Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Ye Mos Fury

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
You are Ye Lings boyfriend, so isnt she living with you? And how did you get in? Lu Li also came to the door.

Yeah, Ye Ling left in the morning and hasnt been back. We thought you guys were enjoying your private time that you forgot about inviting us to dinner, Tian He said.

Ye Mo suddenly had a bad feeling and urgently asked, Which one of you have Ye Lings number?

Ye Lings boyfriend didnt have her number. Although they were speechless, but seeing Ye Mos desperate expression, Tian He still gave it to him.

Thanks. Ye Mo got Ye Lings number, then he said one word and disappeared.

He runs really fast, did he have an argument with Ye Ling, Dan Dan walked up and inquired.

Tian He shook her head. I dont think so, look at how worried Ye Ling was for him, how could she bear to argue with such a handsome boyfriend? If I have such a boyfriend, I would do anything he asks. Theres no way I would argue with him.

Okay, Tian He, Im sure youre not a virgin anymore. Tell me the truth, who slept with you? Dan Dan giggled and said.

Tian He sighed. Sigh, I also dont want it but I cant find someone like Ye Lings boyfriend. If there is, Im willing to chase him, pft

Ye Ling just said last night that guy was her brother? Dan Dan had a face of disbelief.

Yeah, but you need to make me believe it. If I have a boyfriend I love, Ill also call him brother, is that not okay? Tian He said.

Ye Mo called Ye Ling as soon as he got her number, but it said her phone was unavailable. Ye Ling knew he was at Beijing and even wanted to ask Ye Zifeng out today. There was no way her phone would be shut. Her dorm mates said she was out in the morning, so how could there be no news of her till now? And even her phone was shut?

Did something happen?

The first thing Ye Mo thought of was those two people saying something happened at the Ye Family. Did something happen to Ye Ling? Although Ye Mo wasnt too sure of those bullsh*t family laws, but he still knew a bit. If people knew that Ye Ling stole the Dragonballs, then there was no way she could escape.

Thinking about Ye Ling, Ye Mos heart was burning with worry. He even regretted staying in the training base for the whole day. He shouldve taken the money and left in the morning.

Ye Mo called a taxi and made the taxi go to the Ye Family mansion as fast as he could. At the door, the driver stopped because cars were not allowed ahead.

Ye Mo got off and with an invisibility magic, he darted like a hurricane through the long shady road into the mansion. All of these only took half a minute for Ye Moeven a car would take a minute for this.

There were still two guards at the door. If he didnt see Ye Lings situation, he would go in with the invisibility magic, but at the door of the inner front yard, he had already scanned Ye Lings state. His spirit sense could reach nearly 80 meters now.

The moment he saw Ye Ling, his fury erupted. Ye Lings head sagged down with her hair in a mess and was hung up at the corner of the yard inside a mosque. Her body was bloodied; it was obviously whip lashes, and what was left to cover her were tattered clothes. In just a days time, she was tortured to this state.

Bam, Ye Mo kicked the door flying many meters away.

Before the two guards could react, they were already killed spitting blood on the ground.

Ye Mo went into the mosque with his fastest speed and cut off the rope with a wind blade. Ye Ling dropped into his arms. Ye Mo felt some relief as she hadnt died yet but just fainted. It was probably because she hadnt eaten at all and was beaten heavily.

If he came an hour or two late, it would be very hard to say if she would still be alive.

Ye Mos cultivation chi started running as he immediately inserted it into Ye Lings body. Ye Ling had received internal injuries, but under Ye Mos treatment, her injuries gradually disappeared. After ten more minutes, she woke up and looked at the person in front of her. It was actually Ye Mo, she was shocked and immediately asked. Brother, why did you come, this has nothing to do with you, why did they capture you?

Ye Mo affectionately wiped the blood from Ye Lings head and said, Sorry, Ye Ling, I came late, I will take you and leave later, but I will first avenge you. Ill wash you first, close your eyes.

Ye Ling moaned and found that there was not a single part of her clothes or skin that was alright. Ye Mo was her brother and she didnt think otherwise. She just felt there was a warm sense in her body that prevented her from feeling pain and instead made her comfortable.

She didnt know why Ye Mo was cleaning her up. Although she was his sister and her clothes were just tattered, she was still embarrassed.

Ye Mo looked at the lashes on her body. There were bruises everywhere, and a fit of fury burned inside him. he used a few water ball magic and cleaned Ye Ling. At the same time, with his chi, those scars and bruises quickly disappeared.

Ten minutes later, there was already a ruckus outside. Ye Mo then took off his shirt and put it on Ye Ling.

Ye Ling opened her eyes and looked at her wounds. They had actually disappeared. She looked at Ye Mo in shock. Brother, what medicine did you use? How come I dont feel any pain at all, and there are no marks on my body anymore. Its really magical, but Im a little hungry.

Ye Mo caressed Ye Lings hair. Your brother is a doctor and has opened up a clinic. This time, leave Beijing with me, okay?

Ye Ling obediently nodded. At this moment, she felt calm and happy in her brothers arms without a single bit of worry. A faint serenity made her feel comfortable. If she could stay with her brother, she would never stay in this horrific Ye Family again. She just didnt know what was happening to Ye Zifeng.

Brother, you took off your clothes and gave it to me, what about you? I didnt think you would have such a sturdy build when you look so feeble and scholarly. Ye Ling subconsciously touched Ye Mos sturdy arms and complimented.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to say something, there was more and more people outside. It seemed that the Ye Family people had come. Ye Mo had already scanned 20-30 armed guards.

Ye Ling, however, didnt notice them yet; she suddenly reached her hand into one of Ye Mos pockets and said once again, Brother, why do you have so many stones on you? Hm, there are some in your pants pocket too?

Ye Mo just gave his top to Ye Ling, and she was still in his arms now, so she casually felt the ores in the pockets of his pants.

Well talk about this later. Ye Mo took down the rope that tied Ye Ling before and made Ye Ling get on his back before tying her once again. After which, he kicked on the mosques door.

The sturdy door was kicked into pieces.

Without any report from the outer yard, someone reached the inner yard and kicked two guards to death. Of course, Ye Beirong knew of such major thing but what made him more angry was that as soon as he came, he saw Ye Mo break the mosque door. Not only was he angry at the guards uselessness, but he was also angry at Ye Mo for breaking the big door.

Capture him immediately and bring him inside, the rest of you should leave immediately. All of the Ye Family members come to the meeting lounge immediately. Ye Beirong almost ordered to kill Ye Mo and Ye Ling under such rage, but he still had his senses. Someone who was so cocky in the Ye Family mansion must be killed, but before they lose their lives, he still needed to ask some things.

As such, he immediately held a meeting. In his eyes, it wouldnt take long at all for all these people to capture a youth with Ye Ling on his back. He didnt need to worry at all. He had only seen Ye Mo a few times, and now, Ye Mo changed a lot so he didnt recognize him.

Ye Mo sneered. He dared to charge into Sai Na Peninsula and face the Nan Qing Army numbering thousands, so how could he worry about 20-30 guards?

Ye Ling was already worried; she wanted Ye Mo to leave first, but she knew that with so many people surrounding them, it was impractical for Ye Mo to escaped. She could only sigh while thinking about their current situation. If she was going to die, she might as well die with Ye Mo.

However, the following scene almost made her doubt her eyes.

Ye Mo almost flew and charged into those 20 guards. Ye Ling could only see shadows of Ye Mos fists and kicks as a fit thuds echoed out.

Ye Ling didnt think that Ye Mo would actually be so strong. He was carrying her, yet he still easily beat up 20-30 guards. Thinking about how he helped her heal so fast and that warm feeling in her body, no matter how dumb she was, she knew that Ye Mo was no longer the Ye Mo she knew.

She thought about last night: Ye Mo easily killed people and took her away from that entertainment place. Until now, the Song Family still didnt dare to hunt them. Now, it seemed that the Song Family knew her brother was strong and didnt dare to come.

She didnt think Ye Mo would become this strong. This wasnt something she could imagine. Her brother was so excellent, but that Ning Qingxue still dared to revoke the marriage. She must be blind. If Ye Mo wasnt her biological brother, then perhaps even she would fall in love with him. Thinking about this, Ye Ling cursed herself for thinking too much, but it really felt comfortable on her brothers back. Perhaps she was too tired and gradually fell asleep.

You are very strong, but even so, dont think about leaving this mansion today. A plain voice sounded after Ye Mo beat up tens of people.
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