Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Sent To Police Station

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Before reaching their destination, Ye Mo had to begin educating the hoodlums earlier because one of them had decided to attack him first. There were only five people in the Range Rover including the driver, and none of them could withstand Ye Mos beatings. However, in a short moment, all the hoodlums bowed before Ye Mos feet with broken arms or legs, except for the one driving, who only received two slaps across the face.

This was because Ye Mo understood that he couldnt just kill people here. Otherwise, he wasnt totally sure if he wouldnt kill these hoodlums.

Ye Mo was wondering how the police car came so fast since, from the beginning to the end, he didnt allow even one of the hoodlums to pick up their phones. He didnt believe that Zheng Wenqiao would be so nice as to call the cops for him, so he felt uneasy. Naturally, the person who called the police gave them precise details, and the police car caught up with the Range Rover really quickly, pulling it over.

Ye Mo looked at the hoodlums that were moaning in the car and said coldly: Go back and tell Zheng Wenqiao that I will come and find him, as he got off of the Range Rover.

What happened? Wasnt it you who called the police? Two police officers got off their car. The one speaking was a middle-aged police officer whose face was dark due to smoking and had a look of impatience plastered on his face.

I didnt make the report, but these people really kidnapped me. I resisted, and this is the result. I suppose it must have been some good samaritan who called the police, as Ye Mo pointed at the hoodlums lying in the car and explained.

Yu brother, it was this guy who forcedly went into my car and forced me to drive to the rural district as he punched and kicked the few of us! The driver, who was the only one who could still walk, saw the black-faced police officer and behaved immediately as though he saw his own dad, he immediately started to talk as he pointed at Ye Mo with his finger.

The black-faced police turned his head, looked at the yellow-haired driver and nodded his head. It was obvious that he knew this yellow-haired person. Ye Mo sneered inside his heart as he could tell from the way the police was addressed that there was something between this guy and the hoodlum.

As expected, before Ye Mo finished thinking, the black-faced cop stared coldly at Ye Mo, then turned his head to the driver and asked: You said he forced his way into your car and even beat you? Did he want to rob your car in broad daylight?

Yes, yes, yes, this person wanted to steal our car and beat us up. If it had been just a while longer, he would have definitely thrown us off the car and drive my Range Rover away. This driver was unkempt due to being slapped by Ye Mo in the face twice. Now that he received a hint, he quickly told the black-faced police that Ye Mo wanted to rob the car.

Ye Mo didnt say anything, he had the thought of killing these few people and leaving, but he knew that with his current power state, it would be a dream to escape the governments strong search network. However, he was quite annoyed at whoever called the police.

Youre suspected of Attempted Robbery and Assault and Battery, I need you to come with me to the police station. As the black-faced police officer was talking, his hands were already on his gun. This young person beat those few people up, meaning that he practiced martial arts, so he had to be wary. The younger police frowned and moved his lips but eventually didnt say anything.

Ye Mo didnt want to kill them and run, so he could only follow the police onto the police car. However, he thought to himself that if someone tried to harm him illegally, he would run immediately. He only needed to go back and dig out that silver heart grass. Eventually, he would one day come back and seek revenge.

Su Jingwen found things were strange when she looked through the pair of binoculars. The police came but instead took away that student-like youth, meanwhile, the Range Rover just drove away. This seemed too odd to overlook. When she called the police, she had said very clearly that those few hoodlums on the car wanted to abduct the student but how was the final result like this?

At that moment, Su Jingwen finally remembered where she had seen the student with the familiar figure. He was actually the young person who sold her the charms. Although he was wearing shades and a duck mouth shaped hat at the time, his figure seemed very close to this student taken away by the police, so there was a chance that it was him. Regardless, Su Jingwen decided to have a look first.

The police car drove back to the police station, and the black-faced police signaled to the two young police officers with his eyes and said: Let him rest for a bit, well submit his charges later.

Ye Mo narrowed his eyes and didnt say anything. He already understood that this black-faced cop wouldnt be so nice since it was him who accused Ye Mo of Attempted Robbery and Assault and Battery. As expected, he wasnt taken to the restroom and was instead pushed inside a large temporary detention center for prisoners.

When Ye Mo came inside, there were already seven or eight people; however, four men were surrounding each other. They were all very bulky, and from the tattoos on their arms, it could be seen that these were fierce men. The other few people crouched in the corners and only peeked one glance at Ye Mo before paying no further attention to him.

Very soon, Ye Mo reached the conclusion that this cell wasnt made for keeping prisoners; it must only be temporary. There would probably be another place for locking them up after confirming their charges. Ye Mo looked at the four strong men and knew why the black-faced policeman locked him in here. He probably wanted them to beat him up first.

Seeing the reserved looking Ye Mo come in, the four men immediately turned their eyes and stared closely at Ye Mo. Unexpectedly, he waited for a while, and the four men turned their eyes back. No one came looking for trouble. One of them had a knife scar on his chin; quite obviously, he was the leader of the four. Ye Mo saw the scarred man signal to the people around him with his eyes, and they returned to talking.

Ye Mo only shot these people a few glances and didnt have any interest in them again. He was looking at this prison cell and thinking about the method he could use if he wanted to escape. However, Ye Mos hearing was very strong, and he heard one of the four men quietly talk.

Dao brother, why dont we give this little white face a beating and make him respect us? the one talking was the slightly shorter man.

This guy isnt simple; since we only have a few days before we are released, theres no need to start trouble. Those guys probably want us to beat this little white face, but I just wont do as they wish. Did you see, when he came in, he was fearless, and his eyes were also very cold. He is definitely someone strong, remember, dont start trouble with him, the Dao brother with the knife scar on his chin immediately warned them.

Ye Mo looked around. He concluded that if he wanted to leave, this place really couldnt stop him. He felt relaxed at heart and decided to find a place to sleep first. However, Ye Mo looked around the entire room, and the only relatively clean place was the bed where the guy with the knife scar was sitting, next to the window where the air was fresher.

Move over, I need to sleep for a while. Ye Mo walked to the scarred leader and said something that made everyones jaws drop in shock.

What did you say? The knifed-scarred face man stood up in disbelief. He didnt look for trouble with Ye Mo, but he came instead. Ye Mos voice turned cold suddenly: I said I want you to move, Im going to sleep, you didnt understand?
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