Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Relocation

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
At this moment, Lin Huihe and his friends had come back. Although Ye Mo had no interest in asking what they bought, Lin Huihe excitedly showed Ye Mo the magic artefact he had just bought.

This was a spirit calming magic artefact. It would help with sleeping when put at the bedside. Although it looked exquisite on the outside, the effects were too bad. If it was not long before, perhaps Ye Mo would help him improve it. But now, Ye Mo had lost interest and casually said it wasnt bad.

Brother Ye, did you finish selling as well? If youre finished, then lets go? From Lin Huihes perspective, it would be very lucky if Ye Mo could even sell his things for a few thousand.

Ye Mo smiled and said, Brother Lin, you go back first, I still have some things to do. Ill go visit you later. Oh, I also have a bag of tea here. A friend gave it to me, its yours now.

Seeing Ye Mo was busy, Lin Huihe didnt mind too much. He took the tea and left with his friend.

After Lin Huihe left, Ye Mo just constantly sat in his stall and didnt shop around. He just kept his spirit sense on that bleak looking man. If he didnt get this rock, he wouldnt give up.

With such a big piece, he could make two storage rings.

Although An Yan wanted to go up and ridicule Ye Mo, she saw Ye Mos annoyed complexion and remembered the ferocious way he told her to piss off and held back on her actions.

However, Ye Mo noticed that the man who bought the stone didnt leave and still walked around. However, Ye Mo was patient. Even if the man stayed till dark, he wouldnt mind. And, Ye Mo also noticed that a long-haired man followed that man but the two didnt talk.

After that man walked around for another 20 minutes, he finally made his way to the exit. Ye Mo just kept his spirit sense on him and didnt walk up. As expected, the man wandered around the exit for another while before leaving. Ye Mo noticed that he actually left from the safety exit. The long-haired man didnt leave with him.

Ye Mo immediately used an invisibility magic and followed.

Because An Yan was still annoyed due to the necklace, she had her eyes on Ye Mo, but when she blinked, she actually found that Ye Mo disappeared. She thought she looked wrong and rubbed her eyes, but Ye Mo really disappeared. She was dazed.

She didnt know if she blinked for too long or she was seeing things.

This bleak man had a hand bag and walked beside an Audi. He looked around and took out a cigarette but wasnt in a rush to leave. It seemed that he was waiting for someone.

If he was Stage 2 Chi Gathering, Ye Mo would probably kill this man or knock him out and take the Space Abyss Rock. But at this moment, that was unnecessary. He thought he would have to follow his car but since this man didnt leave, that would save more time.

Ye Mo just took the rock without even using a substitute in invisibility.

He left immediately. If he couldnt make a storage ring before he went to Beijing, then he at least needed to prepare the other materials.

Before the man finished smoking, the long-haired man walked over. The two really were together. The two nodded upon arrival as the bleak man reached inside the bag in his hand. He wanted to take the Space Abyss Rock out and show it to the long-haired man.

But when he reached his hand in, his face rapidly changed. He found that the rock he spent 200k on was gone. He really did leave it in there and the bag was always in his hand, so how would it disappear? Plus, with his power, how could he not know someone stole something from him?

Xu Mu, whats wrong? The latter man noticed something was wrong and asked.

The man called Xu Mu just held the bag without replying immediately.

Did you lose it? that long haired man nervously asked. From his expression, one could tell how much it meant for him.

The man called Xu Mu shook his head. No, that thing is still there

Hearing Xu Mus words, the long-haired man felt relieve. Since that thing is still there, what are you afraid of, sigh.

But I felt I lost something thousands of times more precious than that Xu Mu shook his head. His face was bleak.

Stop bull shitting, what could be more precious than the attacking artefacts from the hidden sects. We spent 50 million getting that. Master said if he finished his solitary training, he will be able to breakthrough. Then, he will go see Qian Longtou. Even if he doesnt breakthrough, Qian Longtou would be more cautious with him with this attacking artefact, the long haired man said.

The man called Xu Mu frowned and answered after a long time, Its because I feel the thing I lost is the spirit sensing stone master said. Master said that there is a type of stone where if you hold it in your hands and close your eyes feeling it with your body, you will have this feeling of spreading your spirit. You can even feel its vastness as well as an indescribable feel of space time. This stone is really important in helping me breakthrough.

Speaking till now, he looked at the long-haired man and said, If that was the spirit sensing stone and master got it, then he would have a greater chance in breaking through. Perhaps we can use this stone to breakthrough in the future. This stone that makes you feel a vastness is priceless. Dont you think it is so much more precious than the thing we came to buy?

There really is such a stone? Then for a true ancient martial artists like master, that stone would be The long-haired man didnt speak the rest, but Xu Mu knew what he meant. If that stone really was the spirit sensing stone, then it would definitely worth more than that 50 million attacking artefact.

Xu Mus face was serious. It should be him, otherwise, why did he keep such a close eye on it? It meant that he knew how special the stone was. It was because he wanted to buy that made me make my decision. Only he would have the motive to steal it, now that the stone has disappeared.

You sure you werent being followed? The long-haired man soon understood. If things were really as Xu Mu said, then that stone really would be so much more precious.

Xu Mu shook his head. Definitely not, perhaps Xu Mu suddenly subconsciously looked at the exhibition and said to the long-haired man, Lets go in again, tell the organizer to close the doors and investigate.

The long-haired man frowned and said, In that case, were telling Metal River that we have come?

So what if they know? Metal River is Uncle Metals and masters, not Wu Xuemings. If master wasnt in solitary training now, Uncle Metal would have gotten rid of him with his cockiness and subvert disobedience to Uncle Metals words. Well let him jump around for a few days. He had already forgotten who had given him his authority. Xu Mus bleak face seemed bleaker with his bleak tone.

The long-haired man nodded. That Wu Xueming has been too arrogant recently.

Then, the two went back to the exhibition.

Ye Mo returned to the clinic in a good mood, but he saw Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu discussing something. They hurried to greet Ye Mo upon seeing his return.

What is it that youre so happy about? Ye Mo asked casually seeing both of them were so happy.

Master, Xiaozhen has found a mansion. Its just a bit far and the price is 1.8 million. Because this family is in a rush to leave, the price isnt too high, Yu Erhu replied.

Ye Mo was also very happy hearing that they have found a new place. He didnt mind it being distant. He wanted it to be far and discrete. He immediately gave that check to Lu Xiaozhen, Use this money to buy the mansion, the faster the better.

Lu Xiaozhen took the check. Looking at the numbers on it, she almost screamed. Master just went out for half a day and brought back 2 million. This was too absurd.

But then she immediately thought of Ye Mos words and dragged Yu Erhu with her. But before she left, she remembered something and asked, Master give me your ID.

Ye Mo waved his hand. Use your own, time is of the essence.

Lu Xiaozhen poked her tongue out but also knew of Ye Mos character, so she didnt ask anymore.

The reason Ye Mo wanted to move so quickly was because Lin Huihe knew he went, and Lin Huihe knew where he lived. If someone wanted to, it wouldnt be hard for that person to find him.

Moreover, he got the Space Abyss Rock today. Other people didnt know of its value, but he did. He just didnt know if that bleak looking man bought the rock due to the same reasons, but regardless, he needed to be alert.

Of course, the main reason was because he wanted to plant his Silver Heart Grass there. Although it didnt die here, but it didnt seem to be very alive. Instead of waiting for it to die here, it would be better to change places. If that place still didnt work out, then he might really move back to Ning Hai.

Although Lu Xiaozhen just graduated less than a year ago, she did things very fast. It was only a week, and she had done all the procedures right away. Plus, that family was in a hurry to sell the house, so they had already moved in within a week.
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