Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 129

Chapter 129: I Miss Him

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Although Ning Qingxue didnt want to leave Luo Cang, Ning Qingxue knew she had to leave. Not only was her parents rushing her, she also felt she needed to go back and think what sort of feelings she had for Ye Mo. Why couldnt she let it go?

Qingxue, youre troubled? Chi Wanqing knew Ning Qingxue should be thinking about Ye Mo, but shestill couldnt help but to ask. After asking, she found her question to be unnecessary.

Ning Qingxue shook her head. Wanqing, I think I should leave. Some people, its better to think about them at heart. You dont have to get them or be with them. I think time will take away everything

Chi Wanqing fell silent. She didnt know how to comfort Ning Qingxue because she felt the exact same. They originally thought Ye Mo didnt have someone he liked and Ning Qingxue seemed to have fallen in love. Other than admitting she liked Ye Mo, she told her everything else. Whether it was Ning Qingxue or that masked woman, they were all better than her.

She couldnt reply to Ning Qingxue because she was also a part of it too. The two were just walking silently with not one of them wanting to bring up that topic again because the topic they liked have become melancholic over time.

But at this moment, a few people suddenly charged from behind them. The two people sliced with their palm to the necks of Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing. Another two followed wanting to bring the two away.

Chi Wanqing always stayed in the army and had quick reactions. She subconsciously avoided her neck but her shoulder still received a strike. It was burning with pain. She immediately knew things werent good, but before she could react, the other two charged towards her.

Ning Qingxue didnt have any reactions, but when that palm was close to her neck, a faint yellow circle emitted from Ning Qingxues bracelet and formed a barrier. The person who tried to attack her was shot back meters away by the yellow barrier. He sat on the ground in shock looking at Ning Qingxue. He still didnt know what shot him away. It seemed to be a yellow light, but now he saw nothing.

Meanwhile, Ning Qingxue looked at her wrist in shock. She clearly heard a crack from her bracelet as though something exploded. Then, a yellow light shot out from her wrist and formed a yellow ray of barrier. Although it was in a short instant, it had already deflected her attacker meters away.

What happened? the two attacking Chi Wanqing rush to the man on the ground and asked. This thing was out of their expectation. Not only was Chi Wanqing stronger than anticipation, Ning Qingxue seemed to be countless times stronger than Chi Wanqing. She seemed to know evil magic. A yellow light flashed ,and they were shot out meters away. This was too absurd.

If both women were this strong, then the 5 of them wouldnt be enough.

Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue reacted. They knew that someone was attacking them. Although Chi Wanqing didnt know what that yellow light was from Ning Qingxues hand, it didnt mean she wasnt going to counter attack. Her reaction was faster than those few people and didnt even think before calling, Little Wolf, go bite them.

A black shadow dashed, and the man still fighting with Ning Qingxue was bitten on the neck. The man immediately turned to run, but just when he reached his partners, he fell to the ground.

Retreat. The last man who came saw four of them failed capturing the two women and one of them was down. He immediately knew there was a wrong estimation by his boss, so he immediately called to retreat.

Little Wolf, come back. Chi Wanqing saw the four take away the man on the ground and Little Wolf was still going to attack so she stopped it. She knew Little Wolf would kill. These few wanted to kidnap them. It didnt seem alright to her to kill them all, and she had to hurry and tell her father.

Ning Qingxue had completely awoke and looked at Chi Wanqing in surprise. Wanqing, was that Little Wolf the one you told me Ye Mo gave to you?

Chi Wanqing nodded. Yes, Little Wolf is quite strong. Those that it bites will die unless Ye brother saves him.

Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of the yellow light in her hand. She looked down and saw that the 3 beads on her wrist had one broken.

It was the jade bead of the bracelet? Ning Qingxue mumbled and she was dumbfounded.

Qingxue, there was a yellow light from your hand and it formed a barrier deflecting your attacker. What was that? Chi Wanqing also asked.

Ning Qingxue didnt seem to hear Chi Wanqings words and just mumbled, So the bracelet he gave Jingwen has such effect, this No wonder he calls it the six beads of fortune. This is what it meant, it can block bad fortune 6 times.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxue felt bitter. He gave the bracelet to Jingwen, and Little Wolf to Wanqing but he didnt give anything to her. She suddenly felt bad, was she really that atrocious?

Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue felt guilty. Why should he give something to her? He helped her block the demon from the Song family and saved her life, he

Right, last time, Su Jingwen said she thought Ye Mo was the master who sold the runic charm and later knew he wasnt, but didnt she have a few runic charms on her now? Ning Qingxue suddenly took out the fireball charm and looked at it, but eventually, she didnt test it and just grabbed it in her hands.

Qingxue, whats wrong? Chi Wanqing asked.

She suddenly thought of Su Jingwen. After knowing the meaning of six beads of fortune, would she regret giving it to her? She also thought wrong of Ye Mos hearty gift.

But even if she did, the beads of her bracelet were still given to Su Jingwen by Ye Mo. The bitterness in Ning Qingxue grew. Regardless of authenticity, she was his wife, but

No, Ning Qingxue suddenly though that Ye Mo did give her something. Wasnt the things in the box given to her by him, much less, he lived with her for more than 20 days.

Although she took them, but Ye Mo also came back once and treated her using the medicine inside. But, Ye Mo didnt take anything in there away, not even his identity. And, those three beads were in the box too, but he didnt take them away either.

What did this mean? This mean that Ye Mos things were for her. Sometimes, things didnt have to be said out loud.

What was in that box? Identity, runic charm, letter, medicine bottles, golden needles and some money and receipt. This was all he had at the time. He gave her everything he had.

But what did she give Ye Mo? Other than using him as a shield and wasting his money, she even caused him to be hunted down by the Song Family.

And now, she was blaming Ye Mo for not giving her something. Was she really a bad woman? Ning Qingxue took out a few runic charms and held them tightly in her hands while tears circulated in her eyes. Sorry, Ye Mo. I miss you. At this moment, she finally realized that she really did love Ye Mo not due to other reasons.

Ning Qingxue had never thought that she would finally understand herself after being ambushed. Sometimes, could memory really be washed away by time? Some people just couldnt be forgotten even with time.

Qingxue, are you okay Chi Wanqing saw the tears Ning Qingxue tried to hold back and asked worriedly.

I miss him For the first time, Ning Qingxue didnt find an excuse and just said she missed Ye Mo.
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