Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Each Having Their Own Calculations

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Other than the two guards, only that girl could accompany Han Zaixin into the keep. Not even Du Tao could go in and had to wait outside. Even the two guards could only stand at the door and not go in.

Whether it was the Extreme Weapon Keep or the Materials Keep, it was heavily guarded. Ye Mo suspected that without Han Zaixins lead, it would be very troublesome even for him if he wanted to come in. Although he wasnt into high tech, it didnt mean he knew nothing. After all, he studied for so long at Ning Hai university, so he knew even about laser passages.

There was one in the long corridor leading to extreme weapon keep. Ye Mo knew that he didnt have a way to pass it now, unless he didnt touch the ground and the laser didnt activate. However, normal laser passages didnt need people to be on the ground. The motion sensor could activate the laser. Thinking about the rays of laser, Ye Mo felt stunned at heart too. No matter how strong he was, he couldnt stop the light rays, and he might even be cut into pieces, unless he had reached Foundation Establishment, or had a strong defense artefact.

It seemed that his power was still too weak and he underestimated the means of a country. Since they could have these passages, it also meant that there were similar weapons. Although it wouldnt be as strong as the one in the passage, it should be enough to threaten him.

Han Zaixin didnt know about this. In order to attract Ye Mo, he took him to the Extreme Weapons Keep first because he thought Ye Mo would immediately be attracted after coming into the keep.

However, what made Han Zaixin surprised was that Ye Mo shook his head in disappointment after looking at the wide collection of weapons. He turned his head and asked, Elder Han didnt you say there were materials? Why are they all normal weapons?

Normal weapons? Han Zaixins mouth spasmed. The special ops working for him all felt glory for coming in here and picking a weapon. However, in Ye Mos eyes, they were only normal. It could be said that each weapon here was worth much more than the 600k he acquired. However, his eyes werent good enough to pick it up.

Now that Ye Mo asked, he could only say, Yes, its the keep beside here. Then, Han Zaixin took Ye Mo to the other storage keep. Ye Mo noticed that when Ye Mo said he didnt see any material, Han Zaixins expression was that his views were too low, but that woman frowned. Obviously, she didnt want Ye Mo to go in.

When Ye Mo went in, he saw more materials. Although there was a lot of variety, most of them were useless to Ye Mo. Many metals and steel were unattractive to Ye Mo.

Han Zaixin thought that Ye Mo would look carefully at all these material and would take a long time. However, Ye Mo just walked straight to a few mining stones and held them.

He didnt know that Ye Mo had spirit sense and could tell what things they were just by scanning them.

Although most materials were useless to Ye Mo, Ye Mo rejoiced at finding two each of the Purple Copper Essence Ore, Silver Sand Ore and Extreme Wind Stone. Moreover, he also found an extreme grade Black Jade. Ye Mo was very happy to have these seven stones, but it was a pity that he didnt find any ores for making flying swords.

Only found 7 you want, sigh if we didnt ship away some 3 months ago, perhaps you would find more. Seeing Ye Mo only being interested in 7, Han Zaixin was disappointed; it seemed these materials keep couldnt attract him either.

This time, Ye Mo was speechless. He was very satisfied to find four ores he needed on earth. This was too rare, at least he could make a defense artefact for his sister, and he could make his storage ring. He didnt expect all these to be leftovers.

Elder Han, how often do you give things to the hidden sects? Ye Mo couldnt resist to ask.

Han Zaixin laughed. it seems Li Hu told you, but these arent secrets anyways. We usually give things to them annually; our condition is that not only are they to help us

Grandpa the girl beside Han Zaixin spoke for the first time, her voice was very crisp.

Ye Mo didnt think that this girl was Han Zaixins granddaughter. She was not a simple person.

Han Zaixin smiled. Ye Mo is not an outsider, plus, this isnt something that cant be told. Perhaps, Ye Mo would soon be on our side.

Ye Mo knew that Elder Han still hadnt given up on making him join the Flying Snow Squad. Although he didnt want to, but he didnt want to give up these materials. If he could pick some each year, then it would solve a large problem for him. Perhaps he could finish gathering the materials needed for flying sword.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, Elder Han, actually, Im also decent at making weapons, I can use some weapons to trade materials with you, what do you think?

Han Zaixin smiled and said, Ye Mo, you dont know the perks of the weapons from the hidden sects, thats why you say that. If you knew the worth of the weapons in the extreme weapons vault, then you wouldnt say this. But if you want materials, thats easy, just join Flying Snow Squad and I can let you pick ten each year.

Ye Mo was moved but didnt talk; instead, that young girl said once again, Grandpa, this way

Yan Yan, only ten, its fine. And before we trade things, I can still decide what to do with you. You just need to not tell them, Han Zaixin immediately said.

The girl hesitated and eventually didnt say anything.

From these words, Ye Mo already understood that this girl should be from the hidden sects and was Elder Hans grand daughter. However, ten each year should be enough for him. Plus, they might not even gather ten he needed each year. However, he didnt want to join Flying Snow Squad. It was too restricting and a waste of time. However, Ye Mo knew it was impossible for him to get these things for free.

As though seeing Ye Mos hesitation, Han Zaixin immediately said, You just need to be the instructor and you can move freely. You just need to help Flying Snow Squad do one thing each year.

Ye Mo hesitated and said, I can be the instructor, but I will only be teaching for three days each year and do one thing for Flying Snow Squad once every two years. And, you must not use any reason to confine me; otherwusem I wouldnt accept it.

Okay, deal. Han Zaixin revealed the smile of a cunning fox. He originally want to use extreme weapons vault to keep Ye Mo since it was the same as using materials. As long as Ye Mo joined Flying Snow Squad, things would become easier.

Ye Mo knew this was Han Zaixins trap, but he had to jump in. He needed to cultivated and didnt have much time to search for ores and spirit grass. How powerful was the work force of a country? No matter how Ye Mo searched, he could not compare with the power of a country.

Plus, there was no harm for him. he wouldnt waste too much time being an instructor.

After leaving the vault, he went to eat with Elder Han. It was already in the afternoon, and his documents were ready. It was a small blue booklet with his photo attached. It said Ye Mo was the instructor for special ops force Flying Snow Squad, and he also had a bureau of Chinese special forces stamp.

Ye Mo felt this little booklet wasnt completely useless. Perhaps it would be useful in the future. They also brought with him a gun and a mobile phone. Ye Mo took it, thinking about how he just bought a phone yesterday and now he got a new one. He shouldnt have bought it if he knew.

Then, he went to the training base for Flying Snow Squad and gave some instruction. Seeing the sky was dark, Ye Mo was scared his sister would be worried and was prepared to go to Hua Qing University.

However, after the captain of the squad Zhang Jue fought with Ye Mo, he was astonished and dragged Ye Mo to go to the party of the Beijing Elites.

Ye Mo was completely uninterested in such an event but couldnt reject Zhang Jue and the others strong request. After all, he was still the instructor, moreover, Ye Mo was scared that his sister didnt want to leave Beijing. If she stayed and he didnt, it would be beneficial for her if he knew a few people in Beijing. After all, those who could come were either rich or powerful. Normal people couldnt come.


For Ye Ling, last night was the best night of her life. Not only was her birthday smooth, she wasnt scared and knew that Ye Mo wasnt impotent. She felt grateful to Tian He for testing Ye Mos manhood. More importantly, Ye Mo said the Song Family wouldnt come and they didnt. She was fine the next day when she woke up.

Being from a large powerful family, Ye Ling knew that since Ye Mo didnt kill Song Shaochen and the Song Family didnt come, it meant that they wouldnt. Despite not knowing why the Song Family was so fearful of Ye Mo, she still felt proud of him. Only she knew that Ye Mo didnt rely on the Ye Family at all. He relied only on himself.

Ye Ling was all too clear on what sort of family was the Song Family, so how could she not be proud of such a brother.

Ye Ling was prepared to go meet with Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng and then invite her friends in her dorm out for a good meal. So as soon as she got up and couldnt reach Ye Zifengs phone, she rushed home quickly.

As soon as she entered, she felt the atmosphere wasnt right.
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