Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Dongfang Xis Shenanigans

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In fact, the Ye Family dislikes Ye Mo right now. We know this. Before, we targeted the Ye Family using Ye Mo as an excuse. The Ye Familys fate doesnt concern Ye Mo at all. We were attacking the Ye Family just to receive the benefits the Song Family promisec us. Now, theres no need for us to have conflict with the Song Family. Instead, we should have a truce with the Ye Family, Dongfang Xi said with confidence.

Then what should we do? Ye Mo killed my son. No matter how strong he is, I will still kill him. I wont be able to rest unless he is dead. Qian Longtou was used to his power. Although Ye Mo was absurdly strong, it was impossible for him to give up revenge.

Dongfang Xi calmly said, Of course we wont let Ye Mo go, but since the Song Family wants to use us as a bait, then we might as well do the same. Ye Mos power is indeed out of our expectation. but the Song Family doesnt know that now. In their eyes, Ye Mo is still the same Ye Mo.

If we arrange a conflict between the Song Family and Ye Mo while we spice their conflict and make it bitter until it reaches Ye Mos bottom line, once Ye Mo is infuriated, with his personality, he would definitely go look for big trouble with the Song Family.

Qian Longtou frowned. Even if Ye Mo were to do that, the Song Family wouldnt be able to keep him. He would be able to run away easily.

Its wrong to think like that, Big Brother. On the surface, the Song Family isnt as infamous as us, Nan Qing, but dont underestimate the five big families of China. None of them is easy to deal with. They definitely have some hidden power which wont be unleashed until in times of crisis. And, Ye Mos personality is very decisive. If he is infuriated, then we can create the situation of him and the Song Family fighting to the death.

Speaking till now, Dongfang Xi took out a board of Weiqi and a few white pieces on the table before continuing, Once Ye Mo and the Song Family start fighting, the government would definitely side with the Song Family. It could be said that Ye Mo would be gang banged and hunted by the government. Then, he added another white piece.

Qian Longtou couldnt help but to say, Although Ye Mo was kicked out of the Ye Family, but it should be impossible for the Ye Family to hunt Ye Mo.

Meanwhile, Dongfang Xi assertively said, I can be sure that the Ye Family would definitely agree. This time, the Ye Family is tricked too and forced to fight with us Nan Qing. The Song Familys trick was obvious, but they couldnt do anything about it. If we put ourselves with a lower attitude and even compensate for some of their losses, the Ye Family wouldnt reject us for someone they abandoned.

Lang Ji seemed to understand a bit but said, If Ye Mo escaped, we still wouldnt be able to do anything to him? Plus, with his power, it doesnt seem hard for him to escape.

Lang Ji had seen Ye Mos power. He didnt think he was exaggerating at all. Ye Mo indeed had the means to escape.

At this moment Dongfang Xi put the white pieces all around the black and said, Look, this is the governments hunt, this is the Ye Family and Song Family and even us Nan Qing. The only way he can escape is here.

Then, Dongfang XI pointed to the gap. He cant take plane so the only way he can leave is from the ocean. And would we be afraid of anyone in the ocean? So, we want him to run. This way, with Ye Mos power, the Song Family would suffer heavy losses after their fight, and Ye Mo would be trapped and hunted by us in the ocean.

I just wont believe that our entire army with this much fire power cant keep a Ye Mo. Even if he can go invisible, he cant go invisible against bullets. No matter how strong his fire ball is, can it be stronger than a rocket?

Then, Dongfang Xi put a black piece at the gap, and in front of it, he put multiple black pieces again. He smiled and said, This is called the black eating the black.

Great.Qian Longtou palmed the table and his frowned eyebrows relaxed a bit, but then he asked again, But how can we make the Song Family infuriate Ye Mo?

Dongfang Xi frowned and said after some time, It would be best to capture and kill someone close to him or kidnap them and bait him into the Song Family. We arent so easily used even if were given benefits.

Qian Longtou laughed loud. Right, well use Dongfang Brothers way. Only that would make me feel satisfied. Hmph, so what if theyre the Song Family? But Ye Mo had been kicked out of the Ye Family, who would be his closest person? Lang Ji asked this question for everyone.

Dongfang Xi suddenly laughed. This person is very easy to find. Its Ning Qingxue. Before, Ning Qingxue used Ye Mo as a shield and faked their marriage, but Im sure this fake has become the real thing. I dont know about Ye Mo, but from our information, Ning Qingxue didnt file divorce, meaning, that she might have actually fallen in love with Ye Mo.

I dont completely understand Ye Mos character but I know that if he knows the Song Family had harmed Ning Qingxue or was taken away by some silk trousers of the Song Family, then he would be enraged. At that time, well add some oil to the flame. It would be best if we can get some photos or something and send it to Ye Mo making him sure that the Song Family did it. If we reach this step, then everything will go according to plan.

Li Sandao looked at the collected and smooth Dongfang Xi and just suddenly felt shivers on his back. This guy even took peoples character into his calculations and made hunts for Ye Mo from multiple sides all for the eventual benefit of Nan Qing. This man was too hideous and scary.

Lang Ji, send people immediately to discover Ning Qingxues whereabouts and do as Dongfang Xi says. Ye Mo is in Luo Cang now, try to get the news to him, Qian Longtou said decisively.

Yes. Although Lang Jis hand was disabled, his martial arts was still there. Compared to Wu Qiang, he was more favored by Qian Longtou.

Of course Ning Qingxue didnt know about this. She was staying with Chi Wanqing in her company at Luo Cang. Although they werent able to stay with Ye Mo, they got along well. She even talked with Chi Wanqing more than Li Mumei.

Because the two had a common topic, Ye Mo, they even shared the bits and memories of Ye Mo they had.

Perhaps their longing was too deep, Ning Qingxue even told Chi Wanqing about taking photos in pyjamas with Ye Mo, and when Ye Mo looked at her body when she was asleep. It was as though telling her these would make Ning Qingxue feel that Ye Mo didnt leave her and was just by her side.

Of course, Chi Wanqing didnt hide the fact that she took off her pants in front of Ye Mo. It was unexpected that the two girls became closer and closer talking about these trivial memories and even slept together at night. There were many times Ning Qingxue wanted to leave Luo Cang and go back, but she didnt dare to leave. It was as though once she left, all her ties with Ye Mo would be severed.

And the only tie was Chi Wanqing. Sometimes, she felt her thinking was very weird but she couldnt control it.

Of course Ye Mo didnt know Ning Qingxue was in Luo Cang and neither did Ning Qingxue. If she knew, perhaps she and Chi Wanqing wouldve came ages ago.

Although both sides didnt know, they couldnt hide it from Nan Qing despite Luo Cang being Metal Rivers region.

Lang Ji didnt need to do it himself to capture two women. He just ordered it, and as for how they took them, he only needed to send a few men. Plus, the two were living in the same company. This wasnt hard for them at all.

Chi Wanqings company wasnt in the rural district, but they had a factory in the rural area. She and Ning Qingxue didnt live in the factory but at the company. The ownership to the business building was under her mums name, but now, after her mum helped her establish the company, the company was pretty much Chi Wanqings.

The five men sent by Lang Ji were decent in fighting power, but they didnt plan to abduct Ning Qingxue at the building because there were security around the building after all.

They plan to wait outside after the two finished eating dinner and abduct both of them. As for Chi Wanqing, although she wasnt a target, but since they were abducting Ning Qingxue, she couldnt be let off.

Of course Ye Mo didnt know of Qian Longtous plan. After moving to his new place, he moved the Silver Heart Grass seeds over. After this was done, he was prepared to go to Beijing.

Before he left, he specially told Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu to set up the online clinic. After all, selling artefacts wasnt too secure, and he needed lots of money for his future cultivation. He needed a stable source of income, otherwise, always going out to make money wasnt good for his cultivation.

Ye Mo planned to go straight for Qian Longtou after coming back from Beijing, but he needed to leave the border if he wanted to do that. He could only go to Li Hu for help if he wanted to cross the border.
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