Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Buying Spree

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The middle-aged man obviously loved his daughters and hearing their words, he immediately said, Okay, one of each of them. Boss, is there another one of these?

Yes. Ye Mo took out a third necklace and put it on the table.

Seeing Ye Mo take out a third one, there was more contempt in An Yans eyes. If its functions were really as Ye Mo said so, then this necklace should be very precious, but he was able to take out this many at once. Thus, it could be seen that this was probably mass produced from a small factory. If real magic artefacts could be made so easily, then magic artefacts would be sold cheap and not worth money. Although she wasnt too familiar with the business, she still understood that magic artefacts were rare. Even here at Lao Da street, there werent a few real ones. Everyone knew this, but there was still a lot of people who bought them. There was no other reason but that they want to meet a real one.

Although that middle-aged man knew Ye Mos items were fake, he was disappointed after seeing Ye Mo take out so much. However, that disappointment went away quickly. He knew it was fake and only bought it because his daughters liked them.

Boss, I want three. Help me package it please. This middle-aged man was straightforward.

Okay, three is $600k but Ill give you a discount, $500k. Ye Mo casually deducted $100k.

Seeing Ye Mo deduct $100k, this middle-aged man found himself bemused. In his eyes, people like Ye Mo were here to scam people. The more he did the better, how could he just take off $100k? Of course, $100k wasnt much for him, but looking at Ye Mos clothing, $100k should be a big number. But soon, he understood that Ye Mo really took off $100k. This wasnt 100 or two, it was a whole $100k.

However Ye Mo didnt feel it was anything. He had a good impression of the middle-aged man. Although $100k wasnt little, he felt that money wasnt the most important thing. If he wanted money, he could think of ways at any time. Moreover, his online clinic was about to start soon, would he worry about not having money to earn?

The middle-aged mans look obviously showed that he thought the necklace was fake, but he still bought 3 without bargaining the price. This made Ye Mo approve of him greatly. No matter how much money he had, it was still his money and being able to spend it meant that he loved his daughters a lot. Plus, he never intended to sell the 3 necklace for $600k. $200k and he would be happy. Now that he sold them for $500k, he was very satisfied.

Help me package it and tell me your card number. Well go to the tax district together, Ill give you the money now, this middle-aged man said with satisfaction.

Ye Mo just realized now that he didnt have packaging nor a card number and couldnt help but to say, I dont have a package, and

It doesnt matter if theres no packaging, Ill wear it now. Then, one of the girls already put the necklace on and stuffed it inside her clothes.

This necklace feels really comfortable. The girl immediately felt a spirit cleansing sensation.

The middle-aged man smiled and didnt talk. He thought that his daughter wanted to tell him that the money was spent wisely to make him feel better.

Okay, but dont tell me you dont have a card number too? Looking at Ye Mos troubled face, the middle-aged man joked.

Ye Mo helplessly said, I really dont have a card number.

He was indeed a povo [1]. An Yan originally felt jealous hearing the girl say the necklace was comfortable. After all, she liked the necklace too. But now that she found out this person didnt even have a card, she wondered how the necklaces were made.

Ye Mo only just realized that each stall had an individual for payments. Other than his stall, the cashier also had to give tax. It seemed that he was indeed a bit rushed.

This necklace is quite pretty, how much? Just when the middle-aged man also didnt have a way, another person came to ask for Ye Mos necklace.

200k. Ye Mo just sold it for $200k, obviously he cant give two prices.

The person asking was a youth not much older than Ye Mo. There was also a lady beside him looking in her 50s. However, she didnt look too healthy.

Mum, this necklace is quite pretty, Ill buy one for you? This youth seemed to have a filial heart.

The middle-aged woman also felt that the necklace was pretty and hesitated before saying, Its quite pretty, but the price is too expensive.

Although the youth didnt feel 200k was expensive, he seemed to be afraid of his mum reproaching him for wasting money. And, someone else bought it just then, so it would be implausible to bargain. Looking at the porcelain bottle on Ye Mos table seeing it write all sorts of pills, he immediately came up with an idea and hurried to say, How about you give me a bottle of pill as well?

The reason he wanted to buy the pill was to prove to his mother that he wasnt being scammed. In fact, he didnt plan to have the pill. For magic artefacts, he can adopt a test it out attitude, but for these unknown pills, he definitely wouldnt believe it.

Ye Mo could only helplessly touch his nose and say, This pill isnt a bottle of pill, there is only one in each bottle, and its more expensive than the necklace.

The production cost for these pills are indeed higher than the necklace. If he just gave it out like that, then he would be losing.

Hearing Ye Mos words, this youth was dazed. Buying a pill for him was like buying fake medicine, but it actually costed more than the necklace. That meant it was more than $200k?

An Yan felt more contemptuous towards Ye Mo. This persons heart was probably black. $200k for a necklace and an unknown pill sells for more than $200k? She really wondered how the exhibition let a cheat like him in. Although she wanted to leave more than once, but she couldnt let go of that necklace. However, she was too embarrassed to drop her dignity to buy it.

Youre saying that this pill costs more than $200k? Although he was rich, the youth was still shocked that one pill costed $200k. He came here knowing that the price wouldnt be cheap, but $200k was too horrible.

What pill is this, actually costing more than $200k? An old man on the side heard and immediately came up to look at the porcelain bottles on Ye Mos stall. Including the middle-aged man and his two daughters, there was more and more people coming to Ye Mo;s stall.

This necklace is so pretty. I also want one, how much? Another woman younger than 30 came here. Ye Mo couldnt help but to sigh that his necklace was really attractive to women.

However, although this woman had a good body that could even be described as busty, her face really couldnt be praised. It wasnt to say that her face looked bad, her face was not bad, but in fact, having this sense of mature woman. However, what made people not want to look at her again was that there were so many spots and they werent those teenage acne.

Although she wore shades, those spots couldnt be covered. One could imagine that if she didnt have those spots on her face, this would be a pretty lady. Everyone loved beauty, and although her face wasnt so good, she still liked the pretty necklace.

Ye Mo smiled and said, Actually Madam, I think you should by this pill of mine more.

Then, Ye Mo took out a bottle and said, This is a Beauty Pill, only one is enough to make your face smooth and shiny like jade. However, the price is a little more expensive than the necklace.

Really? the woman immediately grabbed the bottle. Although she was dubious, that desperation already betrayed her thoughts.

Ye Mo smiled once again. Sister, I think that if you can afford a $200k necklace then you shouldnt care about this $200k pill. Just think of it as buying yourself an opportunity. You can earn money, but you may not have this chance again. Of course, I wont force you to buy it, decide for yourself, but there is only this chance. I wont be coming here to sell pills again.

Ye Mo suddenly realized that he was very persuasive. If he went to do business, perhaps he would really have potential.

Okay, Ill have one of your necklace, card? That youth who came with his mum saw that so many people were interested in Ye Mos things and finally made up his mind and picked up a necklace.

Before Ye Mo said anything, that woman said immediately, Okay, Ill have your pill. Youre right. Even if youre a cheat, I will still give myself a chance. As for the necklace, Ill also

Wait A voice suddenly interrupted this woman. An old man in his 70s walked over and bowed to Ye Mo before continuing saying, Patron, may I look at your necklace?

Ye Mo turned around and looked at that woman and said, Sister, do you want this? If you want it, its yours, if not, Im giving it to this monk.

Yes, of course I want it. I want the pill and the necklace too, the woman hurried and said.

The old man hurried and said, Female patron, may I have a look a first?

Hearing the old monk say this, the woman could only give it over.

The old monk took it and looked. He closed his eyes and then suddenly opened it, but his eyes were getting brighter and brighter. After a while, he said, Female patron, is it possible for you to give it to me? Ill pay 300k.

What? Not only this woman was shocked, but also the people around her. To be honest, up until now, everyone has been buying the necklace because it looked pretty. The people around wasnt short of that money. Did this old monk buy this necklace because it was pretty too?

[1] (Povo): colloquial way of saying someone is very poor in derogatory manner.
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