Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 146

Chapter 146: No One Can Force Me

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Seeing Du Tao who was extremely angry, Ye Mo laughed to himself. Just by his attitude, he wouldnt get far in martial arts.

What are you looking at, come, make it quick. I need to go pick materials after this. Ye Mo looked at Du Tao and shook his head. In the cultivation realm, fighting someone whom one didnt know about could cause their life with the slightest mistake.

Ye Mo could see Du Taos power, and that was why he was so arrogant. However, Du Tao didnt know Ye Mos power and felt he could surely beat Ye Mo. This was the real mistake.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Du Tao just charged up and attacked. However, Ye Mo acted as if he didnt see it at all and remained stationary. Judging by Du Taos personality, he would use his legs straight up and try to beat him down using the shortest time, without using his fists at all. And, it was just as Ye Mo expected, Du Taos fists were hollow attacks as he concentrated his power on his legs.

Before Du Taos fist reached, his right leg kicked like a straight line as if a whirl wind.

Ye Mo nodded. Du Taos legs were far cry from Wu Qiang, but his speed was nearing the latters. Wu Qiangs legs were not only fast but also powerful. Even with Ye Mos power, his legs felt pain after kicking Wu Qiangs leg twenty times.

Du Taos speed was just below Wu Qiangs, but his power and angel was a far cry from Wu Qiang. Moreover, Du Tao had this implausible idea. He wanted to kick Ye Mo with his left leg after his right leg connected. This, Ye Mo could tell from how the opponent charged power on his left leg.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didnt know what Du Tao was thinking. If he could beat Ye Mo, he would only need his right leg, but he wanted to switch to left leg purely for aesthetics. This guy was really pretentious. He really overestimated himself thinking that he could kick a guy, whom he had never fought before, flying.

The woman beside Elder Han saw that Ye Mo didnt even move under Du Taos hollow attack and immediately frowned. Of course, she could tell Du Taos fists were hollow, but she didnt expect Ye Mo to see it as well. She wouldnt believe that Ye Mo didnt have time to react.

And, not only did Ye Mo not move, he also looked at Du Taos left leg and even shook his head. This woman immediately understood that Ye Mo could tell Du Taos intentions. The act was pretty, but it was impractical, and it would only be effective on an opponent far weaker than him.

As expected, Ye Mo slightly sidestepped and didnt even move his hand. However, he kicked his left leg towards Du Taos leg a few times. Even that woman didnt see Ye Mos movements clearly, and Ye Mo had already switched to his right leg before kicking Du Fei many meters away. Ye Mo attacked Du Tao the exact same way he did against Wu Qiang, but it was just easier.

When Du Taos leg collided with Ye Mos, he rejoiced. He felt that the power on his leg wasnt something Ye Mo could handle. Just when he was prepared to hear Ye Mo cry out in pain and switch leg in mid air to kick Ye Mo away beautifully, there was a piercing pain from his right leg rendering him unable to kick with his left leg.

Du Tao was shocked and immediately knew things werent good. Just when he wanted to retreat, Ye Mo kicked his right leg onto his stomach. His head buzzed and couldnt believe that he was kicked flying. The position was exactly what he wanted to kick Ye Mo with.

So fastthese were the only two words in his brain. He only lasted five moves and was kicked flying by Ye Mo.

That woman saw that Ye Mo actually did what Du Tao wanted cleanly and even more aesthetically pleasing than Du Taos imagination. Her heart moved and had a strong urge to fight Ye Mo, but eventually, she suppressed this desire. Although she was sure she wouldnt lose to Ye Mo, she didnt want to expose her power in front of everyone.

Du Tao fell to the ground and couldnt get up. However, Han Zaixin was shocked. He clearly knew who Du Tao was and was, and even in the Flying Snow Squad, he wasnt average. Moreover, he was also a yellow ranked master, but he couldnt even last a few moves in front of Ye Mo.

Lu Gang and Li Hu were also shocked. Li Hu knew Ye Mo was strong but didnt expect him to be this strong. Lu Gang was more shocked. He was still planning to battle Ye Mo too, but now that just seemed ridiculous. Not even ten of him were a match for Du Tao, but Du Tao lost so completely in front of Ye Mo.

Han Zaixin also knew about martial arts and knew that if it was a life or death battle, Du Tao would die faster. No wonder the Song Family couldnt do anything about Ye Mo so far. He was so strong. Where did he learn this from? Did he reach the Black level of martial arts?

Thinking about how Flying Snow Squad would be so much stronger if Ye Mo joined them, Han Zaixin was lost in thought. No, he must have Ye Mo in his squad.

Ye Mo didnt care about Du Tao he kicked flying; he only cared about how much materials he could get from the keep. He saw Elder Han seemed to be lost in thought, so he could only walk over and say, Elder Han

Han Zaixin gasped for some air and felt Ye Mo was cuter and cuter. He really was someone special. Luckily, he suddenly thought of coming to see Ye Mo today, otherwise, where would he find someone valuable like Ye Mo. Only a descendent of ancient martial arts sects could match Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was obviously not from those sects. If he was, how would the Song Family dare to look for trouble with him? How would the Ye Family be willing to kick him out?

Ye Mo, I really didnt expect you to be so strong. Good, good, good. Then, Han Zaixin studied Ye Mo and looked at him as though he was studying some treasure.

Ye Mo felt helpless and could only wait for Han Zaixin to talk.

At this moment, Du Tao had crawled up. Other than some pain on his leg, he was fine. He looked at Ye Mo with reverence from afar; he didnt expect Ye Mo to be so strong. This was the strongest opponent he had ever faced. Now, he believed Ye Mos words. His power was for killing not for playing. If Ye Mo wanted to kill him just then, even a few of him wouldve died.

He originally thought he was not bad, now, it seemed he was still intolerably weak in front of the truly strong.

And, Ye Mo had a lot of killing chi. He said that he debilitated someone with a much strong leg martial arts than him, and now, it seemed to be true. Someone like Ye Mo didnt seem to be willing to lie about this.

Thinking that if he pissed Ye Mo off and he could potentially debilitate his leg too, he felt helpless. He shivered at the thought. Ye Mo must not be offended. He heard Ye Mo offended the Song Family but was still fine. That seemed to be true. However, it was not that the Song family didnt bother to deal with him, but they just didnt dare to.

After Han Zaixin repeated the words good, he stared at Ye Mo passionately and said, Ye Mo, join Flying Snow Squad, you must join, you can be the instructor.

Ye Mo shook his head. Elder Han, Im not interested in joining the army. Im only interested in the materials in the keep.

No, you must join Flying Snow Squad, if you dont, I wont let you choose the material. In a fit of worry, Han Zaixin threatened Ye Mo with the material.

Ye Mo smiled calmly. In that case, Li Hu, Ill be leaving. Then, he turned and left as though Han Zaixin was just air.

Seeing that Ye Mo was leaving, Han Zaixin was worried and quickly pulled Ye Mos clothes. Brother Ye, you musnt leave. We can discuss about this, just look at the materials first? Then, we can talk, I beg you.

Ye Mo, who was originally pissed off, saw Han Zaixins expression and couldnt really get angry so he freed his clothes and said, In that case, please send someone with me.

No need, no need, Ill go with you myself. Han Zaixin felt he had grasped a bit of Ye Mos personality and spoke quickly.

Ye Mo wasnt hesitant in getting his material as he won that. Now that Han Zaixin said this, he immediately said, In that case, thank you, Elder Han, but if theres something I dont want to do, no one can force me, even the Heavenly Emperor.

Ye Mos last words werent polite at all. Du Tao and Li Hus mouth spasmed but didnt argue. If it was before the fight, Du Tao would sneer at Ye Mo, but now, he felt he didnt have the right to.

However, the woman beside Han Zaixin frowned and seemed to want to say something but eventually didnt.

Han Zaixin knew his words before were unreasonable, so he wasnt angry at Ye Mo and instead said, We can discuss about joining the squad later. Lets go see the material first. Youre free to join if you want.

Although he spoke like that, Han Zaixin was thinking about how he could he keep Ye Mo. It seemed he had pissed Ye Mo off a little. Yes, how could a master like him be willingly constrained. If he was really that easy to talk to, the Song Family wouldve devoured him already.
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