Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Not Ancient Martial Arts

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
An Yan, who had been standing on the side ,froze too. Someone actually wants to pay 300k for a necklace? But she immediately reacted and she contemptuously said, You can just tell they are working together, not professional at all.

However, the youth beside her seriously said, They arent working together, I know that old monk. He is from that ancient stall. He seemed to be from Jue Yun Temple. This sort of people would never do such a thing. It seems that the necklace may really be magic artefact.

Ah An Yan exclaimed. She didnt expect the person to increase the price would be an old monk from an ancient stall. This was a clear sign that Ye Mos items were real.

How about I buy one for you? this youth knows that An Yan really liked the necklace and wanted to please her. Seeing her expression, he said immediately.

Okay, I want one, but An Yan had been wanting one, but she just couldnt do it for the sake of her dignity. However, she didnt expect things to turn out like this. The product she thought to be fake actually became popular now. She immediately thought that this necklace was gone. Otherwise, why would the old monk fight over one with the woman?

Ye Mo didnt expect to find someone who knew his stuff. But, he already sold his item to this woman and wouldnt sell it to the second person. Seeing the woman look over, Ye Mo said immediately, You came first, you pay.

At this moment, everyone around understood that the old monk came from the ancient stall. Even he came to buy Ye Mos item, so this meant that Ye Mos items were real. At this moment, more and more people came to Ye Mos stall.

That middle-aged man also realized that he earned big so he quickly came up to Ye Mo and said, If you believe me, Ill give you cheque and I can help you do the tax.

Ye Mo didnt care that much to begin with. It was good as long as he got the money and he indeed didnt have a card.

Hearing this middle-aged man say this, the woman and the youth also conformed. Ye Mo was by himself. He couldnt leave with these people. However, they all had their morals. When they left to do the tax, they didnt take the items away.

The youth with An Yan came up immediately and said to Ye Mo politely, Friend, do you have any more of those necklace, can you sell one to me? Or we can order one, of course, the price is no problem.

Ye Mo saw that the annoying woman didnt come up and felt a little better but immediately replied, Sorry, the necklace is gone and you cant order them. A master told me to sell it for him. Its gone after this five.

Hearing Ye Mos words, not only the youth was disappointed but also An Yan. She really regretted not buying one for 100k.

However, more and more people were asking about it. The youth saw that Ye Mo had indeed ran out and could only set his eyes on the two who bought it just then. They had one each in their family. He wondered if they could sell one for her. Thinking about this, the youth said to the girl, Hello, you bought 3 necklace, could you sell one to me. I can pay $100k extra?

The girl immediately raised the corner of her mouth saying annoyedly, Do you think Im someone who is missing your $100k?

The people around could tell that the girl indeed didnt need that $100k.

Ye Mo sighed to himself. It seemed that the brand power of ancient character was effective. He could sell 3 to the middle-aged man purely due to luck. However, the people who came later was due to the old monk and his brand.

At this moment, the old monk was still investigating the pills inside Ye Mos bottle. He kept sniffing and even asked if Ye Mo could take it out for him to see. Of course, Ye Mo wouldnt mind. The old monk helped him advertise. Although he pretty much sold his necklace, he was still grateful towards the old monk.

The middle-aged man and the woman as well as the youth had all come. However, the middle-aged man had a 2 million check for Ye Mo and said, The other two have given me the money, and I helped you get a check. Ive paid the tax for you already too.

Ye Mo had an even better impression of the middle aged man. He was probably afraid that Ye Mo would be tricked and took the money and helped Ye Mo get a check. It could be seen that he was a person of morality, otherwise, he wouldnt be doing this.

Ye Mo took the check and said, Thank you, however, I dont have that much money.

The middle aged man smiled and waved, I know, I still want to buy a few bottles of your pill. See how much pills I can buy with the rest of the money and just give me a few bottles.

Hearing the middle aged mans words, the old monk said before Ye Mo could say anything, Patron, Ill have the rest of the pills, name your price. It seemed that the old monk was afraid the other people would buy the rest and instead talked first.

Indeed, as soon as the old monk talked, people on the side started to regret.

Ye Mo smiled, Okay, 200k a pill then. However, Im not a patron, Ill be taking money. Ye Mo knew that out of all the people here, he was probably the poorest but he didnt feel it to be necessary to charge more.

Ye Mo took four bottles and gave it to the middle aged man and said, There are two bottles of the same, emergency pill. One bottle of beauty pill and another bottle is for cultivation. Ive written down the specifics on the paper inside the bottle. Open it yourself and look.

The remaining 6 bottles were all bought by the old monk.

Seeing that Ye Mos things were really bought by the old monk, more people rushed up immediately to buy, but Ye Mo had sold everything.

Seeing that even Ye Mos pills were sold out and he was now preparing to leave, An Yan just realized she got nothing. If what the old monk said was true, then his Beauty Pill must really have those effects?

The most important thing, however, was that she necklace she wanted first was gone. This immediately made An Yan feel that things were unfair and could no longer worry about her dignity. She squeezed in and said to Ye Mo, I saw your things first, I wont ask to buy one now, but can you reserve a necklace for me?

Her tone obviously softened. Now that she thought about it, she really liked that necklace, but just as the bastard said, there was only one opportunity. She could earn $200k again, but the opportunity wouldnt come back.

Now, even the middle-aged man felt that An Yan was being ridiculous. She just said that Ye Mos things were trash worth only a few hundred dollars, but now, she was asking to order. He could not help but to shake his head. Luckily, he didnt heed to this womans words, otherwise he would really be regretting.

Ye Mo really wanted to pre-order and go back to continue making them, but he knew that this thing could only stop now. He could still make excuses now, but if he made too much, it would be hard to explain. Plus, this thing has been exposed too much due to that old monk.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo could only say, Really sorry, but Im selling these for someone else. As for whether there will be more, I really cant guarantee. Perhaps I will sell more next exhibition, but it mainly depends on whether there will be more products.

Ye Mo didnt seal the deal. After all, this money was too easy to earn. Perhaps he would need money again and could come back to earn another round. And, this exhibition happen every year; it was just held at different places.

Seeing Ye Mo say this, many people walked away in disappointment. Although they were disappointed, they didnt regret too much. After all, it was just a magic artefact. No one had really seen its powers.

However, only the middle-aged man and the old monk didnt leave. Even An Yan left in anger cursing Ye Mo countless times.

Im Yi Jiuhe, Im running a few companies, and this is my card. If you need any help, please ask. Then, Ye Jiuhe took out his card. His many years of experience in the business industry made him feel that Ye Mo wasnt an ordinary person. Thus, he wanted to connect with him, so he left a card. Ye Mo didnt have a card nor did he have a phone, so he could only say something polite.

After waiting for a while, Ye Mo didnt give him a name card. Although Yi Jiuhe was disappointed, he saw that the old monk wanted to talk to Ye Mo so he could only take his two daughters and leave.

Dad, this is the first time I see you give a name card, but the person didnt give one back, one of the girls following Yi Jiuhe said.

Sister, youre wrong, its not that this person doesnt want to give a card to dad. See, he didnt even have a bank card, how can he have a name card? I think he probably doesnt even have a phone. Perhaps this thing really was made by a master living in the mountains who gave it to him to sell, the other girl immediately rebuked.

Yi Jiuhes eyes brightened up. He immediately realized that Ye Mo quite possibly didnt have name card and wasnt that he didnt want to be connected to him. Then, he couldnt help but to pat the head of the girl and say, Mhm, Yan Yan is right, he doesnt look like an arrogant person. He is truly a master. And you two need to remember to wear your necklace at all times.

Seeing the middle-aged man leave with his two girls and Ye Mos stall was empty, the old monk said, Im Wu Guang from Jue Yun Temple, what is your surname, patron?

Ye Mo thought and looked at the small ancient character at the edge of the old monks sleeve and asked, May I ask elder Wu Guang if youre from the ancient martial arts sects?

The old monk nodded and said, Ancient martial arts isnt easy, they usually dont come into the world. Im just a normal monk in Jue Yun Temple, however, I came to this exhibition to help some ancient martial arts sects to sell some things. I do have a few things I wish to inquire patron, do you have time, patron?

Ye Mo was greatly disappointed. So the people here werent really from the ancient martial arts sects, but those who came to sell their things. It seemed it would be hard for him to ask about Luo Susu.
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