Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 135

Chapter 135: That 1%

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
The Ye Family wouldve never thought that Nan Qing, whom they were in heavy conflict with, would suddenly come asking for cooperation and even compensate for their losses. Their only request was for the Ye Family to help the Song Family in dealing with Ye Mo.

The two great families of China plus the greatest gang would be fighting a mere Ye Mo. The Ye Family could already foresee Ye Mos fate, but unexpectedly, before the Ye Family had made up their mind, the Nan Qing people suddenly went back and only left behind contact details.

Although this seemed simple, the leader of the family, Ye Beirong, didnt immediately agree to Nan Qings request and instead opened a meeting. Different from the previous ones, Ye Zifeng was included in the meeting. Ye Zifeng was Ye Mos younger brother.

Ye Beirong was straightforward about the situation and asked everyone to voice their opinion.

Grandpa, although Ye Mos my brother, I wouldnt go out of my way to talk for him. From the familys perspective, we cant agree to Nan Qings request. No matter what, Ye Mo is from the Ye Family. If were going to hunt someone from our own family, were using our own stick to beat ourselves. We would just be making a joke out of ourselves, as soon as Ye Beirong finished talking, Ye Zifeng spoke.

No one wouldve thought the first one to talk would be Ye Zifeng not just because he was the youngest, but also because it was his first time participating in the family meeting.

As soon as Ye Zifeng finished, Ye Huang stood up and said, Zifeng, thats wrong, Ye Mo is no longer a part of the Ye Family. The entire Beijing knows this. Saying hes from the Ye Family is an insult to us. I think this is a great opportunity for our family. Not only can we resolve our conflict with Nan Qing, but we can also make our business return to its former state. Theres not a single harm in this.

Ye Zifeng immediately said, What do you mean, Ye Huang? Even if Ye Mo isnt the biological son of my father, hes still been living in the family for so many years. So what if I call him brother. Is my brother not a part of the Ye Family? You actually agreed to help Nan Qing attack Ye Mo, do you have no shame.

You Ye Huang immediately stood up and was about to argue, but Ye Beiguang coughed on the side, and Ye Huang realized this was a family meeting and quickly sat down. However, the fury in his eyes grew.

Ye Beirong didnt seem to see the fight between the two younger generations and slowly looked at the others and asked, What do you guys think?

Ye Long said, I think Ye Huang is right, Ye Mo is indeed no longer a part of the Ye Family. Its hard for Nan Qing to release such a signal of peace. Moreover, they are even willing to compensate us. I think we should accept it. After all, our fight with the Song Family is clear, so we should join forces with Nan Qing and trap Ye Mo even if its just for show.

I agree, Ye Wenjin said.

I also agree, Ye Wenqi said.


No one didnt agree except for Ye Zifeng and Ye Beirong who hadnt said his opinion. Besides Ye Beirong sat an old man who also didnt say anything. Other than them, everyone else agreed with Ye Longs words.

Ye Zifengs face was pale. However, Ye Huang looked at him in satisfaction.

Ye Zifeng didnt say anything. He understood that if there was anyone in the Ye Family who was willing to help Ye Mo, it would only be him. Even his sister, Ye Ling, looked down on Ye Mo and hoped Ye Mo would get kicked out.

However, his power was limited. When Ye Mo was studying at Ning Hai, he could only send some of his pocket money to Wang Ying for Ye Mo to use. At this moment, Ye Zifeng just wanted to notify Ye Mo quickly to tell him not to come to Beijing. He was really worried, but he suddenly thought of something. His grandpa knew that only he thought Ye Mo was still part of the family. Why did he still let him participate in this family meeting?

Thinking about this, Ye Zifeng shook with excitement. Did his grandpa think the same way?

Ye Zifeng never thought Ye Mo wasnt his brother. As for blood testing that Ye Mo wasnt of the same father as him, Ye Zifeng didnt believe that at all. He knew that his big uncle hoped to kick them both out of the family. However, grandpa liked his father and him better. They couldnt kick him out, so they made up drama on Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo wasnt so achieving and allowed them to find a reason to kick him out, he, Ye Zifeng was always careful and wouldnt let them get a hold of him. However, his sister, Ye Ling, was still immature and was getting more distant with him and Ye Mo, and was instead getting closer with the people on his great uncles side.

What do you think, Brother Jing? Ye Beirong suddenly looked at that old man sitting on the side.

Everyone in the family knew this Brother Jing wasnt of the Ye Family. As for why he could appear in this meeting, no one knew.

This old man smiled and said, Beirong, youre making things hard for me. I shouldnt intervene with your family issues. After all, Im not surnamed Ye.

However, Ye Beirong actually nodded after hearing this and said, Okay, thank you for your hint, I understand.

Everyone else looked at the leader in surprise, not knowing what he understood. That Brother Jing obviously said he didnt want to say anything. What did the leader understand?

Ye Beirong sighed. There were too little elite men from the Ye Family. In all of these people, he couldnt find one suitable heir. He already understood Brother Jings words. He meant that Ye Mo was from the Ye Family, so it was the Ye Familys business. He also specially pointed out that he wasnt surnamed Ye. This meant that other than him, Ye Mo and everyone else was named Ye, but no one understood this meaning.

Ye Beirong wasnt an idiot. If Ye Mo was a simple person, then Nan Qing wouldnt need to use the Ye Family and Song Family to deal with him. It could be seen that Ye Mo had completely changed and was no longer the Ye Mo they knew. As for what encounters Ye Mo had, Ye Beirong didnt know. He only needed to know that Ye Mo was someone even Nan Qing felt threatened by.

Ye Beirong really wanted to see Ye Mo right now and see what sort of a person he had changed to. Even the leader of Nan Qing, Qian Longtou, felt so threatened by him. Even the Song Family couldnt do anything to them. Everyone in the Ye Family knew now that Ye Mo killed Song Shaowen. Not only the Ye Family, but many people in Beijing knew this.

Ye Beirong coughed and said, Although Ye Mo isnt a part of the Ye Family now, some things are hard to judge. For example, the DNA test was erroneous or some other misunderstandings may have occurred. Right now, we shouldnt conclude this. After all, Ye Mo also stayed in the Ye Family. After being kicked out and hunted, the most extreme we should go to is not care. If we are to follow and hunt him too, then our Ye Family would seem too shabby.

Ye Beirong paused and looked at everyone before continuing, So, theres no need for us to help Nan Qing hunt Ye Mo to further undermine our reputation. Our family isnt sustained using this relationship. And, Nan Qing attacked our business. No matter what, we are going to make them pay. We need to let them remember that the Ye Family fears no one, even Nan Qing. Ye Long, immediately go investigate what Ye Mo had done recently and report to me.

Hearing the leaders words, Ye Wenjin seemed hesitant.

Speak if you have something to say. Ye Beirong saw Ye Wenjins hesitation.

Father, if we search for news of Ye Mo, arent we telling Nan Qing that Ye Mo is really important to us? In that case, arent we exacerbating our problems with Nan Qing? Ye Wenjin asked.

Ye Beirong sneered. I really feel ashamed for all of you. Is our family supposed to fear a gang organization? If we cant even fend off Nan Qing, then theres no point to our existence. Plus, even if Nan Qing doesnt look for our trouble, are we to let them go? Although his voice was no longer young, his attitude was extremely firm.

After all, Dongfang Xi wasnt a god. He was already sure that 99% of the people in the Ye Family would agree to hunt Ye Mo, but he didnt calculate that 1 %. Sometimes, not much people was needed to make the deciding call.

Regardless, Nan Qing couldnt even help themselves now, much less have time for Ye Familys business.

When Ye Mo returned to Luo Cang and took his things, he took another $20k and addressed Lu Xiaozhu and Yu Erhu on the online clinic before leaving for Beijing.

Although he killed Qian Longtou this time and could take the money there, Ye Mo didnt. First, he wasnt short on money, and another was that Ye Mo would get Lang Ji to find spirit herbs for him. That would cost a lot, so he didnt take any money from Nan Qing.
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