Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 158

Chapter 158: School Mate Reunion

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Yu Miaodan ate some things and took a shower. She seemed much more vibrant afterwards; at least there were some ruddiness on her face.

Looking at Yu Miaodan who sat opposite to him, although she was still curvaceous, her face still seemed much more fatigued compared to a few months ago. She seemed to want to say something, but without even asking her, he knew something mustve happened to Wu Xueming.

If Yu Miaodan wanted him to help Wu Xueming, should he go? If he just came to Luo Cang and was faced with this question, he would go for sure because Wu XUeming was a worthy friend. But now, he wasnt sure if he would go. Although he hadnt seen Wu Xueming since leaving Jing City, he could feel that, through what happened last time, Wu Xueming had changed. At least not a worthy friend anymore.

Xueming changed a lot, I know what happened with you last time at Luo Cang, I spoke to him about it, but he said women shouldnt be involved with these things. He even yelled at me. Later on, he lusted more for power and I gradually felt like I didnt know him. He was no longer the person he was before. For more than once, I wanted to leave him, but I couldnt do it. I stayed back again and again. Yu Miaodan didnt wait for Ye Mo to ask and started talking.

Seeing that Ye Mo was listening but didnt say anything, Yu Miaodan sighed and continued, he changed so much that I felt he was a complete stranger. He even killed the people who Metal Mountain sent to monitor him. It was at that time that I made up my mind to leave him. His lust for power finally caught Metal Mountains attention and he underestimated Metal Mountain.

When Xueming thought he had controlled most of the power in Metal River, Metal Mountain just spent a night and forced Xueming into a struggle to survive.

Yu Miaodan suddenly wiped her eyes.

Ye Mo could see her body and hands were shaking.

Yu Miaodan didnt continue and took out a pack covered by paper and gave it to Ye Mo. Before Xueming left, he suddenly woke up and said, if things were to happen again, he wouldnt become big boss of Metal River and would take me far away from Metal River. He told me to give this to you.

Then, Yu Miaodan gave the package to Ye Mo. She had completely calmed down.

Ye Mo took it; it felt heavy as though it were a metal slab. He frowned and said, Xueming passed away?

Yu Miandan nodded, stood up and said, Ive handed this to you now, I need to go.

Wait. Ye Mo opened the bag and there was a black metal slab inside. Why did Wu Xueming give this to him?

Seeing Ye Mos confused expression, Yu Miaodan spoke, Xueming said you were practicing ancient martial arts, so this thing should be helpful to you.

Ye Mo nodded and scanned the metal in his hands. Immediately, his face was full of shock. This was an Otherworldly Geng Iron Essence. How could there be such a thing on Earth? Where di Wu Xueming get this from?

This was rare even in the cultivation realm much less on earth. It was the top tier material for making flying swords. However, it was a little too small. Despite this, this had unimaginable worth in Ye Mos hands. The materials he got from Han Zaixin werent even worth 0.1% of this combined.

Immediately, Ye Mo understood Wu Xuemings intentions; that guy must have guessed that he was cultivating ancient martial arts, and that this material should be useful to him. He told Yu Miaodan to bring this to him, so Ye Mo knew Wu Xuemings intentions were rather clearhe wanted Ye Mo to save Yu Miaodans life.

With such a material, even if a cultivator were to touch Yu Miaodan, Ye Mo would try to think of ways to save her much less a gang organization. Plus, Ye Mo was not a heartless person.

Im grateful for Brother Xuemings gift, you can stay at my place. Even the Heavenly Emperor wouldnt dare to touch you. As for Metal River, I never considered them a threat. Then, Ye Mo suddenly thought of something. Yu Miaodan intentionally escaped to Luo Cang, which meant that she was chased here by the people from Metal River.

Was his Silver Heart Grass taken by them? If it was so, then it would be easy. He would annihilate Metal River from Luo Cang.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Yu Miaodan couldnt help but to cry. She understood why Wu Xueming told her to bring this and find Ye Mo. In his eyes, only Ye Mo could save her life. Ye Mo wasnt even afraid of Qian Longtou, so how could be scared of a mere Metal Mountain?

Who are the people hunting you, do you know?

Yu Miaodan stopped crying and thought a while before saying, One of them looks skinny in his 30s. I saw him at a distance at the station. He looked bleak. That person was probably tracking me, so I followed a tour group and avoided him.

Ye Mo immediately knew that the person Yu Miaodan and Yu Erhu spoke of should be the same person. He remembered that bleak man who tried to fight over the Space Abyssal Rock with him. it was quite possibly him. Since that man could tell Space Abyssal Rock was good, he probably could tell that his Silver Heart Grass was good too. If he knew this would happen, he shouldve killed him at the social night and not just rob him.

That meant this guy was working for Metal River? Last time, Lang Ji said that there was a rather strong master at Metal River who was going to break through. Was he talking about this man? But in Ye Mos eyes, although that bleak man was strong, but he was not stronger than Lang Ji. Well, his eyes were really good though.

Just from the gift Wu Xueming gave him, he would take over this matter much less his Silver Heart Grass was stolen by the Metal River people.

You can live here from now on, if you feel bored, learn some medicine with Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu. I suspect that Metal River stole some of my things, so even if they didnt look for trouble with me, I would go find them. After I eradicate Metal River, you can go wherever you want. Ye Mo was certain that the bleak man was from Metal River. Even if he wasnt, he was related to them.

In the following few days, Ye Mo used all his material to make a formation flag and formation plate and set up a defensive formation around the mansion. Then, he made another 3 bracelets and gave them to the three. He told them that he set up defenses around the mansion and that they needed to wear the bracelet to go in and out. If there are patients, they must go through a certain entrance.

Although Yu Miaodan was a bit dubious, Erhu and Xiaozhen believed Ye Mo deeply. In their hearts, anything Ye Mo said was right.

Ye Mo waited another few days and still no one came to the mansion. It seemed that the people who stole the Silver Heart Grass didnt mean what they said. However, Ye Ling called and told Ye Mo that her big uncle and fourth uncle were sent away by her grandpa. Now, it was still peaceful for her at Beijing.

Since the Metal River people didnt come for him, Ye Mo didnt want to wait any longer. He still needed to go to Flowing Snake in some time and didnt have time to waste with them. Since they didnt come, he would go look for them.


Su Jingwen hadnt been to a classmate reunion in 3 years. Today was the first time after her graduation that she participated in this. If the reunion didnt happen to be set in Ning Hai or if Xiao Lei didnt come as well, she really didnt want to go.

Jingwen, everyone is waiting for you to come over quick. Su Jingwen just arrived and Xiao Leis voice was immediately heard.

No matter where Su Jingwen was, she seemed to be the center of attention. Soon, many students gathered around.

Yea, Jingwen, you have never been to a single reunion since graduation. Even Xiao Lei is earlier than you when she came from Beijing. Another girl pulled Su Jingwen while speaking unhappily.

Su Jingwen apologetically smiled. A few days ago, my mother was sick, I wasnt in the mood.

Oh yeah, Jingwen, I heard Wang Peng say your mother was cured with runic paper, is that true? Youre not really telling me that there is such a magical thing in the world? the girl pulling her hand immediately asked in curiousit.

Of course, I went with Jingwen to buy it that day. Wang Peng walked over.

Su Jingwen frowned and thought. Wang Peng wasnt her classmate, why was he here?

As though seeing Su Jingwens confusion, Xiao Lei immediately whispered to Su Jingwen, Wang Peng is chasing after me, but I havent been interested in men lately, so I told him I would go to a reunion. Didnt expect him to follow.

Before Su Jingwen said anything, another person said, Runic paper saving lives isnt completely unbelievable. Ill tell you guys something that you probably wont believe. A while ago, my cousin went to Luo Cang for a magic artefact social night. Haha, magic artefact, doesnt this sound metaphysical?

Indeed, Cheng Fei, tell us what happened with your cousin? another male classmate said.

Cheng Fei said. Dont be hasty, I once again state that all I am about to say is true. My cousin spent 200k and bought a defense necklace. Then, she heard the stall owner say that his pills are very potent, so she spent another 200k and bought a beauty pill.

Your cousin is really rich, that stall owner is probably a fraud. Its a real pity that this comedian isnt on the new years eve show. I really dont know what to say about your cousin. Even if shes rich, she cant waste it like that, another classmate interrupted.
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