Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Ye Lings Problem

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Quan Yi, how come I cant reach my brother, is he at home? Ye Ling thought he couldnt reach Ye Zifeng last night because he shut down his mobile, but she still couldnt reach him this morning. She knew that Ye Zifeng rarely went back after her father passed away two years ago and usually stayed at the Ye Family mansion.

Of course, it was partly due to grandpa liking him but she didnt know what Ye Zifeng was thinking. Ye Ling rarely went back to a home that was empty and stayed most of the time at school. Occasionally, she would go back to live a few days at the Ye Family mansion, however, she needed to steal things so she had been here more frequently.

Although Ye Zifeng rarely went back, his phone was always on, but today, his phone was still off. This rarely happened, so the first thing Ye Ling did when she came to the Ye Family mansion was to ask for Ye Zifengs whereabouts.

Quan Yi was the caretaker of the Ye Family mansion. Ye Ling needed to be going in and out of the mansion so she intentionally got close to Quan Yi. But today, Quan Yi saw Ye Lings face and her face quickly changed. She didnt answer Ye Lings questions and walked away with her head down hurriedly.

Ye Ling, you still dare to come back, get inside, a vulgar voice sounded. Before Ye Ling could react, a huge hand grabbed Ye Ling by the neck and easily dragged her in.

The room was full of people. Not only were the main people in the Ye Family there, even the women who werent allowed in meetings were there too.

It seemed that these people were already waiting for her. If she didnt come back herself, perhaps she would be apprehended.

She looked at her grandpa sitting at the top and her heart sunk. Many years ago, her second aunty interfered with her second uncles business and was punished so severely. The things she did now were countless times more severe than what her second aunt did.

No matter how much her grandpa liked her, she couldnt escape the consequences today. Ye Ling found that she looked through the entire house and almost everyone was here other than Ye Zifeng.

Where did Ye Zifeng go? Ye Ling suddenly worried as her heart skipped a beat. Could Ye Zifeng be punished due to her? She forgot that she should be worried about herself not Ye Zifeng.

Ye Beirong looked at Ye Ling once and the disappointment was clear in his eyes. He didnt say anything; his health had been good, so he could survive for another 8 or 10 years. Because he liked Ye Wentian, he wanted to wait for another ten years after Ye Zifeng was mature to see if he could give the leader position to Ye Zifeng.

Out of the brothers, Ye Wenqi was too calculative and didnt have a broad view. He could only be calculative in small things. As for Ye Wenjin, he was more of an imbecile. However, Ye Zifeng was quite like his father, and this was the reason Ye Beirong didnt give the leader position to Ye Wenqi.

Last time, he even tried to let Ye Zifeng enter the family meeting. Although his words werent allowed, his performance was well.

He thought of everything but just didnt expect Ye Ling to do something so treacherous. She actually stole two of the Feng Shui Dragonballs and gave it to their opponent, the Song Family. If Ye Beirong could let this go easily, then there would be no point for the existence of the Ye Family.

Ye Beirong scanned the tens of people below and remained silent for a while before saying, There are two things I want to announce in this meeting. The first thing is, from today, the leader of the family will be Ye Wenqi. Three days later, we will do the exchange. The second thing is Ye Lings treacherous acts will be dealt with by Ye Wenqi.

Then, Ye Beirong stood up from the leader chair and sighed. He didnt sit on another chair and instead walked out of the room.

Ye Lings heart was cold. It seemed her grandpa wouldnt let her go. If her grandpa punished her, she would still have some chance, but if it was her big uncle, then she wouldnt even know what would wait for her? Plus, her grandpa wasnt here.

Ye Ling suddenly looked at Ye Lu who was behind her fourth uncle and was immediately shocked. She was caught, but why was Ye Lu fine? Ye Lu did more things than her but just didnt steal the dragonballs. Plus, it was Ye Lu who introduced her to Gu Luo. And, Gu Luo said Ye Lu was working for him from a long time ago. Since the Ye Family could find out she stole the Dragonballs how could they not know what Ye Lu did.

Ye Lings heart couldnt help but to sink. She had experienced some things and was no longer the nave child she once was. She thought about her suspicion about her fathers death as well as the things she did. Could her big uncle not tell she was intentionally getting close to them?

They took this long to know she stole the dragonballs? And was sure she took it? Did her big uncles men not care all this time shed been inside the mansion?

Ye Ling suddenly thought of a scary truth. It was that right from the beginningher big uncle and fourth uncle knew what she was doing, but they just let her be. She was in trouble, but Ye Lu was free instead, so perhaps they purposely got Ye Lu to get close to her.

Ye Ling was shivering at her thought. Why did her big uncle do this? What good was there for him? Was it just to kill her and her brother?

The more she thought the more she felt the chances were high. How old was she? She hadnt even graduated. Her big uncle and them were cunning, she could only lose in a wisdom battle with them. Her brother Ye Mo was kicked out by them because of his bodily isses.

Ye Ling couldnt understand why her big uncle and fourth uncle would do this and try to eradicate their line. But everything else, Ye Ling understood.

If Ye Ling knew that grandpa was planning for Ye Zifeng to be the leader of the family ten years later, she would understand.

Zhang Jue was not as famous in Beijing as Du Tao. When Ye Mo, Zhang Jue, Du Tao and Li Hu walked in, most people only greeted Du Tao since he was the vice head of the national security bureau.

However, Du Tao wasnt feeling full of himself at all because only he understood that other than Li Hu, Ye Mo and Zhang Jues identity were higher than his. Zhang Jue didnt like this sort of scene, but he didnt really understand Ye Mos personality and thats why he pulled him here.

Brother Zhang, your arrival really surprised me. A youth not yet in his 30s arrived.

It seemed that not everyone didnt recognize Zhang Jue. This youth speaking obviously knew Zhang Jue and his identity,

Zhang Jue smiled and turned to Ye Mo and said, This is the young master of the Li Family, Li Qiuyang, hes quite famous in Beijing haha.

Li Qiuyang looked curiously at Ye Mo; he knew Du Tao was still a subordinate of Zhang Jue. What Li Qiuyang didnt expect was that Zhang Jue actually introduced him to the youth beside him whom he didnt know. This youth dressed very ordinarily or he was perhaps even poorly dressed.

Who was this person? When Zhang Jue introduced him, he was obviously very respectful. Other than that old man Han Zaixin, who else could let Zhang Jue be so respectful to? And, Du Tao and Zhang Jue were both half a step behind him. although there was just that slight distance, it was enough for Li Qiuyang to judge Ye Mos status. He had understood that Ye Mo was no ordinary person and had a higher status than Zhang Jue at least. Li Qiuyangs heart moved; he wouldnt judge by appearances and quickly walked up to Ye Mo and extended his hand, Im Li Qiuyang, Zhang Jues loyal supporter and his friend.

Ye Mo smiled and shook hands with him. Im Ye Mo, I just got to know Zhang Jue today.

Li Qiuyangs mouth spasmed; he was all too clear on Zhang Jues arrogance. He would never believe Zhang Jue would be so respectful to someone whom he just met, but Ye Mo didnt seem to be lying.

Ye Mo, this name seemed to be familiarthe same name as the trash who was kicked out of the Ye Family.

Haha, lets not stand here, Mr. Ji Beichen who just came back from Taiwan will hold a charity auction. Then, there will be a ball. Lets sit down and have a chat, later at the auction, you can see if you have anything you want. Ji Beichen is a famous antiques collector. Its said he prepares a lot of good things whenever he comes back, Li Qiuyang smiled and said.

Okay, Ive heard of Ji Beichengs name for a long time. Although I dont have much money, I still want to see his collection, Zhang Jue immediately agreed.

Sorry A person suddenly bumped into Ye Mo and apologized right away. However, when the person looked at Ye Mo, that person voiced out, Hey, its you.

Ye Mo saw that he had actually seen the person who bumped into him before. She was the Tan Fei who was going to give him an album when he got off the plane yesterday. He didnt expect to see her at this upper class social night, but since she was that famous, she did seem to have the ability to come.

Feifei, after tonights auction, theres a ball, Ill dance with you later. A young man followed closely.

Tan Fei no longer had the mood to think how someone as poor as Ye Mo could come in here and turned to look at the man and said, Sorry, Young Master Yi, my leg is injured.
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