

Break their legs and bring them over to the clinic once. Then Wu Hong go apologize yourself. Take 100,000 for ErHus treatment fee. Dont take too much, Ye Mo doesnt like to owe people. Just say that I dont have time, otherwise, I wouldve came personally. Then, Wu Xueming sat on the seat a little disinterested.

A month ago, he thought that Ye Mo was his best friend, but now, he felt he had changed a lot. Perhaps it was the feeling of being on the top. He developed extreme lust for power. He even thought that if Ye Mo wasnt so strong and cruel, would he even come personally to deal with such minor problems.

Not only this, he felt that recently, Yu Miaodan had skewed views of him and wasnt as intimate as before. Did he really change too much? But he didnt want to give up the pleasure of power. He just needed to say one word and he could decide a persons life or death, decide the life of a business. He very much enjoyed this feeling

It didnt matter before since he hadnt tried it, but now that he did, he would definitely not give it up.

When Fang Jihua and Wang Quans cries sounded, he even felt disgusted. He wanted to kill these two very much, but he knew that although these two were irrelevant people, killing them would make his brothers feel disheartened. Plus, it was all too common for people in the lower levels to do things like Wang Quan. It was just that Wang Quan found the wrong target.


When Wang Quan and Fang Jihua passed by the clinic looking like mummies, Ye Mo knew of it because Wu Hong also came and brought $100,000 compensation.

Ye Mo didnt refuse. When he heard Wu Xuemings words, he understood that their friendship had ended. He didnt care about Wu Xuemings attitude. He didnt owe him, only Wu Xueming owed him.

Sometimes, he really couldnt judge people based on his straightforward perception. A man who could die for a woman couldnt be very ruthless. At least, Ye Mo approved of such a person.

But now, although Ye Mo didnt see Wu Xueming, he could tell from the attitude in which Wu Xueming dealt with this that he had changed a lot. Instead, Fang Nan gave him a much better perception or perhaps a more real perception.

Ye Mo didnt think about these things too much. For him, since Wu Xueming dealt with it personally, he would let it go. He didnt need to waste his time for this. As for treating Wu Hong who came to apologize, he had even less interest.

Seeing that Ye Mo dealt with things lightning fast and received $100,000 compensation, Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen felt more reverent towards Ye Mo. This master was too powerful than they thought.

Lu Xiaozhen originally just wanted to find a place to settle after graduation, but she didnt expect to take a liking into Yu Erhu. She admired Yu Erhus skills, and when she knew that Yu Erhu learnt everything from Ye Mo, Lu Xiaozhen was more reverent towards Ye Mo. What made her excited was that Ye Mo actually agreed to her studying medicine with Erhu.

This master looked even younger than Erhu, but how was he so powerful. Lu Xiaozhen asked Yu Erhu, but Yu Erhu met Ye Mo on the train also knew nothing about him.

Originally, after dealing with this, Ye Mo planned to go to Beijing after he consolidated his Stage 3 Chi Gathering. He had two things to do there; one was to redeem his promise to Zhuo Aiguo, and another was to ask Li Hu to get the $500,000. As for whether he should go to the Song Family, he hadnt decided yet.

After all, although he was Stage 3 Chi Gather, it wasnt a wise choice to fight with the Song Family overtly. The Song Family wasnt Qian Longtou whom he could compare power with.

If he was to fight against the Song Family, there would be a lot of concerns. One misstep and he might not even be able to stay here. Now, Ye Mo knew of some things about ancient martial arts. At the same time, he understood that there was still a lot people stronger than him.

It had only been 4 days, and someone had already come to look for Ye Mo. It was the person he met on the plane, Lin Huihe.

Older Brother, how do you have the time to come to my small clinic? When Ye Mo departed the airport, he told Lin Huihe his address, but didnt expect this old man to really come.

Hehe, Brother Ye, as soon as I saw you really have a clinic here, I knew I found the right person and you didnt lie to me. It was right of me to come look for you today. Theres something that I dont know if youre interested. Lin Huihe saw that Ye Mo really did live here just as he said and had a better impression of Ye Mo.
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