Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 14

Chapter 14: He Doesn't Exist

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Ye Mo returned to his living place, but Xu Wei hadnt come back yet. Although he helped take her shift, he also earned tens of thousands of dollars which was something to celebrate for Ye Mo who had almost run out of money. However, this sort of thing could only be done once; otherwise, his identity might get exposed. Right now, he didnt have the ability for self-defense. Revealing his identity and some of his powers right now werent the smartest thing to do. This world should be far more dangerous than it appeared to be.

Xu Wei came back the second day. Her eyes looked red and swollen. Something seemed to have happened but Ye Mo wasnt that close with her, so he didnt ask her what had happened.

In the following days, other than going to school, Ye Mo cultivated and practiced martial arts. Because he had earned more money, he postponed setting up a stall in the night market again. Ye Mo found it to be strange that ever since Su Mei suffered from his treatment last time, she didnt come looking for him again. But this was for the better anyway and saved Ye Mo a lot of trouble.

What Ye Mo didnt know was that some people were looking for him now. Other than Su Jingwen who bought the charms from him, there was also the old man he saved at the hospital. On top of that, even Wang Peng was looking for him because ever since the charm selling guy kicked him, his wrist didnt have any strength left. As soon as he tensed it, it would dislocate, and even after relocating it, it would still behave the same way.

Nevertheless, even the old man saved by Ye Mo was turning the entire Li Kang hospital over and still couldnt find someone called Ye Mo. It was though this person just appeared and disappeared from thin air.

Not only was Doctor Cui questioned, they even gathered all the doctors and nurses in the Li Kang Hospital and asked, but they just could not find that doctor who carried the medical case.

Xiao Wu was suspicious of Ye Mo because that event occurred when he was taking the shift. However, she didnt notice if Ye Mo carried a small case with him, and when she had learned from Xu Wei that Ye Mo was a jobless nomad, she had lost all of her suspicions.

If it werent for the old mans identity and the fact that his disease was actually cured, people would have thought that this whole thing was fabricated by them.


Su Jingwens mood had been great recently. Not only was her mothers condition cured, that annoying Wang Peng hadnt appeared lately as well. Even her father, who always pressured her to get closer with Wang Peng, didnt say anything. Su Jingwen was grateful towards the person who sold her the charm from the bottom of her heart. He helped her change everything.

Wenwen, did you find that person who sold you the charm? a calm yet aristocratic-looking woman who sat beside her asked.

Wenwen was, of course, Su Jingwen, and that mature lady was her mother. Ever since Su Jingwens mom awoke, Su Jingwen would spend time with her mom whenever she could.

After the shock from the spirit cleansing charm last time, Su Jingwens family had been trying hard to find Ye Mo. Not only did Su Jingwen and her mom tried to find him, but even Su Jingzhong was trying to find this magical person.

Although she already paid for that charm, they understood now that the money she gave him was probably not even worth the charm. It was because she recognized the rarity of Ye Mos charms that Su Jingwen stored the remaining charm carefully and kept it by herself. The reason she wanted to find Ye Mo was because she wanted to compensate him with more money.

Nothing, Ive been to Sea Treasure Garden many times but havent seen him once. It seems that the Wang Family is also looking for him, and Im afraid he might get into trouble with them, replied Su Jingwen. Ye Mos figure with shades and a low rim hat had already appeared in her mind countless times.

The mature lady smiled and said: Jingwen, do you think someone as magical as him would be afraid of the Wang Family? You dont need to worry, just try to notice him in the future. If you see him again, you must bring him back, I must thank him personally! But even if he doesnt want to come, you must still treat him well.

Mhmm, Su Jingwen had great curiosity towards Ye Mo in her heart, and ever since she started to wear the ghost repelling charm, she felt much more comfortable at heart. There were also countless times when she wanted to test the fireball charm, but she resisted the temptations as she only had one and there would be no more if she used it.


Of course, Ye Mo didnt know that there were so many people looking for him, but even if he knew, he would pretend that he didnt. He had quite some money right now, but the things he needed for cultivation couldnt be solved in a few days time. And with money, he didnt even need to go to the night market, so he was living very comfortably. He would spend every day between home and school. His life couldnt be simpler.

However, when he walked out the library today, Ye Mo felt that someone was following him. When he walked out of the school, this feeling grew more intense. In a corner not far from the gates of the school, Ye Mo immediately saw a parked Range Rover which seemed to have more than one person inside, and they were all paying attention to him.

Ye Mo jeered; it appeared that he was stalked by the people in this car. Ever since reincarnating here, Ye Mo had been keeping a low profile. Usually, if no one came looking for trouble with him, he wouldnt look for trouble with others either. His only problem right now was with this guy called Zheng Wenqiao, so it seemed that the people on this car might be related to that Zheng Wenqiao. Ye Mo was wondering whether he should walk up to them or lead them to a distant place and beat these people up when two yellow-haired youth got out of the Range Rover.

These two youth walked up to Ye Mo and stared at him with a slanted eye. After some time, one of them said: You are Ye Mo? We need you to come with us You cannot refuse because if you do, you will die painfully, Ye Mo smiled, he overestimated this Zheng Wenqiao, he could only get a few lackeys to do his dirty work.

The two youth blocked Ye Mo and kept him in the middle, obviously preventing Ye Mos escape. Just when they thought Ye Mo was going to refuse and prepared to teach him a lesson first, unexpectedly, Ye Mo said: Lead the way.

Fazed for a bit, one of the yellow-haired youth reacted and looked at Ye Mo: Youve got balls! Ye Mo didnt care what these two yellow-haired were saying and just followed them at a normal pace into their Range Rover. It was as though these two people were really here to greet him.

When Su Jingwen drove her car to the front gates of the Ning Hai University, she saw Ye Mo apprehended into the car by two blondes and shook her head. Of course, she knew that this student must have offended someone and was taken away. However, these things happened every day, and there wasnt anything she could do about it.

However, when she scanned across Ye Mos face, her heart moved as she started wondering why this person was so familiar to her. She realized that she had probably seen his figure somewhere, and he had this indescribable temperament. She should have seen him before and even talked to him.

Su Jingwen saw someone she potentially knew, and of course couldnt just neglect what she saw. No matter what, she needed to at least confirm his identity.

Su Jingwen immediately called the police and told them the direction the Range Rover took as it turned and followed them in her car, but she didnt dare to follow too closely as she was afraid of being discovered by the car ahead. She followed them from afar and took out a pair of binoculars to look at the Range Rover.

As expected, the Range Rover kept driving farther and farther away and was nearly in the rural areas. Su Jingwen knew that these people wanted to find a faraway place to deal with the student which could lead to his death. Right now, the Range Rover was already shaking. Perhaps these people were already torturing him, so she was getting worried, but the police still hadnt arrived.

After the Range Rover had gone for another ten minutes or so, the shaking was getting fiercer by the moment. Jingwens worry grew and grew until a police vehicle finally drove over at a moderate pace.
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