Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Who's the Other One For?

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If one were to compare intel capabilities, not many powers could exceed the Song Family. Other than the government, the Song Family intel could be ranked in the top 3.

The Song Family knew what happened at the Ye Family that same night, and they held another family meeting in the middle of the night.

The Song Family had never had such frequent family meetings, but now, all the Song Family people knew it was because of Ye Mo.

Even Song Yi was carried in, but the injuries he received were much more severe than Song Shaochen.

Song Qiming looked coldly at Song Yi and said, Song Yi disregarded the Song Familys rules and challenged Ye Mo on his own. Leave Beijing tomorrow and go elsewhere. Without my order, you are not to return to Beijing again.

Song Qiming showed his calm and resolute decision making that was no less than Ye Beirongs.

Hearing that he was not allowed in Beijing, Song YIs face immediately became pale and quickly said, Big uncle, I didnt know he was Ye Mo at the time.

Song Qiming didnt even talk but had a very angry face.

Song Yis heart immediately sunk down. Before he could say more, he was carried out.

Song Qiming then said, Song Yi said he didnt know it was Ye Mo b,ut if he wasnt so cocky how could such thing happen? Our Song Family isnt scared of Ye Mo, and we will eventually deal with him but not now. So if anyone makes Song Yis mistake, then dont blame me. Song Hai, report the news you received from Sai Na Peninsula last night.

No one dared to talk. If they spoke now, it would anger the family leader. Even with Song YIs direct lineage, he was sent away so easily. Who dared to disobey the rules now? In addition, even the leaders own son was killed by Ye Mo, so it could be said that no one wanted to kill Ye Mo more than Song Qiming. If he could endure it, who didnt dare to? They could only say that Song Yi was unlucky or his arrogance brought him bad luck.

Song Qiming indeed felt depressed. He wanted to wait till Hu Qius master came back before making a move on Ye Mo, but now, it seemed to be insufficient.

Song Hai stood up and said, According to the news I received from Sai Na Peninsula, Ye Mo went to Sai Na Peninsula and killed Qian Longtou in front of Nan Qings number one strongest man, Wu Qiang. It is said that Lang Ji controls Nan Qing now, and it is said that Lang Ji is working for Ye Mo. This news is not yet confirmed, but another news is that Lang Jis position isnt stable yet and was heavily injured in a conflict. He is yet to solidify his position as number one in Nan Qing.

Then, Song Hai paused and continued, Although Ye Mo killed Qian Longtou, he didnt interfere with Nan Qings internal business and left Sai Na Peninsula straight away.

After Song Hai finished speaking, the room fell into a choking silence, and Song Qimings face grew worse and worse.

All the people here were the elite of the Song Family. There was no one who didnt know about Nan Qing, and Ye Mo had actually charged into the Nan Qing Headquarters by himself and kill Qian Longtou straight away. It was something that people wouldnt even imagine. There were more than 2000 troops in Nan Qing Headquarters, but Ye Mo came and went as he pleased. How much people did the Song Family have? The only advantage they had was that they were a big powerful family of Beijing and was situated in the nations power center. Ye Mo was not arrogant enough to take on a country now, and thats why the Song Family was fine till now.

No wonder the family leader said more than once not to mess with Ye Mo. Even after a few members were killed, he still didnt dare to mess with him. This was impossible before. Who didnt know the Song Familys arrogance in Beijing? Even if they suffered a minor loss, the Song Family would take full revenge. Now that the Song Family suffered so heavily again and again, they could still manage to endure it. Although he had Song Hais report once before, Song Qiming still couldnt help but to feel shocked. Ye Mo was no longer someone that could be dealt with by numbers. There must be someone as strong as him. Other than the hidden sects, perhaps no one could do anything to him.

At the same time, Song Qiming felt lucky that he made the order not to mess with Ye Mo. Otherwise, if he pissed off Ye Mo, it would really be hard to say if the Song Family would still exist. This was the reason why he was so angry at Song Yi. Although the Song Family was an extremely large family, as the leader of the family, he needed to be very careful and not be impulsive.

If Ye Mo could rampage in the Ye Family, then so could he at the Song Family. Song Qiming calmed his feelings before saying, Song Hai, tell us about what happened at the Ye Family last night.

Yes, because Ye Mos sister, Ye Ling stole the Feng Shui Dragonballs, she was punished. Ye Mo went to the Ye Family and saved Ye Ling. At the same time, he cut off Ye Wencais left hand. The reason was because he choked Ye Lings neck. Moreover, the two people who whipped Ye Ling suddenly died not long after Ye Mo left. Theres another unconfirmed news, and thats Huang Yue from the hidden sects had his wrists broken and had one leg severed by Ye Mo, Song Hai felt fear even after saying it himself. Ye Mo could make someone suddenly die after he left. This mean was to scary.

He looked at the lost Song Family people and sighed before saying, These news werent what shocked me the most. What makes me unwilling to believe was that last night, there was Nan Qing people who went to the Ye Family. They were told to f*ck off by Ye Mo and they left in a hurry not daring to say anything. It seemed that Nan Qing might be really afraid of Ye Mo.

Another news was that last night, the Flying Eagle Squad members also went to the Ye Family, but three Flying Snow Squad members were also very respectful to Ye Mo. In other words, Ye Mo is now good on both sides. Even the Flying Special Ops Forces are reverent to him. it could be seen that we really shouldnt take him head on.

After reporting this, the entire meeting room fell silent. After a long time, Song Qishen said, Ye Mo definitely isnt someone who can be conquered by numbers. My idea is that we not only shouldnt mess with him, but should instead get close to him.

Song Qiming waved his hand. No need, we cant coexist with him, and he wouldnt pay attention to us. But we cant mess with him now. Song Hai, try to get close to some hidden sect masters at all costs. At least Tertiary Stage of Black Level or even Earth Level.

Yes, Song Hai replied immediately. Song Hai did things cleanly and swiftly, and Song Qiming was very satisfied about this.


Ye Mo spent a night's time and made a storage ring with a three cubic meter storage space. His power was too low now, so he could only make something that big. He carefully put the remaining Space Abyssal Rock in his storage ring.

That Black Jade was forged into two jade necklaces amulets by Ye Mo. The jade necklace had some attacking abilities but was mainly for defense. Because the material was expensive, Ye Mo was not stingy on his cultivation chi in making it. The two amulets he made had permanent effect, but each time after use, its power would weaken a little. However, after a long time of not using it, it would gradually recharge.

The reason was because Ye Mos power was too low right now. If he wasnt really interested in concocting pills and forging artefacts before, he probably wouldnt even be able to create such an effect. It was like how he made runic papers. It would take him a few days to make a so-so runic paper.

After wearing the storage ring, Ye Mo finally felt relieved a lot. This was so much more convenient than carrying a big bag. The only thing was that this storage space was too small.

Ye Ling packed everything up and intentionally wore a pretty dress before realizing that Ye Mo still hadnt come out. It was already past 9 am.

Just when she wanted to knock, Ye Mo opened the door and came out. He seemed very fatigued.

Brother, whats wrong? Ye Ling was shocked. Could yesterdays battle left some internal injuries?

Ye Mo smiled and said, Nothing, I made a defense amulet for you. Wear it on you from now on and dont take it off casually.

Then, he gave the amulet to Ye Ling. The chain was made with a few materials. It had a warm, serene and comfortable feeling when held in hand.

Ye Ling took over the necklace with joy and exclaimed, Brother, this necklace is really pretty, how did you make it? Did you make it with hand?

Then before Ye Mo replied, she wore it straight away. As soon as she did, she felt a cool sensation surge up in her heart. Brother, I didnt know you had this skill. You can make a living with just this.

Ye Mo speechlessly looked at Ye Ling. Although he couldnt starve to death from selling this, but could it be sold on a large scale?

Brother, did you not sleep the last night to make this? Ye Ling suddenly thought of Ye Mos fatigued expression and asked.

Ye Mo subconsciously said, Mhm, Im afraid youll be in danger again when Im not around you, so I made this protective amulet for you. You must not take it off, do you understand?

Ye Lings eyes went red as she reached out and hugged Ye Mo. Its so good to have a brother.

Seeing Ye Ling so happy, so was Ye Mo; he immediately said, In fact I made two, I still have another here

Brother, whos the other one for? Is it for your girlfriend? Brother, do you have a girl riend? Tell me quick, I must see if shes worth my brother. Ye Ling spat out a series of words like fireworks, making Ye Mo not know which one to answer.

However, he was also dazed. When he made them last night, he just made two, who was the other one for? Luo Susu? A name suddenly jumped out of Ye Mos brain, making him lost in thought.
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