Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Winnings of the Battle

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Elder Han laughed. Ye Mo, you dont need to be humble. The money you took wasnt even enough for 10% of its real worth, so I can represent the country to thank you. Youve contributed greatly to the military.

Ye Mo smiled and didnt reply. He didnt have that kind of resolve. If someone gave a higher price than Li Hu and he didnt mind that person, he wouldnt have hesitated to sell it to someone else.

Seeing Ye Mo not reply, Li Hu quickly said, Elder Han was one of the commanders in the Beijing military district, hes a lieutenant, Ye Mo

Elder Han already heard Li Hus words and waved his hand. Ive heard from Li Hu of Ye Mos power in the desert. I heard from people that you were buying a phone in the market yesterday, and I knew you would come looking for Li Hu. Today, I came just to see you. You should be Wentians son, right? Sigh, Wentian was supposed to be doing great things, but he left too early, things were really harsh on you and your siblings.

Ye Mo heard this and had some good impression to this Elder Han. If somebody said this to him yesterday, he wouldnt feel anything, but after seeing how Ye Ling was, he knew how hard things were for her these years.

Elder Han is too polite, I should be the going to see you. How can you be visiting me, Ye Mo greeted.

Elder Han nodded. Ive heard about your things, but Beirong and Yuanyi are my old companions. This time, Beirong really looked wrong. You are like your father, Wentian, an elite. Youre even better than Wentian. Sigh, this time, Ning Fuzhen looked wrong too. Then, he shook his head.

Elder Hans name was Han Zaixin, one of the commanding officers at Beijing military district. Although he had retired now, he was responsible for a few special ops squads. Flying Fox was one of them; it was also the most famous squad. Flying Snow was also under his command.

Ye Mo knew who Beirong and Yuanyi was. It should be the leader of the Ye Family, Ye Beirong and the eldest of the Song family, Song Yuanyi. As for that Ning Fuzhen, he was probably from the Ning family.

After sighing for a while, Elder Han said once again, Ye Mo, if you want to come to my special ops, I can let you go to Flying Snow, thats where the best in the country are gathered. I believe you can step higher at Flying Snow squad. Plus, if you came to Flying Snow, Im willing to help you with your issues with the Ye and Song Family.

Although Li Hu didnt know Ye Mo was from the Ye family, it didnt mean that Han Zaixin didnt know. He wasnt too sure either until someone reported to him yesterday.

He was reported that Ye Mo came to Beijing yesterday and bought a phone at the supermarket. He immediately came to see what Ye Mo wanted. He wanted to see why this proclaimed human scum, Ye Mo, was so excellent in Li Hus mouth. And how could he have such enmity with the Song Family. Plus, he gave such an important military data so easily.

Now that he saw Ye Mos composed and calm manner as well as his strong confidence and defined features, Han Zaixin wanted to take him in for his talent. Although, the main thing was due to Ye Mo bringing back the data and donated it to the country, he also wanted to compensate Ye Mo in another way. As for Ye Mos power, Han Zaixin thought it wasnt bad, but it was just the same level as Li Hu. Although he was a talent, but not to the stage where Han Zaixin must have him.

But even so, he realized how terrifying gossip can be. Ye Mo was no human scum; the manner in which he faced him without fear told him that Ye Mo was no simple man. Even if it was a descendant of a big family, they would be worried and nervous seeing a lieutenant. Ye Mo only seemed to say hi after he talked about his father.

Brother Ye said that the entire Flying Fox is no match for you, Du Tao wants to test that, the man who had been behind Elder Han this whole time said at this moment.

Blasphemy, Du Tao, youre the instructor of the special ops, what are you fighting with Ye Mo for, leave, hearing Du Taos words, Elder Han reproached immediately.

Du Tao saw Elder Han say it so quickly, he backed down with a face of disappointment. Although he was the vice head of the police department in Beijing and one of the instructors for the special ops, he was still a member of Flying Snow.

Ye Mo smiled and looked at Du Tao. You are also no match for me, theres no point in fighting you. He wouldnt be polite to this guy. And, he didnt want to keep a low profile in Beijing, he would teach those who needed a lesson.

You. Du Tao was regretful that he couldnt teach this arrogant Ye Mo a lesson and now that he was mocked, he was more furious. He immediately bowed to elder Han: Head, please allow me to spar with Ye Mo, Ill control myself and wont hurt him.

Originally, Han Zaixin didnt want Du Tao to fight Ye Mo. Du Tao was an intermediate stage yellow level martial artist, no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he would only be on the same level as Li Hu and not even reach into the ranks of martial artists. How could he be a match for Du Tao. However, he was really surprised that Ye Mo said such words.

In that case, he really wanted to see how strong Ye Mo was. He nodded and said, Okay, since you guys want to fight, then stop appropriately.

Du Tao was his trusted man, and Ye Mo was a youth he liked and was Ye Beirongs grandson. If Ye Beirong knew he was very excellent, he would take Ye Mo back into the family. Plus, he contributed an inestimable military data. Although it was still being evaluated, Han Zaixin knew that model was worth more than 30 million USD, and many of its worth were still unknown. This was one of the reasons why he took another look at Ye Mo and came over personally.

Unexpectedly, Ye Mo still said, I wont fight with you. My abilities are for killing. Im not interested in playing with people. Although your leg martial arts are not bad, Ive met someone who is 10 times better than you with legs, but he only managed 20 moves under my hand before I disabled his legs.

Ye Mo talked without any concern. He could easily tell that Du Taos martial arts was in his legs, but no matter how good they were, could they be better than Wu Qiangs? In Ye Mos eyes, if Du Tao were to fight Wu Qiang, it wouldnt take 50 moves before Du Tao was a dead man.

With Elder Hans permission, Du Tao was already rubbing his hands pumped to teach Ye Mo a lesson, but now he heard Ye Mo say that he disabled a persons legs in such a nonchalant tone, his face looked bad.

At this moment, the young girl next to Elder Han noticed Ye Mo. She originally thought Ye Mo was ordinary, but why was he was so arrogant? And did Ye Mo really see that all of Du Taos prowess was in his legs? How did he see it?

Ye Mo could see her powers, but she couldnt see a bit of Ye Mos at all.

Oh. Hearing Ye Mos words, Elder Han was interested. He knew that Du Taos leg arts was not bad. This Ye Mo could tell in one eye. Was there really not much difference between the two?

Thinking that Ye Mo might not be much weaker than Du Tao, Elder Hans eyes were excited. He needed human resources the most now. Ye Mo was cold, and he seemed very generous and decisive, not to mention he was still so young. If he was as strong as Du Tao, then taking him into the special forces would mean

Thinking about this, Elder Han could no longer resist and immediately said, Okay, then well bring out some winnings, Ill sponsor that. Whoever wins, Ill let him go into the extreme weapon vault and choose a weapon.

As soon as he heard extreme weapon vault, Du Taos eyes lit up. He once had a dagger from the vault, and that helped him through countless dangerous missions. However, he lost it in a mission in Tibet and felt regretful since then. If he could get a strong weapon from the vault, his power would up a level.

Ye Mo was disinterested. What weapon could be stronger than the ones he made. He didnt care at all. If he had the material, he wouldve made a weapon for himself already.

Seeing Ye Mos lack of interest, Li Hu quickly said, Brother Ye, dont underestimate the vault. Its all the top quality materials, some are made of materials youve never heard of. A major part of it is from the hidden sects.

Hearing that they were from the hidden sects, Ye Mo was a little interested but not too excited. He said casually, Dont they say the hidden sects things are hardly seen in the ordinary world? How could it be found in the extreme weapon vault?

Li Hu smiled. Brother Ye, youre not quite simple knowing about the hidden sects, but the weapons in the vault are not bought but traded with materials. Normally, the country would look for rare materials in all sorts of strange places. Then, these materials are given to the hidden sects which are used to trade for some special weapons.

Hearing Li Hus explanation, Ye Mos eyes lit up. Wasnt he looking around for material? How complete would a countrys collection be. His storage ring was still missing some material and couldnt be forged. If he could find some high quality material, then it would be a gift from heaven.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo walked in front of Elder Han and bowed once again. Elder Han, I dont want the weapons in the vault, I would rather have a few pieces of material, what do you think?

Elder Han heard Li Hus words just then and now that Ye Mo asked, he couldnt help but smile. The materials are used to trade for weapons, of course its fine if you want them, but you need to win first. If you can win against Du Tao, Ill let you choose ten.

Ye Mo smiled. Okay, thank you.

Du Tao was furious. Ye Mo didnt even take him seriously and sounded as though it was very easy to beat him.
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