Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Big Bluff

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Li Hu stayed at the intense training quarters at Beijing. Thats not what Ye Mo expected. The defense here was serious, and there were surveillance equipment everywhere. If Li Hu didnt take him in, it would really make him sweat to come in. Plus, Ye Mo didnt know if his invisibility could evade the top grade military cameras.

And Li Hu was indeed a good friend; he didnt even investigate who Ye Mo was before bringing him in. He knew the rules, but he still did so meaning that he considered Ye Mo a true friend.

Li Hu got some food and ate as they chatted together. Ye Mo also knew this place was to train all sorts of special ops. This period, it was his turn. He was the captain of the Flying Fox Squad. Li Hu wasnt called Li Hu before, but after he joined Flying Fox, he changed his name. One could tell that he had deep feelings for this squad just from his name.

Then Flying Fox is the countrys top special ops? Ye Mo curiously asked. If that really was the case, then Ye Mo would be disappointed. Although he hadnt seen Li Hu in action, but he was at most the same level as Wen Dong or even worse. Since he was the captain, it meant that he was the strongest in Flying Fox. If even the strongest was at this standard, then the squad wasnt going to be very strong.

Li Hu didnt know Ye Mos power. In his eyes, Ye Mo was mysterious other than being straightforward. He went in and out of the desert with ease, so he knew Ye Mo was much stronger than him.

Now that Ye Mo asked, Li Hu shook his head. Our squad is a far cry from the best. However, the members of Flying Fox are pretty excellent. You have seen our missions. In harsher words, were police. In other words, we deal with the more serious criminals.

Then, Li Hu took out a card and gave it to Ye Mo. This is the money. Its supposed to be $500k, but because the thing was perfectly fine and no men were lost, my boss gave an extra $100k. Altogether its $600k; the password is all 0. Of course, I know that this is just as Feng Tian said, less than 10% of its actual worth. So Ye brother, I owe you.

Ye Mo took the card and smiled. If I didnt sell that to you, perhaps I wouldve thrown it away. Its free money I earned, no need to say anything else.

He didnt lie. When he was being hunted by the insects, he even threw his bag away. He definitely wouldnt have left this small model that he didnt know with him. Luckily, he gave it to Li Hu or his $600k wouldve been gone.

Li Hu didnt think Ye Mo would throw away something so important and thought Ye Mo was just being polite. He admired Ye Mo more for his generosity.

Brother Ye, theres also someone called Ye Mo in Beijing, and hes from the Ye Family, but its said he was kicked out of the Ye family. Haha, if that Ye Mo had 10% of your excellence, that Ye Old Man wouldve treated him like the future of the Ye Family. Li Hu and Ye Mo chatted for a while; he felt Ye Mo was very open, and soon thought of him as a friend so he talked casually.

Ye Mo smiled. Im that Ye Mo youre talking about. But Im not as powerful as you say. Treat me like the future of the Ye Family? I dont care, much less they wont.

Huh Li Hu looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didnt think that the person in front of him was the abandoned son of that Ye Family.


Zhuo Yangqing was annoyed. One was because Ye Mo went against his word and didnt wait for her at the door of the school, and another was due to Qing Xun. The more she thought, the angrier she got. It was just ten minutes time, and the doctor she had longed for was gone.

So this morning, she came to the door of Qing Hua University and wanted to see if she could wait for Ye Mo. If she couldnt, then she would ask Ye Ling and see if Ye Mo came for her.

What made her angrier was Ye Mo didnt arrive, but the person she didnt want to see the most was here. Qing Xun had some flowers and walked over, guiltily saying, Yangqing, it was my bad yesterday, Im sorry. Please accept my apology, these flowers are for you.

Zhuo Yangqing looked contemptuously at Qing Xun. Who do you think you are to apologize to me. Im telling you, from today on, I dont know you. If I go against my words, let the heavens destroy me, piss off.

Zhuo Yangqing was so angry that her fire could burn a lake dry, but Qing Xun had to come and piss her off. If it wasnt for him, then perhaps she wouldve invited Ye Mo. Now, she lost news of Ye Mo, and her grandpa was in danger. Even she couldnt forgive herself much less a mere Qing Xun.

Moreover, she had already warned him not to look for her, but today, this guy came right in the morning. She thought about how something that could be done in two minutes was dragged on for more than ten minutes by Qing Xun. In the end, all it came to was a discord, and she even missed Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo said he was Ye Lings brother, who knew if he would stay in Beijing. Everyone knew Ye Ling looked down on Ye Mo. If he left Beijing again, she would not even have a place to cry to.

Hearing Zhuo Yangqings words, Qing Xuns face turned pale. He didnt expect Zhuo Yangqing to say such determined words. This essentially severed any intentions he could have for her. He really didnt want to give up the second most prettiest girl in Beijing.

Yangqing, you actually said such words, who was that guy yesterday? Youre being so heartless with me over him, Qing Xun said with hatred.

F*ck you, who is he to me, whats that got to do with you. Hes my boyfriend, so what? Are you going to kill me? Dont appear in front of my eyes again. Then, Zhuo Yangqing turned to leave. She wanted to go to the dorms and ask Ye Ling. Although she didnt know Ye Ling well, they heard of each other.

After all, in the uni, she was ranked 2nd, and Ye Ling was ranked 3rd in terms of beauty.

Qing Xuns face was green and stared coldly at Zhuo Yangqing as evil flashed across his eyes.


In the morning when Ye Mo and Li Hu came to the training base, there were nearly 100 people already training. Ye Mo looked at these Flying Fox members. They were indeed not bad but still very immature to Ye Mo. However, it was quite decent they could achieve this in a training ground.

Ye Mo, how bout you have a few rounds with them? Li Hu saw Ye Mos smile as he looked at these members so he said.

Captain Li, is this the mysterious hero you keep telling us about? a sturdy youth came up in front of Ye Mo and said challengingly.

Li Hu looked at the youth and had an evil smile on his face. Yeah, Lu Gang, do you want to fight him?

Of course I do. Lu Gang was up for the challenge. He hoped for an immediate match, so the whole squad would know his power.

Lu Gang believed that he wouldnt lose even if he fought against Li Hu, much less a youth who looked scholarly. He was going to defeat Ye Mo and then say to Li Hu, Captain, your eyes are very good.

Ye Mo smiled. Of course, he wasnt going to be so bored and fight these people. These people werent even 1/10 as strong as Hu Qiu. He really had no interest in fighting them.

Seeing Li Hu look over, Ye Mo said, I dont want to fight, they are no match for me, even if they all come at once. Its boring for me as well.

Ye Mo didnt need to be humble; he was indeed saying the truth.

Lu Gang heard Ye Mos words, and his face was bright red. He didnt think Ye Mo would be so rude and just say he was no match for him. Not only this, he also said that the 100 of them was also no match for him; this was way too arrogant.

Great bluff, Before Lu Gang had time to say more, someone interrupted.

Elder Han how are you here? Lu Gang saw the person coming and quickly greeted with a face full of respect.

Ye Mo also saw the people who came. There were 5 of theml the leader was an old man in his 60s. Two police guards followed him, other than that, there was a man in his 30s and a girl in her 20s.

The man who said he was bluffing was the man in his 30s. He scanned across Ye Mo contemptuously.

Ye Mo sneered. He could tell the man was not bad, but at most, he was only a little stronger than Hu Qiu but still no match for him. However, that girl seemed, weak but she gave Ye Mo a much greater threat than that man.

This made Ye Mo give the girl a closer look. She looked very quiet and not too pretty but durable to look at. However, Ye Mo soon knew that she was durable to look at due to the art she was cultivating. This woman wasnt simple, perhaps she came from the hidden sects.

Ever since these few people came out, almost everyone saluted to the old man. Only Ye Mo did nothing. The man looked more unhappy.

You are Ye Mo? The one who helped Li Hu find the model? Elder Han asked.

Ye Mo answered, Yes, Im Ye Mo. I sold the data to Li Hu, I didnt specially go help him find it.
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